Article 247 Episode 18

Article 247 Episode 18 Jane discovers Carmen has stolen 1million whooping sum from El Cielo using a dummy account, Carmen defeats MJ in her ball game

After asking Carmen for money, Julian told her that he was doing all of that for them so that they could lead a responsible life together. He lamented that he did not like to see her with other men but the situation had compelled him to make her do all of that.

He expressed the need for them to save enough for their future life as couple. Hearing that, Carmen promised to get him the money.
Elijah got there to inform Carmen that he would be having a financial review with MJ.

Carmen said so long as she would take care of a business not her husband, she was okay. Elijah said not in his wildest dreams would he cheat on her. Elijah during the meeting discovered that they lost 15,000 and was trying to find answers from Alisa, his secretary.

MJ told him that she knew he had issues with her and he did not want to look at her face. However, she was the only person who had answers to his questions because per the dashboard they lost that 15000 during the time which Mr and Mrs Gomez visited.

She said she would not forget that day since it was the day they learnt about her past. She cried that she always does her job well so everything was transparent. Elijah realised he was being mean and said sorry to her and gave her handkerchief to wipe her tears.

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When he went home, he told Carmen that he was so mean to MJ and he did not want to continue that since she was excellent in her job delivery and pleaded with Carmen to patch things up with her. He said Jane was reviewing financial report from each department so that no one would steal from them.

Jane also told Noah that Elijah was a good person with a good heart. The next day, Jane discovered some discrepancies in the finance. There was multiple transactions amounting to 1million lost through the Wellness spa and Elijah asked her to find where it was transferred.

The workers closed, MJ did overnight in order to get to the bottom of it with Elijah. Chichi saw MJ returning Elijah’s handkerchief and she quickly called Carmen to inform her that Elijah was left alone in his office with MJ and since MJ has history of chasing after married man she should be at the office to check on her husband.

Jane while working tripped and Elijah caught her quickly from losing her balance. Carmen arrived to find them in a compromising situation and she rushed to attack MJ pulling her hair. Elijah intervened and told her that he only helped save MJ from falling but Carmen still didn’t believe it.

She called MJ names so Elijah was compelled to stop the reviewing with her to go home with her. He explained to her that MJ was his brother’s girlfriend and there was no way he would cheat on her. Elijah asked about the 1million which was lost through the Wellness spa. Carmen made up excuse in order not to answer.

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Jane was still thinking about how Carmen held and pulled her hair just like Klaire but she shook herself from such thought. She was going home when she bumped into Noah. Noah was coming to her office to serve her with some coffee but was disappointed to learn that Carmen has attacked her for thinking she was after her husband due to what Helena came to tell them.

Jane said it was all good since she was even tired. She could go home and rest. Finally, Jane was able to trace the transaction the Wellness spa made to Jasmin Essentials.

Carmen called Julian to inform him that Jane has been able to trace the money to Jasmin Essentials and was scared that they would be caught. Sarah overheard it and asked Carmen what she would be caught on. She then pretended to be speaking with her father.

She told Sarah that she spoilt the surprise since she was ordering Bartotai, a delicacy from a certain country for her. Sarah did not know that food so she refused. She told her that she came to her room to inform her that she would be speaking with Noah so she should make it to dinner the next day.

The next day at El Cielo, Tania asked Jane whether Elijah was making a move on her. Jane stopped Tania right there for talking like a megaphone. She did not want Tania to think about that since she has learnt the hard way after the incident with Alfred and was not ready to let that repeat itself.

Elijah came to work and Jane said sorry to him for the last night incident. She also said she was able to trace the transaction to Jazmin Essentials and told him that they had to find out about what the 1million was used for just one month. Elijah went to ask Carmen and she claimed that she could not remember since there were many suppliers.

She claimed the wellness centre took its supplies from the previous wellness suppliers. Jane said the amount was huge so Carmen should be able to remember. Carmen got offended, saying they were acting like she has stolen something. Jane apologised to her for feeling that way.

However, she was doing her job and they just wanted to clarify things not to point fingers at her. Carmen got upset and she used the compromising situation as a cover to flee from their hand, claiming she was going to find out how they lost such huge amount.

Carmen went into her car frustrated and scared that she would be caught and called Julian. She told Julian that he took so much that was why they were almost caught. Since she did not want to lose to Jane, she told her that they should flee before she would end up in prison.

The Borromeos had dinner but Carmen was no where to be found. Noah apologised to his mother for everything that he said against her. He made it clear that he was only defending the woman that he lõved and reminded hi mother that MJ was not Cheska. She regretted her mistakes and was not ready to repeat it.

He sked his mother to give MJ chance to know her better because she has a good heart. Elijah agreed on that, saying due to the controversies crowded her life, one might not know her good side. He has witnessed it and has realised Jane was a good person.

Jane called the number provided by the bank to her as the Jasmin Essentials which the one million was transferred to and the man who picked it even assume Jane to be a scam. Tania though not an accountant suspected that Jasmin Essentials could be a dummy account.

Jane said she refrained from thinking the worse but per lots of inconsistencies in Carmen’s statement and that of the bank the account could be dummy. Noah told Sarah that MJ told him to always be by the side of his mother to have her blessings and kept begging Sarah.

Sarah accepted to give MJ chance. Speaking of her she appeared with the laptop to spoil their conversation by calling Elijah for them to talk about the progress she has made with the 1million transaction made at the Wellness spa.

She said after cross checking the Jasmin Essentials did not have such an amount in their account but the number which the bank provided as the Jasmin Essentials was also a wrong number and was not consistent with the Jasmin Essentials they have as a supplier.

“So are you saying that Carmen created a dummy account?” Elijah quizzed.

Sarah who was interested in the case since the amount was huge jumped into MJ’s defense that she not saying that but asked where Carmen was since she would have an answer. Elijah did not know where she went to and Jane was thinking she has fled. To their surprise, Carmen showed up to say that she contacted the accountant and it was a mishap.

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The money which was transferred was one thousand and not one million. Elijah testified that he himself cross-checked and it was one million. Carmen told Elijah to check the El Cielo account and the money was on it. This made Jane looked bad and was asked to apologise to Carmen. She did it and left humiliated.

Noah followed her and she tried to explain but he told her not to push it. He had already talked with Sarah and she was willing to give their relationship another chance. He advised her they should make good use of that chance. Carmen went to meet Julian and the two celebrated their success.

Julian recalled going to the bank to meet his ally who secretly transferred the money to El Cielo account but by the time the actual statement arrives the money which Elijah thought it was on the account would be missing.

Carmen said they should lie low for now. As they were scheming, Carmen informed him that she was now trusted by the Borromeos and she would do anything to ensure that Jane did not recover. She saw a põrn on Julian’s laptop and had a vile plan against Jane after seeing her in the arms of Elijah.


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