Article 247 Episode 6

Article 247 Episode 6 Noah falls sick due to drug addiction, Elijah invited Noah and Jane to his wedding to Carmen

Klaire who has changed her name to Carmen spoke with a strange person on the phone to report her new affair to the person. At the resort, Tania kept teasing Jane. Tania tried to wake Jane up to reality, reminding her that it had been two years since Alfred d!ed.

She advised Jane to open her heart for another men. Since her friend was teasing her Jane had her eyes closed and had her hands covering her hears not to glisten or see Tania and what she was saying. Spotting Noah approaching, Tania screamed for Jane to open her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, Noah was there and he told her to escort him. MJ did not want to go but upon sober reflection, she accepted to go but told him not to call her MJ. Noah said he would call her MJ but now the meaning would not be Miss Jinx but My Joy (Ma Jorie).

Elijah spiced up his lóve for Carmen, and went to an extent to ask her to marry him. He put the ring on her finger. He did not want them to spend their lives apart and for the past months that they were together, Carmen brought him happiness. Carmen assured that the feelings was mutual.

Noah sent MJ out to reveal to her that he would no longer shut his eyes and heart to the world but would open her heart for new opportunities. He would want to cherish the memories of Shayne and make new memories with Jane.

They drew closer to K¡ss but having the stale reflections of Alfred on her eyes and how he was smitten by Klaire, she held herself aback and fled. At home she told her mother about it. Rose urged her to give herself a chance to lôve again. Later, Jane went to search for Noah and after he failed to open the door, she barged in to find him having convulsion.

She rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said it was his habits. He was addicted to taken pain k!llers and he has been rushed there on several occasions for overdose. The doctor said he was lucky to have her there to rush him to the hospital.

As the doctor was telling her about Noah’s addiction, Jane recalled the first time she bumped into him, how he was keen in demanding for the drugs since he as run out of it, he needed it before he ends his life.

Soon, Noah was discharged. He was depressed and told Jane that she should have allowed him to d!e. Jane said she would not be able to do that since he meant a lot to her. She promised to help him through it so he should not give up on himself, she knew he would overcome it.

Rose did not like it that Jane was going after Noah due to his situation. Jane reminded Rose that she was the one who told her not to judge him and should be there for him. Rose said his family should be there for him not her. Jane indicated that his family abandoned him so she wouldn’t be able to let him waste his life.

She reminded her mother that Noah saved him so it would be prudent if she stood by his side, besides the guy was a good person. When she went to work, she went to Noah’s room to force him to get rid of his sleeping pills. After Noah lied that he was not taken the drugs, Jane was able to make him get the sleeping pills from under his mattress and took it away.

Noah cried that he wouldn’t be able to live without it but Jane said he should try. While Noah cried out loud that she shouldn’t do that to him since that drugs help him to control himself, Jane said the drugs was rather controlling him so he had to let go for him to control his own life.

Without it, Noah said she would not like the Noah she would see but Jane assured that he could do it. She fled with the pills and he continued crying. Jane told Tania about a different Noah he saw who was like a baby holding his toy that he did not want to let go. She was scared of what Noah might do to himself and was afraid that her mother’s hunch might be right that she wouldn’t be able to change him.

Jane called doctor Juan to check Noah and he said it was good that Jane had taken the initiative to help him get over his life without the pills. The doctor suggested for a rehabilitation centre for him and they concluded that they could make the room that facility and since he trusted Jane, he would get through it.

Dr Juan assured to help Jane to take care of him by monitoring his progress and give him the necessary medication for him to be better. He, however, warned that the coming days wouldn’t be easy for Noah, so Jane should brace herself up. Jane nursed him throughout the days. He made progress and when he was getting better, Jane at home told Rose about it. Rose believed she was only feeling pity for him.

The next day, Carmen spoke with the mysterious person and told the person that Elijah wanted to marry her before she changed her mind and he even left to see his brother. Jane went to see Noah but he was not there. She was scared that he has hurt himself.

Jane heaved a sigh of relief when she found him at the beach. She told him how scared she was when she did not find him in his room. Noah was glad to have her by his side and promised to do everything to ensure his speedy recovery. He said for months now he had been able to live without abusing drugs and she was the reason.

Later, at the beach of the resort, Elijah came there to find Noah sober. Noah was surprised to see his brother. Elijah got Noah’s location from Dr Juan and was surprised to see his brother’s change of attitude. He smelt his juice and there was no drugs in it.

Noah said he was on the verge of recovery and he would not have achieved that without MJ. He showed MJ’s pictures to Elijah. Elijah invited him to his wedding and told him to tag along MJ so that she would meet his wife to be, Carmen.

Noah asked him if he was sure about it, he was scared that his mother would not like it. He even asked his brother about his leg from an accident in the past. Elijah assured that he was fine and everything was in the past so he should forget about it and grace his occasion since he was his only brother, he wanted him to be the best man of his wedding.

When Elijah came home, he told his mother, Sarah about the progress Noah had made. Sarah did not want to build her hopes high with her son since anytime she hears that Noah was recovering but did not make any progress, her hopes just dashed out. Elijah said this time around Noah was on his way to recovery and a girl is involved.

Sarah was surprised to hear he has a new girlfriend and wondered why Elijah invited him to the wedding while Noah abandoned them after Shayne’s deàth to abuse pills or drink. She even reminded Elijah of how Noah was careless to make Elijah have an accident that affected his legs.

Elijah said it was all in the past, Carmen arrived in the scene and was glad to know that his brother was getting better due to MJ and was curious to see that girl. Sarah stormed out since she was upset that Elijah was bringing Noah back to the family. Carmen assured Elijah that she would send Sarah to the spa the next day to make her understand him.

Elsewhere, Jane told Tania about Noah’s proposal but she was not ready even when she was also feeling same way for Noah. Rose who was eavesdropping got upset with Jane that she did not learn her lesson from Alfred’s situation. She now wanted to carry on with an addict.

Jane explained to his mother that she knew everything about Noah, his weakness his mother and brother, though she had not meant them in person but with all his weaknesses, she l0ved him. Rose asked if Noah would also accept her past with Alfred. From indication, Noah has opened up to her but she has not.

It was three months and Noah was okay. He has fully recovered and taken all his medication. He was jogging at the beach when he bumped into MJ. He told her that he now wanted to start his life as an architect and work with clients so he would leave the resort which was his rehabilitation to get a room for himself. Jane was surprised to hear he was an architect.

He thanked MJ for her help, nursing her for the past three months to overcome all those hard moment to bring his life to normalcy without him depending on drugs. He was grateful to her since his family even abandoned him, lost hope in him and was left to his own fate. He said he accomplished all that due to MJ.

“MJ I love you!”

Noah attempted to k!ss her and she held back, recalling what her mother said. She made excuses that she had to clock in and said sorry to him. Noah said they should meet that evening but she claimed she would do overnight and rushed out with her bicycle. Noah then said another time.


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