Article 247 Episode 26

Article 247 Episode 26 Carmen is found guilty for parricide and faces reclusiõn perpetua as penalty, Sarah puts a bounty of 10million pesos on Klaire’s head after she evades justice

In the court room, Carmen said she was not guilty since she acted on the basis of article 247. She admitted to have k!lling Elijah when she saw him in bed with Jane.

The Attorney of the Ortegas, asked why she changed her statement since she had told the police earlier that Jane was the one who k!lled Elijah. She claimed she had said that out of fear, however, she k!lled Elijah due to what she saw the deceased and Jane doing in bed.

The next day of the trial, Jane went to the witness box to tell the court about the truth of the entire situation that transpired and said Carmen forced her to have sëx with Elijah but she did not. The attorney of Jane brought a medical examination that showed that Jane never had sëx and Carmen was found guilty of k!lling Elijah.

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She suffered a penalty of reclusiõn perpetua and she was upset with the court’s decision.
The protestors who were camped outside the court were happy that Carmen was found guilty as they saw Article 247 as a law that had to be scrapped out since all murder is murder. As the police were ushering her into the car, she warned Jane and the Borromeos that they knew her but they did not know what she was capable of doing.

Suddenly, there was an explosion which Julian perpetrated and when the police, Borromeos and the Ortegas realised Carmen was no where to be found. She was later seen in a house with Julian. It turned out that Julian fled with her. However, they did not have enough money so she thought of means for her to obtain the money she saved at La Bellega.

Jane who preempted that told Noah that Klaire would run out of money so they went to monitor her at La Bellega. Klaire and Julian went there for the money so Jane and Noah followed her to their hideout secretly. They tried to stop Julian and Carmen from running away after they were caught.

As Noah fought Julian, Jane also fought Klaire and the latter broke a bottle to threaten Jane. Jane tried to appeal to Klaire’s emotions by telling her that she knew Klaire was equally a victim of her traumatic past when her father caught his wife with another man and k!lled his wife using Article 247 to cover up his deeds.

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Carmen got emotional when Jane talked about her past. A siren of the police was heard and she told Julian who had beaten Noah that they had to flee. They fled before the police got there and Jane showed the police the direction Carmen and her lōver took.

Sarah was waiting for Noah but he was late and wondered where he went. Noah arrived and his mother asked where he went. She also saw bruises on his face and he told Sarah that he and Jane went after Julian and Carmen. Sarah was upset that he risked his Life and asked them who they thought they were for going after the two criminals.

Noah explained that they wanted to help for Klaire and Julian to be caught immediately before they escape Batangas. Sarah told him that she could not afford to lose him too so she thought of new means to get their target.

Jane got home to inform Rose about how Klaire and Julian escaped once again. Rose wished for their nightmare to be over soon. Later, Jane went to find her mother in a pool of blood her head bounced back while seated in her chair. She cried wondering what had happened to her mother. Suddenly, Carmen showed up laughing at her holding a weapon which was stained.

Jane tried to escape but Julian caught her as Carmen said she was there to make her pay for all the harm she has caused and brought to her life. Julian held Jane’s hands at her back as Carmen readied to stàb her, suddenly she woke up from her bed to realise it was a nightmare. Rose showed up since Jane was screaming and she told her about the dream which Klaire had k!lled her and also attempting to stàb her too.

Klaire and Julian went to a certain house which Julian said belonged to his friend who was indebted to him. Since they could not break all the checkpoints that the police had erected on many areas of the road, they decided to live in Julian’s friend’s place temporary to travel by the sea in discreet to evade those checkpoints on the road.

Now they had to find sufficient money to pay for the boat which they would travel by the sea with. In so doing, Carmen decided to search for network to access her joint account with Elijah to transfer money but she realised she was blocked. Julian said she should have stolen the money when Elijah was alive but now he was deàd the account was frozen.

At the Borromeos’ mansion, Sarah received a call from the bank that Carmen tried to access it. Noah praised her mother for getting the account frozen for Klaire not to access it. Jane said she also knew Klaire would access it based on the financial problems that the Bellaga Salon had been facing and Sarah was glad MJ alerted her.

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A police officer came to the Borromeo mansion to inform the family that they had not gotten any lead on Klaire yet but they have increased the number of checkpoints in Banagas. Sarah was impatient and wondered if the police were working at all. Noah tried to calm her, she then said they would exhaust all means possible to find their targets.

Sarah told Noah to get the press, she was ready to put a bounty on Klaire’s head. As Klaire was acting paranoid saying she had been doing all the work and Julian just wasted all the money they got on gambling. Julian reminded her that he has been helping her so both worked for the money.

Julian saw a news flash and alerted Klaire to watch her mother-in-law. Klaire wondered what the old woman was doing on television. She was shocked to hear that Sarah had put 10million pesos on her head as a reward to anyone who could help her find her son’s murderer.

Carmen was impatient and vented her frustrations on Julian for slowing them down if he had not gambled with their fortune. Julian also blamed her for not escaping before all that.

Carmen was now scared since the money on her head was huge which would not make her safe to walk around. She decided to k!ll her stress by smoking and went to stand at the balcony. Julian warned her to ensure no one sees her.


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