Article 247 Episode 23

Article 247 Episode 23 Carmen shōõts Elijah after he discovers her real identity, Noah finds out the truth bout the fake video

Carmen ran after Elijah pleading with him to give her a chance to explain but he did not mind her. He ran into his car and sped off. Noah received a text from his mother when he went to a bar to buy a drink.

Noah after thinking about Jane’s advice to him not to go back to his old ways of drinking, gave his bottle of drink to someone at the bar as a gift and spoke with his mother, accepting to talk to her.

Carmen followed Elijah and called Julian that Elijah already knew their identity. Julian advised her to follow him wherever he goes without being noticed. After realising he was with Jane, Carmen spoke to Julian and he gave her idea on what to do if the two were alone.

Elijah was ushered in and asked about Rose. Jane said she went out but would be back soon. As Elijah took his seat, he told MJ that she was right about Carmen, she was Klaire. Jane was shocked to hear that Klaire was alive while she had earlier confirmed from the birth and death register that she was dead.

She wondered how it happened and Elijah explained that it was because Klaire was working with Julian. Elijah showed the documents which was the evidence to Jane. After seeing the picture of the expelled law student, Jane said Julian was the one Klaire cheated Alfred with.

Elijah then revealed that he saw Carmen with Julian. Jane said that meant that Klaire and Carmen were the same and one. After joining all those pieces together, Jane and Elijah concluded that Carmen stole from El Cielo and when she was about to be caught, she and Julian found a way to cover up.

Elijah realised Carmen had been lying to him all those while pretending to be someone she was not. Jane pointed out that what Elijah had in common with Alfred was that both were from wealthy homes so Elijah concluded that Carmen and Julian were doing hook up job to benefit from the rich. They extort money and go away, Jane suggested they inform the authorities since Klaire was dangerous.

She now understood why all the misfortunes befell on her. Jane mentioned that Carmen saw her as a threat, reason she did everything to ensure she and Noah did not end up together. Both decided to go to the police to report the whole thing.

As they opened the door, Carmen was at the gate pointing the guπ of Elijah at them. At El Cielo, Noah went to see Sarah but Sarah went to use the washroom. As Noah was standing there alone, Tania got there to talk to him about the leaked video and told him that it was fake and showed him the original video.

Sarah returned to see Noah watching it and she decided to watch some to verify. Back to the Ortegas, Carmen called them lōvers and Elijah told her to put the guñ down but she told Elijah that it seemed he did not know about her. Jane explained to Elijah that the lady holding the guπ was Klaire not Carmen and was planning to k!ll them just like she did with Alfred.

After taunting them, playing with their emotions, she marched them to the room, saying she would get away with her crime but Elijah said he would ensure she pays for it. At El Cielo, Sarah after watching the video said she should have listened to her instinct that Elijah would never do such a thing. They wondered who might have done that and Tania said there was only one person at El Cielo who had a problem with Jane.

Sarah asked whether she was talking about Carmen and she said yes. Noah left to talk to Jane since he made a mistake. Carmen compelled the two to get nàkëd in order to make lõve. Jane wept, telling Elijah that they did not have to do that since Carmen would k!ll them anyway.

As Carmen was forcing them, Jane tried to get the guπ out of her hand. Carmen decided to blow her up but Elijah got in the way and he was shõt in he rib. Noah reached the street outside the house but was not allowed to go in. The neighbours held him back and told him they heard guπshots inside the house. He called Tania to inform her.

Tania was with Sarah so they also decided to go to the crime scene since they were told Elijah and Carmen were also there. Jane pleaded with Carmen to be remorseful but Carmen laughed at her. Jane used an object to hit Carmen for the guπ to fall and she fled from her hand.

She did not reach far and Carmen hit her with objects. Jane slipped from the stairs. She struggled to go out in her bikini but Carmen cornered her and the two fought. Carmen wanted to put Jane’s face inside the wax which was boiling on fire but Jane managed to make Carmen hit on the wax and it fell from the fire.

In the room, Elijah who was in his boxer shot struggled to get out. He dragged himself from the bed to the floor and fell unconscious in his struggle to save his life. As Sarah and Tania were in the car coming, the driver suddenly applied a break.

They sensed danger and tried to figure out what was wrong, only for them to discover that a cat was sitting comfortably at the middle of the road. Sarah got upset and asked the driver to drive.

in the house of the Ortegas, the two rivals struggled with the guπ and it went off. Noah was able to pull himself from the neighbours hand to rush into the scene. Once he reached there, he saw MJ holding a gùn pointing at Carmen.

Realising Noah did not hear that she was urging MJ to shoõt her and knew she would not be able to pull the trigger since she was a good person, Carmen faked tears to seek mercy and pity from Noah. The police siren was also heard just when Noah arrived at the scene with Carmen crying.


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