Article 247 Episode 9

Article 247 Episode 9 Carmen suggests to Julian they escape with the 1million Borromeo necklace, Jane exposes Carmen as imposter during her wedding

Carmen was still in foul mood but the news Sarah came to give her made her happy. She brought the legacy necklace and told her that after the wedding, she would come for it. Sarah went to tell Elijah that she has already given Carmen the expensive family necklace for the occasion.

Elijah believed his bride was already looking beautiful and told Noah to walk him to the alter. Seeing Jane at the event, Carmen was upset that Jane was the one. She got upset with her helpers and was desperate, clinging to the belief that Jane would ruin her moment.

She mustered courage and walked to exchange her vows. Covered with veil, she reasoned that Jane would not be able to ruin her moment and watched her. Jane couldn’t believe her eyes that Carmen was Klaire.

“Oh my goodness! Carmen is Klaire?”

Meanwhile, Pinky and Rose went to Bellege Salon and the assistant of Carmen sent them in to give message as bonus. In there, Rose saw the picture of the woman who ruined her daughter’s life and Pinky that the portrait hanging there was Klaire. The assistant came to inform them that the lady was Carmen and was the owner of the spa.

Rose could not get that out of her mind so Pinky tried to convince her that Carmen and Klaire might be twins. Rose doubted and now understood what Jane had been saying. At the wedding, Jane did not feel at ease and kept having reflections of how Klaire stàbbed Alfred so she walked out.

“Don’t you dare speak up to ruin my wedding!” Carmen said in her mind.

“I will destroy your face if you dare.”

She felt happy seeing Jane heading out.

Noah followed Jane to ask of her problem and she said Klaire. She was the one Elijah was marrying, Noah asked about who Klaire was in the past to her. Upon hesitation out of fear, she finally said Klaire ruined her life, she was a bad person.

She explained that she and Klaire fought over a guy. Noah thought since they have different names they could be different and believed she was imagining things. Jane said she looked through her eyes and it was Klaire.

Noah doubted so he told her to go to the reception to get to know Carmen better. Julian went there to be with his l0ve and they thought of means to get Jane out of Carmen’s back. Carmen said she already the necklace and it worth 1million so they could even run away with that. Julian refused, saying they could get more so their plans were still in motion.

Carmen heard Elijah’s voice, Julian hid while she also pretended to make a call. When Elijah got there, she claimed she was talking to her parents. The reception began and various dignitaries, including those who had special post in the wedding were honoured.

Julian gave a specific drink to a waiter and paid him to give it to Jane. After Jane was served, Noah accidentally knocked it down when he was called to deliver a speech. That did not deter the waiter. Even when Jane was just requesting for water, he gave him that wine.

Jane got high and told Noah that she would dance. While Noah was dancing with her and Carmen was also dancing with Elijah, Carmen told Elijah that she would return back. Elijah requested to dance with MJ so Noah left her with him.

Carmen went to meet her lõver and asked him the exact thing he gave to Jane. He showed her the bottle and she understood why Jane was high. She was still scared that Jane might blow her cover and questioned Julian why he did not give her sleeping tablet instead. Julian said it was urgent so that was the only thing he could come up with.

As both were smoking, Noah stumbled on them. Carmen asked what he was doing there and he said he came out for fresh air. Carmen introduced Julian to him as Cristobal, her cousin. Jane asked Elijah question on where he met Carmen and he said Baguio and she came to Batangas to set up a business there.

Jane kept asking questions and Elijah saw it as interrogation. Noah arrived with Carmen and introduced her to MJ. Carmen was hugging her when Jane lost it and slapped her with the truth that she ain’t Carmen but Klaire. This caused a scandal and she fell off. Carmen indicated that MJ has had a lot to drink so Noah sent her to their hotel room.

Once she woke up, Noah told her what she did and she said sorry. Her head was hurting and did not know why she acted in the manner she did. Noah said it was okay, his mother, Elijah and Carmen were all worried about her.


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