Article 247 Episode 4

Article 247 Episode 4 Klaire meets untimely accident after banished from Manila for two and half years, Jane meets Noah in her new life at Batangas

The final hearing of Alfred’s deàth case was held at Manila Tribunal Court. It attracted journalists at the forecourt of the Tribunal. As they saw the arrival of the mistress and the wife, they hounded them to ask Klaire and Jane questions pertaining to the hearing but the two women did not give in to the media.

Klaire accused Jane of being responsible for for the deàth of Alfred, adding that Jane should have d!ed instead of her husband. Jane threatened that Klaire would not get away with her crime since she was the one who actually cheated on her late husband.

Klaire got upset and torn the pearl necklace of Jane. The court gave it final verdict on the case and declared the actions of Klaire as within the wings of the law. Pertaining to the circumstance with which the crime was committed, it was coded within the revised PO of Article 247, therefore she was not guilty of murder. She was simply banished from Manila for two and half years.

Helen was turned by event and was not ready to allow things to slide for Klaire to squander the money and the properties her son, Alfred worked hard for. The Gomez’ Attorney said they would fight for an appeal. Helen went after Klaire and met her daughter-in-law quarrelling with Jane. She threatened not to allow both to go scot free after what they did to her son.

Jane apologised to Helen for what happened to her son. Jane said she never knew her friendship with Alfred would end up like that. That made Helen ask how possible it was for friends to be having sé× and blamed Jane as the reason her son d!ed untimely. When Rose was adding her voice, Helen said she was like her daughter, both were mistresses.

This led to a fight that resulted in Rose being hospitalised. The Doctor said she should avoid stress. Jane told her attorney that they did not have to allow Klaire to go scot free. Klaire had 15 days to spend in Manila so Rudolf, the attorney was told to facilitate the process in Klaire gaining her properties and should sell everything.

Speaking of properties, Klaire went to the Accountancy Firm to take away the money Alfred kept in his safe. She bumped into the Gomez family and was hoping for the family Company shares that would be in her late husband’s name but the couple anticipated that. They made sure they left nothing in their son’s name in order for her not to gain anything.

Jane began searching for a new job in Manila. A job which she was interviewed and thought things were going well was denied her. Unknown to her, Helen has done everything possible to ensure that Jane did not secure a job as an accountant in Manila. She decided to travel far to start again. Rose was sad for what Helen did against her daughter and was hopeful that things would get better once they leave the city for Batangas.

During their last day in Manila, Klaire and her partner, Julian thought of their next victim who Klaire would marry to k!ll and inherit his fortune. Klaire was however sad that she was not able to benefit from the shares of the company from Alfred’s parents. Julian said it was nothing as far as Alfred’s fortune was good enough for them to travel far land for a better living, he was okay.

Klaire asked Julian when they would stop such life and be together, Julian said pretty soon but for the moment they had to look for their next target. Klaire visited the grave of Alfred to make fun of him since she was now benefitting from another bloody marriage.

Jane decided to visit the grave of Alfred with her mother, Rose had an episode so she waited for her daughter along the road. Jane walked her way to Alfred’s grave and saw Klaire. The rivals dust up, while throwing accusations at eachother. Rose saw Julian and had a bad feelings so she went to the grave and saw Klaire exchanging words with Jane.

While standing aloof, Rose called her attorney to inform him about the presence of Klaire in Manila. The attorney was surprised since Klaire should have left Manila by that time. The attorney called the nearest police station to report Klaire.

Klaire made an attempt on Jane’s life once again but Rose was there to save her daughter. The police came there to banish her. Rose left Klaire in the hands of karma. Klaire had an outburst for being treated like a common criminal. She was so furious and did not hear Julian when he was telling her to calm down and focus on the road and the driving otherwise they would crush.

Their worse fear happened and the car crushed, it fell off a bridge. Two years later, Pinky was selling clothes and was recruiting Rose to join in the selling but Jane did not want her mother to overwork herself due to her medical condition so she told Pinky to sell it all by herself. Rose told Jane that she did not want her to be the only one to take care of the family.

Jane said she was doing well at the resort so her mother should relax and live like a princess. At the resort, Jane received a bouquet from a suitor but she made the deliverer throw it away. Tania wanted Jane to move on and have a boyfriend who would make her get butterflies in her belly.

Tania invited her to the next day wedding event of a client. Later, while Jane was at the beach, she heard someone talking about deàth and held the person, she was surprised to know the person was Noah. The guy wondered how she got to know his name and it seemed she learnt about him from Tania or probably from college.

Noah realised his phone was missing, so Jane helped him to search for it. Noah called her nosy for her act. He left her and she searched for the phone alone. She found it but Noah was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Tania had been calling her. She tried to on Noah’s phone but it was broken.

She heard her phone ringing and Tania told her that she would not believe what she was about to tell her and she said Tania would not believe what she had to tell her and told her to wait for her. Jane packed her things from the beach to go and meet Tania.


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