Article 247 Episode 27

Article 247 Episode 27 Julian sells out Klaire for a 10million bounty, Klaire goes at large while Julian escapes with the Borromeos’ fortune

Noah and Jane asked Sarah whether she was sure about her decision to pay such whooping amount to get the public involved in the search for Klaire Almazan and she said yes. Jane told Tania about it and Tania was glad that Jane would be part of the Borromeo family which meant that she would be rich soon.

Carmen who was smoking at a balcony was spotted by someone and she realised the person was snapping her. She ran into the room quickly to inform Julian but Julian scolded her for not heeding to his advice of being discreet.

Noah had a call from someone claiming to have seen Klaire but needed the money before showing him her location. All the leads they were getting aimed at getting the money. That made Sarah to lose hope, saying she should have listened to the police when she was advised not to interfere in their search.

Since they had insufficient money, Julian decided to go to a casino to gamble with his luck. Jane also told Noah that she knew of a plan to get to Julian. The investigator Elijah hired had told them that Julian was a gambler so Jane believed he might be in a casino and they decided to give it a try.

Noah and Jane got to the casino. Noah showed Julian’s picture to the guards at the place but they failed to reveal any information about Julian to him since they were protecting their guests. They decided to blend in so Noah played poker in hopes of waiting to see Julian. They played for long yet Julian was not in which made Noah doubted that their target would show up but Jane said they should play for 30 more minutes.

Soon after, Jane spotted Julian coming and she alerted Noah. Noah told Jane to call the police while Noah played poker with his target and told him not to try to escape. Noah tried to manipulate him to give Klaire up but he was not willing to do that and termed Klaire as his lucky charm. Noah opened his mind that his lucky charm could be his downfall.

He tried to flee but Noah caught him and said he had no where to go and sat him down as they waited for the police. Once he heard the siren Julian escaped.

Meanwhile, some two guys went to the safe house which Klaire was hiding to get her for the police in order to get the money on her head. Klaire was stepping out but once she overheard the two guys conspiring against her, she decided not to go out and climbed the stairs to get back into the room but she did not go further and one of the guys jumped over the wall to nab her.

As the guy was dragging her out with force, she kicked the guy and fled. The other guy who was standing outside ran after her and they came across some people who had set bonfire. The guy screamed for their help to capture Klaire since she was a wanted person. Klaire denied being that wanted person.

The people recognised her as the famous Article 247 murderer and also join the guys to get her. Klaire snatched one of the lighted woods to use for her defence in escaping from their hands. Julian returned home to find Carmen in black hood sitting on the bare floor panting.

Carmen told him that she was recognised by some of the people. She said the people were aware that she was living in the house so they had to escape from there. Julian told her not to worry, he had the money for them to escape now. They packed their things and left the house. Julian said they were going to meet a particular guy.

Noah and Jane also got the bounty ready to go with the police to the location where Julian would sell Klaire out to them for the bounty. They met the supposed guy who gave Julian the money and a key. Julian kept limping to slow Klaire down while Klaire was impatient, doing everything to flee before they were seen.

They hear a police siren and she ran. She wondered why Julian was slowing down while they had to run. She blamed Julian for the police knowing their location. She believed the police were able to track him when he went to the casino but Julian said he was not to be blamed. The police, Jane and Noah went to the rooms of the safe house but saw no one.

Jane figured out another way and they followed. They saw their targets escaping and they ran after them. They caught up with them at the shore. Julian began to act weird, he told Klaire that he was not going with her. He was on his own. Klaire thought he was kidding, suddenly she was cornered and she realised she was trapped by her beloved boyfriend who sold her out.

In a flashback, when Noah cornered Julian, the latter accepted to reveal Klaire’s location to them under two conditions: first the Borromeos would not press charges against him and he would be given the 10million bounty. Noah protested but Jane made him accept the condition for them to get Klaire behind bars.

Flashforward, Carmen got upset with Julian, Jane told Carmen to understand that Julian had betrayed her and sold her out for 10million that was the amount she worth to her belōved. Julian explained that he did not mean to do that he only wanted to pay off his debts. Klaire was provoked since she was not ready to be behind bars.

She drew a gün from the bag and pulled Jane to use her as bait to escape while Julian who had received the money told Noah who was claiming the two planned the entire thing together that he would not return the money.

Julian said he did his part of the bargain but Noah was just not good to have allowed Klaire to outsmart him.The police still held Noah to stop him from getting close to Julian for the bounty.

When Noah got home, Sarah got upset and called his act as an expensive mistake. Sarah saw him as incompetent for giving out 10million for free while money did not grow on top of trees. She blamed Noah harshly and said now they were down to nothing, she did not even have money as bounty to get people to sell Klaire out for her to obtain justice for her son.

Noah admitted it was his mistake but he equally wanted to gain justice for his brother. He was tired of his mother, claiming he knew her favourite son was the one who d!ed and was convinced that his mother would have preferred that he d!ed instead of Elijah. He walked out in tears as Jane followed him while Sarah said that was not what she meant.


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