Article 247 Finale Episode 30

Article 247 Finale Episode 30 Klaire and Julian d!e while under run, Jane and Noah expect their first child after their surprise wedding a year ago

As Klaire and Jane cast their spirit to fight in winning victory for their respective cause right in the sea, Noah and the rest were also trying hard to untie themselves. When Jane was beating and dipping the head of Klaire inside the sea, Julian showed up and pointed his guñ at Jane .

Jane thought Julian was actually deàd but it turned out that he survived and even visited Klaire in disguise as a health practitioner at the hospital. That was the time that Klaire was also pretending to be in coma. He showed himself to her and told her that he did not d!e when Jane knocked him with the car.

He urged Klaire to continue pretending to be in coma while he also takes time to fully recover to take their revenge on the Borromeos when the right time presents itself. After recalling how he survived, Julian compelled Jane to remove the legacy necklace and put it around neck of Klaire.

The two culprits marched Jane forward to the tree where they had tied the rest of their relatives. Jane asked Klaire and Julian their intention, Klaire teased her emotionally. They tied her as well to the wood. Klaire said the necklace was for her and Jane did not deserve to wear such an expensive ornament.

Sarah said Klaire was the cheap person in the entire world. Klaire disciplined the old woman and told her how she got on her nerve. She indicated that she and Jane were the same and she wished she had burnt her to deàth during her birthday. As Jigs and the guests were waiting impatiently, the police finally arrived to find that their boat had left them to the Island.

The police joined the pieces together to realise the suspect was at the Island and called a coast guard to prepare a boat for him. Klaire kept torturing Jane and her family. She snatched a lighter from Julian to make an attempt to burn the hair of Sarah but Jane intervened and Klaire decided to burn her instead.

Rose warned her not to lay a finger on her daughter so she burnt part of Sarah’s hair and Noah who had managed to untie himself attacked her to save Rose. Julian hit him and Klaire gave the master blow for Noah to fall unconscious. Julian told Klaire they should leave before they were caught. Klaire then threw the lighter on the dried leaves to get the place burnt in order to burn the Ortegas and the Borromeos along with Tania.

Jane screamed out Noah’s name to regain consciousness. As he was untying Jane, the police finally arrived at the Island to help to untie them all before they all get burnt. The police saw a certain boat from afar and Jane took their telescope, only to discover that Klaire and Julian were the one escaping. She alerted the police and they went after the fugitives.

Jane and Noah also went after them while Tania and the two mothers were sent to safety. The police ambushed them, Klaire was surprised to have seen Jane alive while she believed she has burnt her into ashes. Jane declared that she did not d!e and survived so Klaire would pay. She told Klaire that she was there for the legacy necklace so she should return.

Julian surrendered, Klaire pulled a fast one on them and held Jane as hostage after she was able to snatch the guñ of one of the policemen and shōt him to run with Jane. While Julian was driving, Klaire threatened to k!ll Jane and Jane fought along with her and managed to open the car door to jump out from the moving vehicle.

Noah who was tailing them with his car went to Jane’s aid. The police had also called for back up and they ambushed the car and shōt the car till the fugitives crushed to deàth and the car exploded.

Jane was with her mother at the hospital, when it was announced in the news that Klaire and Julian were deàd. Her mother woke up and she told her that Klaire was finally deàd. Rose said Klaire got what she deserved. Sarah and Noah arrived there and Sarah said the path was now cleared for them to marry.

Jane said she no longer want an expensive wedding and the Pinata regulata, the legacy necklace. She wanted something simple so Sarah urged them to marry. It was the launch of La View resort and MJ saw her friend, Tania in a gown and was surprised. She also saw Jigs all dressed up and wondered if they were about to use the occasion to marry that evening.

Tania gave Jane her a bouquet and told her that it was for her. Jane wondered what was going on, saying she had told them she did not want any bridal shower. Tania told her to walk forward. Jane was asking her a question but she saw that Tania and Jigs were no where to be found.

As she walked forward, she stumbled on Sarah who put on her neck, the Pintata regulata. She told Jane that the necklace was always meant for her and looked good in it. Tania put on her the Vail and was sent to the surprised wedding.

Jane and Noah exchanged vows. Noah said
that night he was standing here in front of the girl who was the source of his ending happiness and lōve and would always be by her. Jane also declared that he would always be the last man she would ever lōve. Noah promised to protect her and she promised to lōve him. The officiator pronounced them as husband and wife.

Noah prepared a breakfast for his wife as she was carrying Baby lemon. The news broke that a man had k!lled his wife after catching her in bed with another man. The man wanted to use Article 247 to back his act but the law was repealed one year ago after the authorities realised Klaire Almazan was using it to dupe men and victimising them.

Jane was happy as she discussed with Noah how happy she was that the law Article 247 of the revised penal code which gives the accused a sentence of destierro and banishment was scrapped out. Later Rose and Sarah arrived there and the couple went to meet their respective in-laws since they were exchanging words out of merriment.

Tania also arrived with balloons and Jane realised Noah had informed the family about her pregnancy which she was in her second week of the trimester. Rose brough cup cake and Sarah brought fruits for Jane to eat. Sarah claimed the cupcakes were not good for her health but the fruits were the best for pregnant women.

The two mothers fought over the name, as Sarah wanted the child to be called Sarah, Rose also wanted the child to be called Rose. Since he wanted to resolve the issue, Noah said the child would be called Sarah Rose but Rose didn’t like that Sarah’s name had to be first. As the family rushed inside the house, Noah said sorry to Jane for informing the family about her pregnancy. He said he was so happy that was why.

Jane then told Noah that if the child was a boy, she would name him Elijah. Noah said he liked that and the couple k!ssed as they reaffirmed their lōve for eachother. They then went in to fix the problem that Noah created.

                                                  The END


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