Article 247 Episode 8

Article 247 Episode 8 Sarah officially introduces herself to MJ, Carmen orders Julian to eliminate Jane after their encounter on her wedding day

Noah dressed up and while he was entering his car, he called Jane to pick her up. His girlfriend told him to take the lead, she would follow later. She explained that she was helping her mother since they have lots of orders.

Noah arrived and Elijah introduced him to his wife to be. Later, Jane arrived and also had a call from Tania who told her that her mother had a heart attack and could not breath. Noah abandoned his brother’s programme to rush with Jane to the hospital.

The doctor said Rose had a panic attack and it was due to stress. Jane shed tears and was glad that her mother survived the attack. Carmen’s parents arrived from France to meet Sarah. Sarah wondered why her family only met Carmen’s parents during her engagement. She also asked from where Carmen came from to be in Batangas.

The questions got on the nerve of Elijah and did not understand what his mother was insinuating or driving at. Since her mother was fine, Jane and Noah returned to the party. After the couple addressed the gathering that they met that year and were in a rush to marry since Elijah claimed he could not live without Carmen, they had a toast to celebrate the couple.

Carmen saw her supposed parents off and reminded them of the wedding which they had to attend. Jane and Noah arrived at the party and Jane was told by Elijah that Carmen was seeing her parents off. Jane then decided to use the washroom so she left Noah with his family.

On Jane’s way to the washroom, she bumped into Carmen but she did not know that her target was that person she bumped into. Noah talked with Sarah, as usual their conversation always turned out to be bitter with lots of blames. Noah told his mother point blankly that she only had one son and that was Elijah but Sarah said it was not true, she cared for both.

However, Elijah had been a good son to her that was why she cared more about him while Noah had done nothing but giving her problems. Noah knew it was time to leave otherwise the joyous celebration might be mered

In the washroom, Jane heard a voice that was like Klaire and was curious to know the face behind the voice. Hearing someone has opened the door, Carmen quickly fled so Jane ran after her but couldn’t find her.

She bumped into Noah who said they should leave much to Jane’s surprise. She asked whether it was about his mother. Elijah got there and asked why Noah was leaving so early. Since, he knew it was about his mother, he allowed him to go but Jane asked Elijah if there was a guest called Klaire present at the party.

Elijah said no, perhaps she could be Carmen’s guest. Elijah and Sarah had a misunderstanding over Noah, so Carmen talked to Sarah to get along with Noah to excite Elijah.

Back at the resort, Jane told Tania about hearing Klaire’s voice. Tania believed Jane was experiencing trauma due to fear of falling in lòve. Jane hoped so because the voice was exactly like Klaire. She also said she did not get the chance to meet Carmen since Noah wanted them to leave. However, she saw Noah’s mother from afar and she was looking like a witch.

Talking of witch, Sarah showed up at the resort to talk to Jane. She formally introduced herself to Jane as Noah’s mother. She heard Jane was the one who saved her son from his addiction and wanted to thank her. She narrated that when Noah’s father passed away, Noah distanced himself from them and Shayne got him to be closer to them again.

However, once Shayne d!ed Noah became addicted. Before she could go any further, Noah got there and went to talk to her at the reception. Noah knew her favourite son made her come to talk to him. Sarah said she wanted to get along with him but for the meantime they could be civil for Elijah.

Elsewhere, Carmen kept on with her good lady attitude and told Elijah that she was done with lists of the guests she was inviting. Since she opted for a simple wedding, she wanted limited guests.

Noah gave Jane a gift as they prepared for the wedding. They lodged into their hotel. As they were at the reception, Noah asked Jane about her dream wedding and she said she wanted something simple and the reception would be at the resort where they would have bonfire. Someone came to fetch for Noah since Elijah needed him, a worker at the hotel sent the luggages of Noah and Jane inside the hotel room.

Jane went out for a fresh air and spotted Klaire who was smoking in solitude. Klaire also saw her and she fled. Jane ran after her but Klaire managed to lose her. Klaire bumped into her assistant and sent her to the room to dress her. Jane saw Noah and she told him that she saw Klaire. Earlier she thought she was imagining things but now she confirmed it.

Carmen couldn’t breathe and her stylist asked her if there was a problem and she indicated that she saw a ghost of her past. She excused them and locked herself up in a different to make a call to her accomplice but he was not picking.

Noah asked Jane who Klaire was and she said she did not know how to tell him but he hoped Klaire was not a threat to the life of Jane. Noah had a call it was his brother. Elijah needed Noah so he told her to dress up and he would come for her later.

Carmen was still not over the trauma of seeing Jane. Elijah heard that Carmen has locked herself up and he went to see her. He asked her whether she wanted them to postpone their wedding but she said not necessarily she was just nervous and was scared that things did not go as planned.

Elijah understood her fears but assured that nothing would happen. He was sure about his decision to marry her.

“I want the entire world to see the woman I am going to marry.”

In her hotel room, Jane called her mother to inform her that she saw Klaire and she doubted if it was her imagination. Noah knocked the door and she went to open him. She told Noah that she was okay and Noah told her to dress.

Carmen was assisted by her stylist to put on her gown. While dressed up, she told Julian on the phone to search for Jane otherwise she might ruin her wedding.


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