Ayawaso west parliamentary debate: Dumelo walked out on debaters over MP's insult

Ayawaso west parliamentary debate: Dumelo walked out on debaters over MP’s insult

Ayawaso west parliamentary debate: Dumelo walked out on debaters over MP’s insult

Actor cum politician, John Dumelo almost walked out from a constituency debate organised by TV3 for the Parliamentary candidates of the Ayawaso West Wuogon on Friday in Accra over what he termed as “insult.”

According to him, the Member of Parliament (MP) of the area, Lydia Alhassan used inappropriate words to describe his intentions about drainage desilting project which he earlier embarked on in the Constituency and was stopped by the MP.

To Mr Dumelo, the project was to help the Constituency in the fight to prevent flood during the raining season.

He stated that members in the Constituency were complaining of chocked drainage systems and offered to help for the betterment of the indigenes.

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Responding to a question by the interviewer on reasons she and her Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Ms Sandra Ahenkorah stopped Dumelo’s developmental project, Ms Alhassan said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary aspirant (John Dumelo) did not contact necessary authorities before embarking on the project.

She noted that Mr Dumelo did not exercise due diligence and acted over impulse which made them halt the development proceedings in the area.

However, Mr Dumelo got offended by the words used by the MP to describe him and demanded apology which Ms Alhassan failed to render.

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Per Mr Dumelo, Ms Alhassan in her speech suggested that he was “not reasonable” in his attempt to dredge the gutters in the constituency and did not follow due procedure.

According to him, Ms Alhassan stated that he did not think through thoroughly to follow the right channels before embarking on the gutter desilting project which made him feel insulted.

He got infuriated by the act of the MP especially failing to admit she was insulting him to render an apology, hence stood up to leave the debate but was subsequently persuaded and calmed by the moderators to stay and end the debate.

Spot On News gathered that Ms Alhassan made mockery of the young ambitious politician when he was walking out from the debate.

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