Article 247 Episode 16

Article 247 Episode 16 Helena reveals Jane’s past to the Borromeos, Jane decides to quit her job from El Cielo

While having a drink with Elijah at El Cielo bar, Noah and Elijah talked about the problem between the women in their lives. Noah tried to make Elijah stop Carmen from harassing Jane. He told Elijah that Carmen started the fight with MJ but Elijah called MJ a trouble maker who even marred the happy moment of Sarah during her birthday.

Noah said MJ was not known for that. She would never cause any trouble so he should talk to Carmen even for branding his girlfriend as a gold-digger. Elijah said MJ was even lucky because if it was left with him, he would have fired her. Noah saw that as harsh and believed Carman has had a bad influence on Elijah, claiming his brother married a wrong woman.

Elijah got pissed off and threw a punch on Noah’s face. A fight broke among the the brothers as the workers tried to separate the fight. Sarah got there to scold the two for fighting due to a woman and asked them why they failed to take a cue from her experience with Robert and his mistress.

She was irritated by Noah’s action and told him that he should have brought a lady who they would be proud of. Elsewhere, Rose was upset that Carmen had been bullying her daughter and decided not to deliver wax to her again after the current delivery.

Carmen was with Julian and was furious that Jane had to fight her in her territory. Julian was not minding her. He was busy over the phone talking to someone that he had to pay 100grams to after losing a bet. Carmen was surprised to know that he was still gambling.

After a little talk by Elijah, Carmen agreed to give him the money. Julian accepted to help her deal with Jane as Carmen decided to bring back the ghost of Jane’s past. In Manila,
Helena and her husband visited the grave of Alfred. He had d!ed for two years and Helena cursed Klaire and Jane for causing her son’s untimely deàth.

After laying a wreath on Alfred’s grave, as if in a cue, her husband received a call from an unknown person who informed them that they have won a ticket to be in El Cielo. He told his wife but Helena did not want to go. Her husband said it had been long since they had a vacation and they should go to El Cielo.

Julian called Carmen to inform her that he had carried out the task so Alfred’s parents would be there. Jane bumped into Sarah and the woman told her about the little surprise she met once she got to El Cielo the previous night. Noh and Elijah were fighting and were fist fighting because of her.

She told her that she hated two people, those who cause trouble and those who were mistress. Sarah said Jane was lucky that she was not a mistress but if she messed up, she would not hesitate to fire her. While
MJ told Noah not to have fought his brother over her, the Gomez arrived at El Cielo and were wondering who paid for their stay which they did not get a tangible answer from the receptionist.

Carmen spotted her former in-laws and told Julian through a phone call that Alfred’s parents have arrived and it would be spectacular if MJ gets exposed in front of everyone at El Cielo. Julian advised her to keep herself hidden before their plans backfire on them.

Jane told Noah that his face was swollen due to her and advised h against fighting his brother. Noah said he was only defending her since his brother said unpleasant words about her. Jane said he could not go around to fight those spewing all forms of bad things about her, otherwise he might end u fighting his own mother.

Noah asked if his mother said something against her and she said she only warned her to put her act together, otherwise she would have her fired. Noah saw that as not right, she was his girlfriend and shouldn’t be threatened. Jane reminded him that she was just an employee and that was not how things work.

Noah said he was her boyfriend and at all times he had to defend her. Jane got emotional and told Noah that if he only knew what she did in the past, he would not have lõved her. Noah told her to tell him about her past but she couldn’t say. Noah assured that he only fell for the current Jane not her past.

Suddenly, Helena appeared at the beach to see the lõvers about to k!ss. She singled out Jane and MJ was surprised to see mom Helena. She began spewing unpleasant words against her so Noah warned her not to talk to his girlfriend that way. Helena saw that Noah had least idea on what Jane did and called her a mistress who her daughter-in-law caught her in the act with her husband and k!lled him.

Sarah was surprised to hear that MJ was a mistress. Sarah was stressed out and Noah told her to give MJ the benefit of a doubt for her to defend herself. Sarah got upset and left while Jane pleaded with Helena and asked her for forgiveness for everything her mistake made her son passed through.

Klaire viewing the incident aloof was glad to have exposed her. She called Julian to inform him. However, Helen saw her and called her Klaire, quickly she went to hide. Helena asked the receptionist if someone has checked in with a name Klaire Almazan and she was told that no one was there with that name.

Mr Gomez saw that she was acting paranoid and said Klaire wouldn’t be in that same place as Jane. The Gomez packed their stuff and left the place. MJ explained to Noah everything that happened between him and Alfred. She said she tried to tell him but she was scared that he would leave her.

She pleaded with Noah not to judge him but Noah couldn’t understand that she would follow a married man. Noah felt disappointed and said he needed time to clear off his mind and left to his family. Jane went home to cry her head out for her secret being exposed. She told her mother that she did not have a face to show to the Borromeos.

She wished her mother had seen how disappointed Noah felt once he heard what she did. Rose asked about the promise Noah made not to care about her past. Jane believed it was different now. Elsewhere, Carmen called Jane a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

She said Jane had been acting like a saint but she was opportunist, yet she wanted to spoil her name. Noah said he was fully aware that MJ had a traumatic past and knew someone d!ed due to her. However, he did not know that the person d!ed under that circumstance.

Sarah told Noah that the bright side of the story was that he was not married to her and he now has the chance to end things with her. Noah reflected on his promise to Jane and did not give in to his mom’s suggestion. Elijah told him not to worry, he would find a woman who had no secrets.

Carmen used the opportunity to visit her gambling boyfriend, Julian to give him the money he needed. Julian wondered if Elijah would not notice her absence and she said, he was busy comforting his brother. She told him that everything was going smoothly but Helena almost caught her.

Julian told her that they have to find means to steal more from the Borromeos. Carmen disclosed that she has studied the Wellness Centre carefully and has discovered means to make more money without them detecting. The two had an intimate moments to seal their job.

Jane was crying at the centre when she heard colleagues gossipping about her and her past, she wept bitterly. Tania stumbled on the gossips and she defended Jane. She saw Jane and the latter said Tania was right to say she should not have gone to work. Tania calmed her and told her to always count on her and should not pass through it alone.

Jane while helping her mother to prepare the wax reflected on everything that had happened and asked Rose whether it was time to resign. Rose told her to give herself a little time to get over things.

Noah went to the bar at El Cielo to order drink. Jigs failed to serve him, telling him that his solution was not in the bottle. He advised him not to drink again after Jane had made him get over that addiction. Jigs said the drink might make him get relapsed. Noah wept that he did not know what he was going through. He just discovered his girlfriend used to be a mistress.

After thinking about his promises to Jane that he did not care about her past, the Jane presently was the one he has fallen for and how Jane helped him without criticising or judging him, he realised that he was doing a mistake and put the glass of drink down.

He told Jigs that Jane was the one who helped him to recover and it was time for him not to judge him since Jane never judged him even when his own family abandoned him.


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