Article 247 Episode 7

Article 247 Episode 7 Jane has a frantic nightmare about Klaire after she and Noah begin dating, Sarah reflects on the reason she abandoned Noah

Jane saw the ròmàntic surprise and she followed to take the cards. Noah proposed to her, only for her to cry since she was haunted by her past. She tried to come clean to talk about her past.

She told Noah that someone d!ed because of her but Noah did not care since they earlier told themselves that they would not blame themselves for things that happened in their past. They k!$$ed and vowed among themselves to be together to overcome their past.

Carmen was able to convince Sarah to allo Noah grace age and Elijah’s wedding so Sarah told Elijah about her new decision and told her son to thank Carmen. After hearing the news of the relationship of her friend, Tania screamed out in merriment. Finally Jane was dating but Jane tried to stop her.

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Jane told Tania that Noah did not yet know the detail account of her past. Noah arrived with his car and Tania kept screaming. Noah offered to alight Jane home in order to meet her mother. In the house, Rose was in pains due to her leg. She had been overworking, after Pinky received a call from Carmen’s assistant to order for more wax for the Bellege Saloon Rose jumped around with Pinky.

Pinky was shocked that her leg pains suddenly disappeared. While jubilating, Jane arrived. She told Jane about the mass orders Pinky-Rose has gotten and hugged her. She set her eyes on Noah and asked Noah what he was doing there. Jane told her that she and Noah were dating now but Rose was cold so Jane pleaded with Noah to leave so that she could talk to her mother.

Before leaving, Noah told Rose that her daughter never gave up on him so he would also not give up on her. When he left, Jane queried her mother why she treated Noah that way. She told her mother that she told Noah about her past and he did not care and only cared about her present. Rose told her that she was only seeking for her betterment.

Jane went to Noah’s room to see him, when they hugged, she realised Noah was bleeding from the back. She lifted her eyes and saw that Klaire stàbbed Noah and attacked her too. She screamed and woke up to discover that it was a nightmare. Her screams woke her mother who ran to her daughter to check on her.

Jane narrated her dream to her but her mother advised her to forget about Klaire, she was gone. The next day, Jane went to see Noah at the resort. She saw him talking business over the phone. Noah told her the good news that he already has a client. She told him that her mother wanted to meet him once again and they planned for a dinner.

Noah forgot that he already had dinner date with his family. However, he scheduled himself well to blend the two. Noah sent Jane home and once they arrived, he gave Rose her a bouquet. Rose accepted him and he promised to be better in order to gain her trust and also prove to her that he was the right man for Jane.

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Rose had lots of orders so Noah offered to help them. Jane showed concern about Noah helping due to his dinner with his family. Noah said he still had lots of time so he helped with the packaging and also helped to deliver the wax to Bellege Salon before going to meet his family for the dinner.

Jane told him not to worry about her, she would go home by herself. The worker at the salon told Jane that since she was the daughter of Rose, she would make her talk with her madam, Carmen but she did not see Carmen so Jane hit the road to go home.

She was almost knocked down once again and saw the person who was alighted as Klaire so she followed, only for her to run to a wrong person.

During the dinner, Sarah confronted Noah for how his addiction which resulted in his brother, Elijah’s leg accident. Elijah tried to stop her mother since that was in the past but Sarah kept tormenting Noah with his past deeds. Noah requested for a chance but Sarah did not want to build her hopes high.

Elijah insisted that from the looks of Noah, he has changed. Sarah told him that she heard he was dating and asked whether the girl’s mother knew he was an addict. Noah said the girl’s mother knew and has given him chance unlike his own mother who never cared about him. Sarah insisted that she cared for him.

Noah talked back at Sarah and the woman threw her drink on his face. The actions of Sarah compelled Noah to leave early without seeing Carmen. After Noah left, Elijah threatened Sarah that she would lose him if Noah did not attend his wedding.

Jane went home to tell her mother about her fears as she saw Klaire. Rose believed she was being paranoid and was traumatised since she started a new relationship and felt that what happened to Alfred might happen again.

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Jane started a research on Klaire and her mother said she was looking for means to be paranoid. Jane discovered that Klaire had an accident so Rose said she would not be bothered anymore, besides, she now has Noah to protect her.

Sarah while looking at a family portrait recalled how Noah was escaping from them when they wanted to send him to rehabilitation centre at the time Shayne passed away. Elijah tried to stop him from driving in that state but he wouldn’t which made him accidentally knocked the legs of Elijah. Sarah kept crying by the horrific incident which almost took Elijah away from her.

Noah and Jane walked at the beach and he told Jane that his mother has always been fond of Elijah when they were kids. He was closer to his father but one day his dad and mom had an argument and he packed out from the house. Soon, the family received news that his dad had a heart attack and d!ed in the process.

Noah said he could not blame his mother for her act but she should not have given up on her so easily. He only wanted her to give him chance to prove himself yet his mother was not ready for that. Elijah got there and saw the two so he invited MJ and Noah to his engagement. He told his brother, Noah that he was his best man and he should not give any excuses.

Fast forward, Jane dressed up for the occasion while Carmen told Elijah how curious she was in meeting MJ, the lady who transformed Noah.


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