Article 247 Episode 5

ToArticle 247 Episode 5 Jane learns the reason Noah ended up as drunkard, Klaire finds a new victim for her romantic scam

Jane got back to the resort to talk to Tania but both had same story to tell eachother, it was all about Noah. As Tania said he was lodged in at the resort, Jane was upset.

She called him arrogant and haggard, stressing that he was mean but back in college he was handsome and was head over heels for him. Tania tried her best to interrupt her speech but she was still not happy with Noah’s pride.

Unknown to her, Noah was standing at the back of her and realised she knew him from college, the reason she showed concern when he was drinking. She was in l0ve with him. Noah warned her to stay away from him and also termed her as
Miss Jinx.

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Tania wanted Jane to apologise for how she treated the handsome dude she was into him during college. Jane recalled how she was into Noah but was left heart broken when Noah proposed to Shaine. Tania asked Jane whether she still have feelings for Noah and she denied.

Tania wondered what happened to the Shaine-Noah l0ve. It was the l0ve she supported. Jane believed Shaine saw the true colours of Noah and dumped him. Later, Jane had another rough encounter with Noah. He would not stop drinking even when Jane said it was bad for his lever.

As some l0vers spiced up their relationship with a romantic set up at the resort, Noah also recalled Shaine and saw the man’s l0ver as Shaine since he was drunk. He rushed to hug the lady, calling her Shaine. This resulted into a commotion and all those watching rushed there to salvage the situation.

Noah was beaten black and blue and the man got upset for bad treatment at the resort and threatened to file charges against Laview Resort. Noah once again saw the reflection of Shaine on Jane’s face when Jane was talking to him about the trouble he caused.

He attempted to k!ss Jane, Jane slapped him and called him a pervert. The couple left the resort and Jane left to the house to tell Rose about what Noah did. The next day, she went to the resort to confront Noah for harassing a couple who the man was about to propose.

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Noah seemed not to remember a thing and Jane said he did not only harassed the woman, he also attempted to k!ss her but Noah laughed and told her she was not his type. Jane told him to pay for all the damages he caused the previous night and gave him the bill.

Noah refused to pay since he could not remember a thing. The two ended up in a scuffle and Jane slipped so Noah helped her in order for her not to fall. Jane closed her eyes as Noah held her tight to him with their face facing eachother. In slowmo Jane closed her eyes as she was inhaling his breath and feeling the warmth of his body.

“Don’t tell me you’re waiting for a k!ss,” Noah hissed.

“You pervert!” Jane opened her eyes, shoved him and slapped him.

She ordered him to leave the resort so Noah packed up and left.

Rose brought Noah’s phone to Jane and told her that the phone was working now but she could not stop herself from looking through it. She told Jane to go through what Noah had on it. Jane watched the videos on it and saw how Noah proposed marriage to Shaine and in another video she saw Noah crying over Shaine.

She later stumbled on Noah sleeping at the beach and gave his phone to him and asked him the exact thing that happened between him and Shaine but Noah did not mind her and left Jane talking to herself. Jane told Tania about seeing Noah and it seemed he had no place to stay so he passed the night at the beach.

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She believed Noah had a problem: she saw on his phone which she repaired, a video that he proposed to Shaine and the set up was just like the one Tania set for the couple. Tania now understood why Noah acted in that manner. Jane felt guilty since she has realised the guy was hurt but denied feeling guilty.

Rose prepared a wax which Pinky thought her how to do it and wanted to test it on Jane . Jane refused but later accepted to do it when she helped her mother with the name for the wax “Pinky Rose Home made Wax.” Her mother tested it on Jane’s body and she said it hurts. Rose in an illustration said it would not hurt more than what Noah was going through.

She said the guy Jane was fighting with and judging him might have a baggage so it would be better for Jane to get close to him to know his exact problem before passing judgement on him. Soon, Jane and Noah crossed parts again when she was cycling and fell off. Noah recalled how Shaine had a similar accident and he rushed Jane to the hospital. Jane recovered and thanked him for saving her life even when their friendship started on a wrong foot.

Noah then told her Shaine’s story, he felt sorry for Jane and thought she would d!e jst like his Shaine. He said he and Shaine went out for cycling but Shaine was so happy that she left him behind without wearing her helmet. Unfortunately, she fell off and hit her head. He sent her to the hospital and she d!ed. Since then he blamed himself for what happened to the l0ve of his life.

Jane had a talk with Noah and told him that he should not blame himself for what happened to Shaine. She also told him her story about a man who d!ed because of her. Eventually, she realised she was not to blamed but the k!ller of the man.

Elsewhere, Klaire in a disguise was in a company of a new man, Elijah who she was victimising in another romantic affair.
Jane advised Noah to let it out when he feels depressed. He should talk to the sea and she showed him how to go about with it.

Noah screamed out that he wanted to be free, he did not want to drink and blame himself again. He wanted to be happy in life, after that he felt so good and thanked Jane for such therapy.

Jane sent Noah back to the resort and she told Tania the exact thing that happened to Shaine. She later called Noah to join them to eat. Noah joined them and they got seated to do justice to the food.


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