Article 247 Episode 28

Article 247 Episode 28 Police declares Julian deàd, Klaire is on hospital arrest while Sarah recovers her 10million bounty

Klaire while on the boat going thought about everything that Julian did to her and promised to make him pay. In the house, Rose was disappointed and wondered if Klaire was a cat fish for her to always slip from their hands.

Noah was emotional and went to drink liquor but Jigs didn’t want to allow him to get to his old ways. Noah insisted on it, as Jigs was hesitating to serve him, Tania came to see it and she secretly called Jane to the place to stop him. Noah was sad that he was not living up to expectations.

He knew that he would hurt Elijah if he was alive, he would equally hurt MJ and Sarah if he had drunk the liquor but Jane said he would get through it. He sobbed for his failure and Sarah approached them.

Julian counted the money and was glad that it was intact. He said he lōved Klaire but lōve money more. He called to make an order for an attire which he saw online. He kept smoking and looking at the briefcase containing the pesos. He k!ssed the money and was filled with happiness.

As Sarah joined Noah and MJ, Noah apologised to his mother, saying she was right for not fighting hard but Sarah told him not to feel sorry. She really did lōve him and was not ready to lose him like how she did with Elijah. She said his life mattered to her more than anything and should forgive her for what she said.

As Julian was enjoying and pouring liquor at the beach house, Klaire suddenly showed up and air began to blow the money. She was holding a gùn pointing at her belōved lōver. Julian began to shiver begging her to spare his life and reminded her of all that they have been through. Klaire was sad that upon all the people, Julian was the one who betrayed her.

Julian denied doing that to her, he said it was a careful plot to get the 10million for them to run with it. He said he knew she would return to him that was the reason he did that. Klaire failed to believe him. She said she would not allow him to fōol her again.

The police had a message that Klaire had returned to the beach house so they informed the Borromeos that they were going. Noah said he would follow them but his mother did not want him to. Noah told his mother not to worry, he would take care of himself to ensure his brother’s k!ller get caught. MJ also went with Noah.

At the beach house, Julian told Klaire to trust him, he could not abandon her and told Klaire to search through her heart that he would betray her. He said if she felt that then she should take her passport, the money and also shōot him. Klaire got emotional, recalling all the times they shared together and couldn’t shõot. Julian took the gun and said if she did not trust him then he would k!ll himself.

Klaire stopped him and said he shouldn’t. They embraced and made up. Klaire said they should leave since they had the money. The lōvers took the money and left. Julian limped and Klaire asked whether he was fine. The police arrived. As they went in, Noah told MJ to stay in the car for him to check on how things were going.

Jane wanted to go with him and Noah said he would return soon. Jane said she did not know how to drive but Noah said she should stay in. Noah went to the safe house and was told the target had escaped by land so the police were out searching for them. Suddenly, Klaire showed up to see MJ in the car and pointed a guñ at her. She told MJ did well for following them.

She demanded Jane to get out. Jane began to blow the car horn. Noah heard and wondered what was happening. Julian joined Klaire and they insisted she get out. Jane stepped on the car and it hit Julian for him to fall. Klaire cried that Jane had k!lled Julian when she saw blood from his mouth. She swore to k!ll MJ. Once she turned MJ had already fled into the bush and she ran after her.

She caught MJ and they fought. Klaire pressed on the neck of mJ till she passed out. As Klaire was gasping for breath, thinking she has finally k!lled Jane, MJ woke up and kicked Klaire. Meanwhile, the police and Noah spotted someone sailing and they assumed the person was Julian.

The police called coast guard to stop the boat afloat since Noah thought MJ was in but the boat suddenly exploded. Klaire at the peak of her fight with Jane, reached out for hammer and when she was about to hit MJ with it she was shõt by the police. Noah rushed to MJ’s aid. MJ said she k!lled Julian but Noah said it was not so Julian was alive and attempted to escape.

The next scene was at the police station where Sarah and Rose rushed to see MJ and Noah. Sarah was glad to see her son as both parents got frightened. An officer arrived to inform them that per the coast guard he did not believe Julian could make since the boat got totally destroyed but there was cross examination on going while Klaire was in critical condition at the hospital.

The police also recovered Sarah’s 10million and gave it to her. The Borromeos and the Ortegas went to the hospital and were informed by the doctor that she had so much blood pressure on her brain and was still battling between life and deàth. The police, however said Klaire was on hospital arrest so there was some police officers who were assigned to the place.

MJ was still scared with everything that went on and Noah said she was feeling that way since she had battled with Klaire for long but now it was all over, Julian was deàd and Klaire was in critical condition. The lõvers hugged as the hoped the storm was over now. As days passed by, the police who was guarding the facility sleeps on duty.

The Dr went to check the patient and her vital signs were stable. He wondered why she had not waking up yet, he believed she could wake up by anytime soon. The news on article 247 was aired as people were calling on the authorities to get that law repealed. Rose got upset when she heard the news, she pressed the off the power button on the remote to off the television.

Tania saw it as good sign that the public wanted that destierrio law be scraped out to protect lives. Jane wondered why the law was not repealed yet. She was however glad that Klaire was on hospital arrest, at least that would deter her from harming people.


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