Betrayal (Halik) Episode 105

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 105 Paeng attempts to kill Jacky and Montecorp workers 

At Montecorp, Jacky was talking to one of the workers in her office when she saw Lino at the door. She went to hug him and he said he went to see Mauro in prison. Knowing the stress Jacky was going through after realising the crimes of Mauro, he assured her that he was there for her.

Jacky said sorry for not informing him about her problems. She explained that she did not want to add to his worries that was why she kept it from him.

She also said sorry for all the evil things Mauro did against his family. In Bartolome residence, the family gathered outside the house to play and take pictures with CJ.

Jade was standing at the back of their gate looking at them. Dolor felt sorry for CJ, irrespective of the love the family was showing, she claimed the l*ve of his mother could not be replaced but Fe said Jade was an exceptional mother. Maggie was of the view that CJ was better off without Jade and Dolor kept feeding CJ with his milk.

After Jacky escorted Lino, Paeng who was standing far watched her closely. It turned out that Paeng paid someone to go into Jacky’s unit.

Jacky went inside her unit to find her room scattered with a threat message on Mauro’s life, stressing Mauro would be killed.

The person also vandalised her things. Jacky was scared that something bad had happened to Mauro but Ken assured her that nothing had happened to him since he just visited him.

Lino also got there and calmed her, the police were involved in it. Jacky was told that they did not see how the person got to her condo but they saw from the footage that there was a man in mask snooping outside. Unknown to Jacky the person made away with the Montecorp keys.

The next day, Jacky searched everywhere for the keys and realised it was missing, which meant the person only went into her unit to vandalise things and steal the keys from her.

She quickly went to inform the workers to leave immediately. They asked for the reason and she said there would be fumigation exercise in there and urged them to hurry out.

Paeng planted a form of tear gas and pressed the button. The whole Company was consumed with smoke and the workers began to cough, feeling dizzy and got suffocated.

Paeng wanted to get back at Mauro by ruining Montecorp and also make Jacky suffocate to death. Lino got there and saved some of the workers. He searched for Jacky, but Jacky was inside, she found her best friend Ken suffocated and was passing out.

Jacky kept long in the room while calling for help. A worker went there to send Ken out. Jacky tried to take her bag from her office but got suffocated so she dazed off. Lino  saw Ken and the later pleaded with Lino to go to Jacky’s office to save her.

Already Lino had ordered the workers he saved to inform the police about the leaked gas. Once Paeng saw the presence of the police, he fled. Jacky, Ken together with the workers who were affected were sent to hospital for treatment.

Chary cried and prayed for the recovery of Ken, she asked Barry to take care of Ken while she informed the family of the patient about the incident. Barry felt scared that Ken might die and cried while asking him to wake up so that they could go to a nice place of their choice.

Jacky asked Lino to leave and take care of CJ but Lino refused especially when he knew Jacky’s life was in danger. Dolor called to ask of Jacky after a news broke on television concerning the leaked gas at Montecorp.

Paeng and his wife celebrated, with Helen over rejoicing and congratulating Paeng for a mission accomplished. He said he would ruin Mauro and once they become successful sending Ace outside they would also follow him.

Jacky woke up to find Lino sleeping while taking care of her. Later she watched the CCTV footage and realised Paeng was the culprit. She charged the police to haunt him wherever he was hidden and also added a certain amount of money for anyone who would tip the police off about the whereabout of Paeng.

Soon, her doctor came to take care of her and asked her to relax. Lino asked her to follow the doctor’s advice and was also happy that she will be discharged the next day. Ken woke up and found Barry taking care of him.

Paeng however went out and bumped into someone. The person realised he was the wanted Corpuz and made noise in his attempt to call others to help him nab Paeng.

They ran after Paeng and he got hit by a moving jeepney. He struggled to get back on his feet before his pursuers reached him. Lino packed Jacky’s things, he then received a call informing him about Paeng’s hideout.

The police got to the hideout and instructed him to come out. Helen heard the knock and watched through a window.

Lino met Jade to invite her over to CJ’s baptism. She was happy and thanked Lino, adding that he was a good man. Lino said if it was for him he wouldn’t invite her but she was the mother of the child that was why he invited her.

He gave her the invite and Jade sent the invite to Ace, asking him to take advantage of the event and flee with CJ together with her. Ace was very happy. Jacky stayed in Chari’s house and Ken arrived.

Jacky asked for the update on the Corpuzes case. Ken pleaded that he did not want to be the bearer of bad news but Paeng and Helen escaped when the police raided their hideout.

Ace called Gio to help their parent for them to flee. Unknown to Ace, Gio had his own plan to make his parents pay for the crimes they committed.

The police who were keeping an eye on the Corpuzes mansion which was under surveillance had a call and left. Helen who was spying the police went inside the building, once the police left.

Later, she saw someone descending down the stairs in the room, thinking it was one of the police men who were surveying their house, she hit the person with a piece of wood.

The person fell and it turned out that it was Paeng. He later woke up and asked what happened. Helen told him that she hit him thinking he was a police officer.

Both realised from eachother that they returned to the building just to get the rest of their money. Helen said she was hungry and Paeng left to buy food for them.

Gio who had been trying to reach his mother and Paeng bumped into him. They went inside the house and couldn’t meet Helen.

Gio saw a letter written by Helen. He and Paeng read the letter. Helen said in the letter that they had reached a point that they had to go their separate ways, adding that she had taken her portion of the stolen money so Paeng could do same.

Paeng couldn’t believe that Helen had done that. He insisted Helen had run away with his money. Gio advised Paeng to turn himself in to face the charges against him since he could not be fugitive forever.

Paeng then admitted to Helen words that each one was for himself and packed his things.


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