Article 247 Episode 20

Article 247 Episode 20 Jane and Noah’s engagement ruined over a scandalous video, Elijah, Jane initiate action to uncover the truth behind the video

Noah at the engagement party delivered an emotional speech on how his darkness was greeted with a dew of the day. It was a moment when he wasted his life. During those times, he said he had no hope of being on his feet.

However, his mortal enemy who he did not believe in her was the one who rather brought light into his dark world and taught him not to waste his life and neglect his family. When he was weak she was strong enough to bring him on his feet to make him embrace happiness.

He told Mary Jane Ortega that he lõved her and gave the signal for his surprise presentation video to be show to celebrate the woman of his life.

“Just Waite for the biggest scandal tonight, you won’t bear it!” Carmen smiled.

Much to his surprise and that of the guests, the scandalous video was played and Noah pounced on Elijah to punch him multiple times for taking advantage of his girlfriend. The family tried to separate the fight. Jane went after Noah to tell him that what he saw was not true but Noah said he closed his eyes on her past for nothing. He thought she was too good to be a mistress.

As Sarah addressed her guests in humiliation that the party was over and pleaded with them to keep what has happened there at bay, Carmen faked tears and accused Elijah of cheating on her. She ran after Jane and dragged her hair. She fought her for the move she made on her husband and blamed Rose for the poor moral upbringing of Jane.

She claimed Jane destroy marriages and did not even have pity on her that her husband was Noah’s brother, the man she intended to marry. Elijah got there to stop her but she claimed he was defending his mistress. Jane was sent home and she told her mother that the content of the video never happened.

She pointed Tania as her witness but Tania said she was also drunk and never knew what happened. Tania believed the video could be edited. Noah was also crying at the beach while drinking from bottles thinking of how his life has gone wasted in the hands of a woman. Elijah followed his wife home to find her packing.

He pleaded with her and explained that such a thing never happened. Carmen then claimed that Jane intentionally got Elijah drunk to make a move on him. Carmen set table in the morning for breakfast and Sarah came there. She could not believe that Elijah could act sober after the fiasco the other night.

Carmen told Sarah that she has spoken with Elijah and she knew he was not at fault. She believed MJ who did that since she used to be a mistress. Sarah expressed how disappointed she was in Elijah. She said if it was Noah, she would have understood not Elijah. She told him to be grateful that his wife was understanding and if it was not for the fact that he was her son, she would have advised Carmen to leave him.

Sarah seconded what Carmen said concerning Jane trapping Elijah. She said she almost believed that she was a good person but she was a bad influence who was not good for Noah. Elijah cried and went to his mother’s room to plead with her. He asked her to forgive him for disappointing her as in all his life, he tried hard to be a good son.

One thing that got Sarah thinking was how the video was played and shown during a keen moment of Noah and MJ’s life, their engagement. Since they did not have enemies, they believed it was someone who despised MJ and they thought of Carmen. Carmen overheard their conversation and she schemed with Julian again.

Jane did not eat and since Noah was not picking her calls, she left home even when Rose advised her to give Noah time to think. She went to find him at the beach. Jane pleaded with Noah and he failed to believe her. He ended their relationship but Jane said he should not throw away his life just because of her.

Noah said she made him believe in lõve again but now she has made him appear so little after all the fights he fought his family for her.
Jane insisted that she did no such thing with Elijah and told him that she would find evidence to prove to him that she never did that. Noah interjected that he did not care since nothing mattered to him anymore.

At El Cielo, Chichi and her friends gossiped about Jane and Tania stumbled on them to call their act as defamation. Chichi said it was no defamation while Jane damaged herself.
Jane got there and they disappeared. She told Tania to help her speak with the workers who were present to find the truth to prove to Noah and to clear her mind too.

Jane and Tania went to CCTV room to ask for the operator to help them find the exact thing that happened at the beach but the operator said the camera does not capture things at the beach. However, they were able to get the lobby one and Jane was able to know that Kasia was the one who sent her to the lobby and decided to go and ask her how she was when she found her.

Meanwhile, Elijah was able to find the engineer of the party to fish out how he got the scandalous video. The guy said he did not know, actually the sound was not coming so Tania got a pen drive containing the entire surprised presentation from Noah but he believed it was switched.

He said when they saw the contents, Tania asked if he had eaten and sent him to find food to eat. When he returned he was told to play the video and he did only to find such content. Elijah asked whether Tania was behind it and he said Tania was with him so the person might have switched it when they left.

Elijah asked for a copy to get to the bottom of it and the engineer went for it. Elijah told him to ensure it did not get leaked. Noah kept drinking his head out. He had a call from Sarah who invited him over for dinner and would not take no for an answer.

Carmen went to her office to find a bouquet and a chocolate but she did not want any of that. All that she was looking for was cash to give to Julian. Speaking of him, he called her to demand for the money they talked about. Carmen said there was money at La Bellega Salon so she would send it to him but pleaded with him that they should lay low for a while.

Chichi stormed in to inform her that Jane was at the resort and she stood in anger to go after her in hopes of finding the reason she was at the place.


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