Article 247 Highlights Episode 21-25

Article 247 Highlights Episode 21-25 Elijah dies after discovering the truth about his wife, Carmen is found guilty of murder and to face a penalty of reclusiõn perpetua

Jane and Elijah begin their respective investigation into the whole scandalous video which marred the engagement of Noah and Jane. Jane discovers from the worker who sent her to the lobby that she is sent there at exactly 11:15.

That means she is sent there five minutes after she and Elijah were leaving the beach. Carmen arrives there to fight her and when her family appear, she plays the victim. Noah fails to give ear to the explanations MJ was giving so Jane makes a second attempt to go to El Cielo in order to talk to Noah on what she discovered.

Noah fails to believe her. Sarah who appears in the scene announces to the workers that Jane is banned from the resort. As Jane and Tania get hold on the original video, they go to the length of seeking expert knowledge to find answers to how the video ended up in the manner which it was shown.

They are driven by shock when they discovered that everything in the blockbuster strike was edited. Elsewhere, Noah sees Carmen and Julian together. He becomes so suspicious of them especially after finding out that Carmen has a guπ. He hires a private investigator to delve into the relationship of the two.

To his dismay, the investigation establishes his wife as an impostor who is using a different identity but her rightful name is Klaire Almazan. She is working in cohort with a law student Christopher who is sacked from school over fake identity.

The man in question is Julian and Carmen is Klaire who years ago sailed in the wings of article 247 after murdering her husband and faking her own deàth. Hearing this revelation, Elijah first confronts Carmen and did not hesitate to run to MJ to inform her that everything she said about his wife is true.

She is Klaire and she is working with Julian to trick wealthy men to deprive them of their wealth after k!lling them. Unknown to him, Carmen follows him to the Ortegas. Since she did not want her cover to blow up, Klaire is left with no choice than to point guπ at them.

She compelled them to get nàkëd to make sweet lõve. After they got nàkëd, Jane tries to fight back and Carmen pulls the trigger. Elijah tries to salvage the situation but the bullet ends straight into his rib. Meanwhile, Tania has revealed the truth behind the scandalous video to Sarah and Noah so the latter rush to the house of the Ortegas.

Due to the sounds of guπ the neighbours heard, they hold Noah aback. Jane who is in her bikini tries to flee, Carman catches her at a tight corner and almost puts her face in the wax which is on fire. Jane manages to flee herself and she gets hold on the guπ to point at Carmen.

Rose and Pinky arrive and Noah rushes in to the house to find the two. The police arrive together with Rose and they arrested Jane instead. Carmen blames Jane for the condition of Elijah. The police refuses to believe in Jane’s statement so Rose has to get the attorney to bail out Jane.

Carmen uses the opportunity to tarnish Jane’s name for the Borromeos to despise her yet the more. As Julian advises Klaire not to take chances and should k!ll Elijah before their hard work goes down to drain, Noah begins to doubt Carmen after his brother pointing at her and Jane’s words which all geared towards making him see the light.

Jane tells her attorney everything about Carmen and shows her picture to prove that she is Klaire. The attorney iss shocked since his earlier investigation proves her to be deàd. Elijah begins to move and Carmen runs since he was trying to say something.

As Jane arrives to question Carmen on the files Elijah obtains from his investigation proving her as Klaire, they see doctors rushing into Elijah’s ward. Carmen jumps around in merry making since Elijah is dying. Jane rushes to the ward and Elijah is pronounced deàd.

Carmen tries to fake tears and wishing to see her husband. Unknown to her, Noah has obtained evidence that she murdered Elijah. As she denies the whole thing, Noah shows her evidence he obtained from Elijah before his deàth.

A flashback shows that Elijah is fighting to say something, Noah figures out that he wants to write and gives him a pen and paper. He writes that Carmen is Klaire and a k!ller so Elijah takes a tape of his brother and presently orders the police to arrest her. Sarah appears in the scene to see what has happened and beats Carmen for k!lling her son.

Fast forward, the case is forwarded to court. Carmen plots to prove her innocence to everyone, trying to make it seems like Jane feeds Elijah’s head with lies concerning her identity. However, Sarah is hellbent on making her rot in jail and will not make Alfred’s case resurfaces again.

In so doing, she surprises Carmen with the presence of Helen and her self acclaimed parents. Carmen can’t run away from her real identity as Klaire. Sarah, Helen and Rose equalise her evil deeds by slapping her in the court room.

She finally admits that she shõt Elijah and it is in pursuant with Article 247 since she caught her husband having an intercourse with Jane.
This statement is contrary to the one she told the police when she made Jane spends days in the cell.

Through medical examination, it is proven that Jane never had sëx and the court establishes that Carmen stages the whole scandal to get away with her crime and wealth of the deceased. She is therefore found guilty and faces the penalty of reclusiõn perpetua.

The Borromeos heave a sigh of relief as they believe Elijah’s soul will now rest in perfect peace. What will happen to Julian after his money bag ends up in jail? What future does Noah and Jane have together? Kindly Subscribe for our daily update.


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