Article 247 Episode 19

Article 247 Episode 19 Noah and Jane throw their engagement party, Carmen  uploads a scandalous blockbuster that will ruin Jane’s marriage to Noah

Elijah was sitting on his bed thinking of the possible place which Carmen had gone to. She has not been picking his calls and he knew his wife was still upset with him. She arrived and confronted Elijah for siding with the person who was antagonising her and asked if he was after MJ.

Elijah said he would do no such thing and if she wanted he would transfer MJ to a different department for Carmen’s peace of mind. Carmen brushed the idea off and told him that she was actually okay since she trusted him but was pissed off that he thought she escaped with his money.

Elijah tried to get intimate but Carmen turned him down and demanded he sleeps in the guest room. MJ couldn’t sleep as she was positive that there was something wrong with the account of El Cielo.

Her mother stopped her from trying to fish out where the anomalies came from. Rose said she would soon marry Noah so she should choose the safest side that would put Noah at ease. In the morning, Noah ran to talk to Carmen to ask for forgiveness on behalf of Jane.

Carmen said everything Jane has ever done since day one was to accuse her. She told Noah that she caught MJ at the office about to k!ss Elijah and warned him not to trust his girlfriend. Noah was positive that Jane wouldn’t do that to him but Carmen made him think of the worse.

Noah had a misunderstanding with MJ for keeping secrets from him. He was upset that Jane couldn’t give him blow to blow account on how event unfolded when she tripped. He felt like he was in a relationship with a stranger and walked out.

At the office, Tania rushed there to invite Jane but saw her in the company of Elijah and told her that Jigs was celebrating his birthday and was there to invite her. Elijah granted her the permission to be at the party.

During the party, Elijah told Carmen that he would attend Jigs party first before coming home. Carmen had a perfect opportunity to get back at the two for trying to humiliate her. As Jigs was preparing the drink for the occasion, he realised that there was no ice cubes and went to get some.

Carmen came to spike the drink and when Jigs shared among them, she stood aloof to watch them and made merry for the ace she had under her sleeve.

Noah, on the other hand got to the house of the Ortegas in search of Jane and learnt from Rose that Jane was still at the resort having a party since Jigs was celebrating his birthday. Tania was wasted and threw up so Jigs sent her away. It was left with Elijah and Jane.

They realised it was getting to 11:00pm so they decided to leave but Jane couldn’t stand on her feet so Elijah attempted to help her and fell on her. Carmen who was lurking around, anticipating such compromising situation when she spoke the drink begun to shõot a video of them.

Elijah passed out soon after Jane also passed out and both layed side by side at the beach. Jane woke up and found herself in a certain room and she began to figure out the exact thing that happened the previous night and was surprised to see Noah.

She was a bit relieved that she was in the room of Noah. He asked her about her headache and told her she had to eat but Jane said she wanted to go home and eat there since her mother might be worried. Noah told her that he had already spoken with Rose and she was fully aware that she was in his house.

He told Jane that she was wasted and some staff were sending her home and he found her and brought her home. Carmen was on the bed with Elijah, she was going through the videos she recorded and was glad with what she would be doing with that. Elijah woke up and she pretended to be sleeping.

Elijah woke up to see himself on the bed with his wife. He woke Carmen who was pretending to be sleeping up. She acted so sweet to him which made him asked whether she was not upset with him. Carmen asked why she would be upset with him when he got himself drunk. She even wondered if their misunderstanding was the reason he got himself drunk.

Carmen called Julian to ask how the video editing was going. Julian said it would be a blockbuster. At the house of the Ortegas, Rose asked Jane why she had to drink that much and she gave her a coffee to get rid of her headache. Jane told her mother that she only drunk two cups and was wondering how she got drunk.

She then told Rose that she and Noah had set a date for their marriage it was set for December. Rose was happy to hear that and she said she and Noah were going to meet the Borromeos to inform them about their plans for the wedding.

Carmen acted so lovely calling Jane the soon bride to be. Noah told his brother that he has chosen December to marry but Elijah said per their myth it was a bad omen to choose the same year with a brother to marry but Noah did not believe in that. Carmen suggested they delay their marriage so that Jane could work on her intake of alcohol.

She said she got wasted the previous time, even Elijah also got wasted. Jane then told them that she did not have a problem to wait. She told Noah that they could review their date for the wedding.

Carmen spoke to Julian to release the video during the engagement party of Jane. Noah went to the house of the Ortegas to get all the necessary pictures for a surprise digital projection he would surprise his wife to be with. Rose got emotional that her daughter would be married.

It has always been her and Jane. Noah said she should consider him part of the family now for them to become three. Rose advised him not to let her go and he promised not to do that. He said nothing would make him do that. Rose told him to call her mom and Tania asked whether she could also call her mom as well.

Mj sent an invite to Elijah at El Cielo during working hours to invite him to her engagement party. Elijah said he would not miss it and he even believed that he would be the Best Man of Noah during the wedding. Jane tried to talk about the last time incident that they were drunk.

Elijah said nothing happened between them. Jane said she wanted to clarify things so that there would be no problems with Noah since she lõved him. Elijah also said he lõved his wife. During the engagement party all the Borromeos were presence including the Ortegas.

Carmen was in her body revealing gown and Sarah saw that she was looking very sëxy for the occasion. She smiled and said she has not exposed herself that much, she had her gloves on. She praised Jane’s looks for the night. Jane proceeded to usher Sarah to her seat and introduced her to Pinky.

When Noah gave the pen drive to Tania for the digital presentation, Tania headed to the computer room to give the pen drive to the engineer but the guy had not eaten so Tania sent him out to eat since once the programme starts there would be no time for him to eat.

Carmen took that opportunity to upload her blockbuster which stared Jane Ortega and Elijah Borromeo on the computer disk and erased what Noah had on the disk. After a successful mission she left the computer room.


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