Article 247 Episode 3

Article 247 Episode 3 Klaire k!lls Alfred over infidelity, the lawyer of Klaire dwells on Article 247 to justify Klaire’s misdeed

Jane dressed Alfred’s wounds and thanked him for saving her from Klaire, his wife. Alfred said he should be thanking her for enduring all the pains Klaire put her through. He apologised for Klaire’s behaviour. Elsewhere, Klaire was fuming with anguish over Alfred defending Jane.

Alfred had a seminar and went with his subordinates. There, he celebrated the deàth of his marriage. Tania claimed not to feel well so Jane was the one who kept Alfred company. He thanked Jane for telling him the truth about his wife’s dirty affair. He admitted l0ving Klaire and blamed himself for marrying her so early without knowing her hidden lifestyle.

He said he trusted her and he least expected her to do that. Jane also told Alfred’s her bothering issue. She talked about the deàth of her father but since her mother was a mistress, she and her mother only viewed his corpse from afar and was not allowed to see him.

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Alfred after sipping some wine wanted to get intimate with Jane but she escaped to call her mother instead to check up on her. Klaire went to the office to find out from Nancy, the secretary that Alfred and his junior accountants were at a seminar in a hotel.

The junior Accountants together with their boss got wasted. Alfred was so drunk that he could not identify his room so Jane helped him out to his room. As Jane was leaving to her room, Alfred pulled her back, pleading with her to stay with him. Klaire got to the hotel in search of her husband.

Due to his condition, Jane took care of him but they ended up getting intimate. After Klaire was told the event was over, she pulled a fast one on the receptionist to pave her way into the room of Alfred by using her position as a wife who has lost her key.

When she went in, she found Alfred and Jane mating and she stabbéd her husband. Jane quickly fled, unfortunately, she tripped on the staircase and rolled down the stairs. Her situation did not deter Klaire from going after her, she stabbed her back before Jane could go out of the room.

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Jane woke up to find herself hospitalised and was in the company of her mother. She asked her mother what she was doing there. Her mother realised she could not remember anything. Jane then recalled how Klaire stàbbed Alfred, but her mother was quick to add that she was equally stàbbed.

She asked her mother about Alfred and she went out in order to check on her boss. Unfortunately, Alfred was pronounced deàd and her mother was crying when Jane stumbled on her. Alfred’s mother vented her anger on Jane since she was the reason Klaire k!lled her son and gave Jane multiple slaps. Jane’s mother fought with Alfred’s mother to defend her daughter.

Julian bailed out Klaire from the police station. Her lawyer assured that he would fall on Article 247, the revised PO code to make her win the case. Since she caught her husband in the act with Jane and stàbbed him, it was justifiable and the least she could suffer was banishment instead of 30years or life imprisonment.

Klaire was scared that her affair with Julian would come to light during the hearing but Julian said everything had been taken cared of. He had already sneaked into Alfred’s house to take all the pictures and evidence that could finger them. He urged Klaire to feel free since she would inherit everything her husband had.

At the hospital, Jane was also told about Article 247 but the lawyer asked her to narrate everything that led to the entire incident. Jane pleaded with her mother for forgiveness for sleeping with a married man. Her mother told her that she understood her and she was not in the right position to judge her.

The case was heard and in the court room, Alfred’s mother slapped Klaire and threatened to ensure she ends up in jail. The lawyer of Klaire said Klaire was overwhelmed by emotions which made her commit such a crime but she had no intention to k!ll her husband when she saw him ñaked with Jane.

The first witness who was working at the hotel and saw Jane stabbed confirmed that Jane was stabbed at her back and she was in an underwear with bedsheets covering her. That was used by the lawyer of Klaire to prove that Klaire caught them in the act.

At home, Jane’s mother was upset with how the lawyer of Klaire was victimising Klaire while Jane was the one who got stabbed by Klaire. Tania visited to inform them that she was summoned to testify in court but she promised Jane and her mother that she would not say anything that would damage the reputation of her friend.

She would prove to the court that there was nothing between Alfred and Jane. She also used the opportunity to announce that she was going to Batangas as she has gotten a new job there but told Jane and her mother to join her at the place. She would give them a place at the resort to reside once everything was over.

During the second hearing, Tania was able to prove to the court that Klaire had always been accusing Jane of having an affair with her husband which was not true. A Senior officer who also was called when Alfred was stàbbed said the man was in a boxers. This helped Klaire’s lawyer’s defense as he presented pictures of Alfred’s deàd body, the Exhibit C evidence to prove Klaire caught her husband in the act.

Klaire went into the witness box to play the victim as she narrated how she met her husband in the act with Jane. She claimed to have stopped Jane but Jane fought her. To make the matter worse, her husband went to Jane’s defense which upset her to reach out for a knife which was there to stàb Jane, unfortunately her husband got in the way.

She screamed out that Jane was the cause of the entire mess and pointed her finger at her. Jane had enough and told her she was the liar and the unfaithful one who cheated on Alfred first. The court room turned to be noisy and the lawyer tried to instill discipline by calling both attorneys to control their clients.


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