Artificial nail fix causes lung cancer—experts warn

Artificial nail fix causes lung cancer—experts warn

Fashion in the country has taken different twists as the new revolution is not only about covering pretty legs with mini skirt, thigh-length-gown, body revealing trouser and fixing of wig cup.

The new evolution is about acrylics or artificial nails.

Some women believe fixing artificial nails make them look glamorous and exquisite, thus they hardly flaunt with their natural nails.

While some may think of fake nails as just manicure style, others see acrylics as both an outlet for self-expression and a way to pay homage to their looks.

However, the new freak came from the western world, where celebrities use acrylics to create  hottest trends.

Janet Jackson arguably popularised the pierced nail look after wearing acrylics with hoops in each nail in the visuals for her 1998 hit track dubbed “What is gonna be.”

Research found that before the ’90s, fake nails were part of black women’s aesthetic culture.

As far back as 3000 BC, Egyptian women were believed to have worn artificial nails extensions made of ivory and bone.

Those of royal descent, like Queen Nefertiti, were also known to paint their finger and toenails red, symbolising their high status in society.

The side effects of artificial nails are something you may want to consider seriously before engaging manicurist in the art and science of these two severely synthetic nail treatments.

Most nail salons in the country as observed by Spot On News  are using poisonous and illegal substance called Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), an ingredient  found in liquid monomers in their nail adhesives.

This substance among other things can cause serious damage to the lungs as well as permanent damage to natural nails.

It causes severe allergic reactions, permanent loss of sensation in the fingertips, deformities and respiratory problems with eye, nose and throat irritation.

The chemicals used to apply acrylic nails are unhealthy and included resins and formaldehyde, which cause cancer.

Exposure to these chemicals through your nails over a long period of time can result in complete nail loss by destruction of the nail matrix.

Also, an artificial and natural nail has a much stronger bond than the one between a real nail and nail bed.

If the nail rips from the nail bed, that gap, or space, provides a rich, moist, warm environment for bacteria and fungi to grow.

Prolonged time on the nail allows infections to worsen, with acrylics, the opposite – drying out of natural oils – can occur, which can cause damage and splitting.

Rigidly adhered acrylics may also lead to serious nail breaks, infection and loss of the natural nail.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) classifies MMA as “a poisonous and deleterious substance” and has deemed it unsuitable for salon use.

Despite the warning many salon visited by still use it to enhance nails of their clients to meet modern trend.


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