Article 247 Episode 21

Article 247 Episode 21 Elijah spots Carmen and Julian together, Sarah bans Jane from El Cielo

Noah met with Sarah after his mother called him for a meeting. Sarah also called Elijah to be present in order for them to fix the issue as a family. However, Noah got upset at the mere sight of Elijah.

Elijah tried to explain that what they claimed to have happened between him and Jane was a set up. Noah was not ready to listen. G
He told him that he has always run to him when he had problems but who would he run to now, when his very own brother betrayed him.

He left the meeting without listening to his mother or Elijah’s side of the story. At the beach, Jane spoke with Carine and the latter told Jane that she saw her and Elijah sleeping on the sands but they were not closer to eachother and were all in their attire. Jane asked the time she saw them and she said she saw them around 11:15pm.

Jane noted that it was around 11:00pm that she and Elijah decided to go home so within ten minutes they could not possibly do anything and pleaded with Carine to help her explain things to Noah. As Carine was going with her, they bumped into Carmen and she fought with her.

She dipped her head inside the sea while she was attacking her, Jane could only think of Klaire stàbbing her. Chichi also fought Tania to stop her from helping Jane but Tania was able to break from her grasp. She went to help her and Jigs went to inform Sarah and Elijah that Jane and Carmen were fighting.

Elijah and Sarah went there to find Jane dipping the face of Jane inside the sea and they went to her rescue. Carmen played the victim once again and Jane told Elijah that she has discovered there was nothing that happened between them. Sarah sack from there and asked her not to cause further trouble.

Jane who was soaked and wet begin to search for Noah but Tania told her to go home and change first. Jane spotted Noah going inside a car. She ran after him, calling him but the car has already gone.

Fast forward, Carmen had sëx with Julian at La Bellega. Jane, on the other hand, went to the site to search for architect Noah but was told he was at El Cielo so Jane rushed there. She found Noah and explained to him that she talked to Carine, Sir Elijah’s secretary who sent her to the lobby and she explained that when she found her she was asleep and was sleep far from Elijah.

She also reviewed the CCTV footage and she was sent to the lobby at 11:15pm and it takes about ten minutes from the beach to the lobby. Before she would sleep, she checked the time and it was 11:00pm when she was leaving the beach but fell and Elijah helped her. She said that few moments, there would be nothing between her and Noah.

Though, Noah was not buying the defence, Sarah came there to find MJ and got so upset. She tried to push her away, but Noah tried stopping his mother. Jane tried explaining to her that there was nothing that happened between her and Elijah and pleaded with Sarah to have an opened mind.

Sarah got more infuriated and told her they should get it out in the open, she announced to all the workers of El Cielo that Mary Jane Ortega was banned from the resort and their lives effective immediately.

Julian after his intimate moments with Carmen came out from the Salon. Carmen suggested to Julian that they should go and have a bite. Julian feared her husband might search for her but she said she knew the schedule of her husband. She said Elijah trusted her to an extent that she has his duplicate car keys.

Unknown to Carmen, Elijah spotted her when she joined Julian in his car. Perplexed by what he saw, Elijah called her and she told Julian to keep it down. She lied that she went to a spa for a client meeting but her husband saw that as lies. However, he kept mute without letting her know. He said he presented a bouquet to her.

Sarah made a guard escort Jane out of El Cielo. Jane wept bitterly and Tania ran to her to lend a shoulder for her to lean on. Carmen returned to La Bellega Salon for the flower Elijah brought and was surprised to learn from Chichi that Elijah waited for 30minutes before her arrival.

Carmen suspected that her husband might have seen her with Julian and she called Julian several times in order to inform him about her suspicions but he failed to pick up. She tried to calm herself in order for her act not to betray her. She texted Elijah that she has received the bouquet.

Jane went home in tears to tell her mother that everything was over since Noah did not believe her. Carmen got home and Elijah had prepared a surprise dinner for them to rekindle their lõve. He asked her about the strange man she left La Bellega with and why she told him that she was in a spa while she was leaving the salon with a man.

Carmen explained that the man was her cousin and came around to see her. She went with him to a spa for them to talk. Since she said the person was her cousin and he was super cool person, reason why they were super closer, Elijah asked why he did not see him during their wedding and she said he was there and even Noah saw him.

Elijah asked of his name, recalling the name Julian earlier gave to Elijah, Carmen said his name was Christopher. Elijah told her to invite him over the next time he was free and Carmen accepted.

Rose came to tell Jane to eat something but Jane protested since she was sad about the misfortune that has befallen on her and her relationship with Noah. Surprisingly, Tania appeared with a copy of the original video and told Jane that Elijah was also delving into the issue and she decided to help her clear her name that was the reason she did her best to find to original video.

Tania then received a call from Jigs concerning Noah and Jane rushed to the bar to find Noah drunk and could not even move. Jane told him not to drink and asked how he would be able to get home if Jigs had not found him.

He refuted Jane’s help since he believed Jane destroyed his life. He was fallen and Jane asked Jigs to help her send him home.


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