Article 247 Episode 29

Article 247 Episode 29 Jane and Noah organise their wedding at Borromeos Island, Klaire rises from the grave to take her revenge on MJ

In the Borromeos Mansion, Sarah finally gave Noah the documents to the Island property which Elijah bought in order to gift his senior brother during his engagement for him to use it for a resort. It was sad that before Elijah could give out the property, lots of issues popped up and his relationship with his brother turned sour.

They wept as they recalled Elijah, Noah and Sarah had missed him. Sarah said there was time for everything so now Noah has the gift.
Since, Sarah said Elijah had given her good signal, she gave Noah the Borromeo traditional necklace for him to marry the woman he lōved and made him happy.

In fulfilling this, Noah invited Jane to East La Ligaya beach where he surprised her with the presence of Rose and Tania just to propose to her. Once again, Noah popped the question whether she would marry him and she answered Yes. They reflected on the past and saw the obstacles which came in their way as something that had made their lōve flourish through it all.

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As the couple k!ssed, Rose and Tania applauded them. In subsequent scene, Noah and MJ went to the clinic to find out that Klaire was still not up after 12hours that the doctor said should be up. The doctor was also shocked that the criminal had still not regained consciousness.

Explaining to the couple, the doctor said it could be that something went wrong when they were performing the operation. One month later, Noah went to the Borromeo Island which his junior brother bought for him to have his wedding with Jane there in honour of Elijah.

With his mother, Noah complemented the looks of Sarah, saying she was looking good in pink. Sarah preferred he had used El Cielo for the wedding since the Island Elijah bought was remote and signal to the area was difficult to get, also there was no lighting system there but he said his brother would be happy that way.

Jigs could not find the boat that they had to go to the Borromeo Island with. He tried reaching Tania to ask about the boat but couldn’t reach her. The guests wondered why the boat had left them behind and did not know what was going on. Noah went to see Jane who was in her white and the expensive Borromeo legacy necklace.

Jane said it was against tradition for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Noah told her how good she looked in the necklace. Jane laughed, saying it worth more than them. Noah said nothing worth more than them and their lōve. Jane told Noah that she was extremely happy and anxious at the same time.

She felt that something bad was about to happen but Noah advised her to do away with all negativities besides their Satan, Klaire was bedridden and was in comatose. Tania tried to talk to Jigs using the walkie-talkie phone but couldn’t reach him. Rose told her that she earlier roamed there and showed her a place where she could get a signal.

She decided to send Tania to the forest place where she was sure they could get a network signal. While there, Rose took few steps from Tania and told Tania that she had signal on her phone. Tania told her to reach Jigs if she had gotten a bar of signal.

As Tania was on her walk-talkie, Someone in a white vail hit and dragged Rose from behind. When Tania turned, she could not find Rose. She searched in the forest and didn’t find her. She returned to the tent to ask Jane about Rose and no one had seen her. MJ said she thought Tania went with her mother and Tania said they went together but got separated.

She explained what happened which frightened Sarah who had been waiting for the arrival of guests and the make up artist to show up. Noah decided to go with Tania to find Rose and told Jane and Sarah to wait for them in the tent without going anywhere. They kept long so Sarah got worried and even wanted to go there but Jane stopped her.

Both had bad impression about everything that was happening. Sarah said the sun would set soon and things were not seeming right to her. Jane also felt same but Noah told them to wait, she did not want to go anywhere. Sarah was so tensed that her bowls became heavy and told Jane that she wanted to use the portable toilet.

MJ wanted to go with her but Sarah said she could make her way there since the portable toilet was closer to the tent. Jane was scared but allowed Sarah to go. As Sarah was going, her steps became heavy since she could see a fleeting vision of a person in a white wedding gown roaming fastly around. As she was opening the door of the portable toilet, she turned and saw a familiar face that she was not expecting to see at the Island.

Noah and Tania kept searching for Rose and the search proved futile. Tania believed someone had abducted Rose but Noah said Tania was not helping since they were the only person at the Island. He told Tania to wait for him at that spot which they stood while he would do further search.

Tania heard some strange sounds in the forest so she began to take steps back, calling out Aunt Rose’s name. She surprisingly saw one of the slippers of rose and she screamed out Noah’s name. Noah ran quickly to see Tania since he thought something bad had happened to her. He returned to see her holding the slipper of Rose and Tania thought of the worse.

They returned to the tent and they informed Jane. Noah also asked of Sarah and Jane said she went to use the portable washroom. Noah decided to go and find her but Jane wanted them to go together due to what was happening. Noah insisted they stay there in the tent. Jane told him to swear to return since she could not afford to lose him too.

Noah promised and went but surprisingly, his mother was also no where to be found. He was searching around and someone strike him from the back for him to fall. Tania and Jane were anxious since Noah had also kept long. Jane and Tania came out and she saw the boat which had to bring the guest. They saw the captain deàd and was washed ashore.

Now their fright heightened as undoubtedly, Klaire was behind it. Jane torn the attachment of the gown to make it short and told Tania she would swim to reach the boat and ask for help. Tania said the boat was far but Jane said she would do it. She walked through the waters and turned only to find Tania who was talking just a moment ago missing.

At the hospital, the doctor and the nurse screamed with what they saw. Jane finally saw the person behind the abduction of her lõved ones. Klaire laughed and ran after her. It turned out in a flashback scene that Klaire was actually not in comatose but pretended in order to evade justice, knowing she would be nabbed if the health practitioners realise she had woken up.

As the doctor was trying to fish out the medical reason for Klaire’s comatose, Klaire also made fun of them in her mind to make them think however they wanted. When Jane visited her to say Klaire was alone and would pay for her crimes so she should fall a long sleep as she would not be bothered by Klaire’s evil again, Klaire heard everything and conspired against Jane.

Some two nurses who went to take care of her gossiped that Klaire had k!lled many and was the foundation of the problems facing the Borromeos. They were glad that the Borromeos had redeemed themselves from her clutches and now we’re about to marry at the Borromeo Island. This made Klaire learnt about the wedding and the location.

“In no time all of you will suffer Jane!” She screamed as she prepped up for her revenging.

“And I will make sure is going to be painful!”

Later, a nurse who was attending to her was taken by surprise as she snatched the syringe meant for her to jab the nurse instead, leading the nurse to become unconscious. After that, she changed herself into the nurse’s uniform and called the security pretending that something happened to the patient and she hit his head with a tray for him to be unconscious as well.

She then took his guñ and left in a disguise as a nurse. As she was making her way out of the clinic, she told herself that she did not fight to reach that far just to lose. The doctor and a nurse then came to the world to discover that Klaire had escaped and she had left the hospital staff on her bed instead.

The police regained consciousness to say the patient had escaped. He scanned his hands through his pocket to discover that his official guñ was missing. The doctor told the nurse to alert the necessary authorities that Klaire had escaped.

Presently, Klaire followed Jane into the sea saying, MJ did not even invite her to her wedding. She laughed and asked Jane how did she see her wedding gown, because Jane had to be in that gown instead.

Jane asked her she was in a gown going to marry who, the devil? Jane reminded Klaire that she was all alone now, Julian was deàd. Klaire said that was the reason she was there to make her pay since she would not give Jane the happy ending she wanted. The two fought, dipping eachother’s head into the sea.

Meanwhile, Noah regained consciousness to discover that he was tied to the tree along with the missing family members. He called his mother to wake them up and Sarah said it was Klaire who did that to them as she clearly saw her face. Their hands were tied to a tree so Noah made an attempt to untie himself as the rivals were busy fighting in the sea.


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