Betrayal (Halik) Episode 11 Monte Corp suffers bad publicity over design theft

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 11

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 11 Monte Corp suffers bad publicity over design theft

“Wait Loida I know you are a good person but it is a waste since you chose to live in the shadow of that evil monster.”

Mauro descended down the stairs calling out Loida’s name. He asked her to be ready for them to leave.

Loida who was eating told him that he could not stop Jacky from asking about Gustin’s death. Mauro indicated that he thought they were through with that.

Loida said Gustin was killed in the fire which Mauro caused since he was trying to find his sketch book which Mauro stole but Mauro said it was not part of his nature to steal things which were not rightly his.

He said he paid for the designs and everything in the factory was his, Loida was his, Gabriel was his but Jacky was not his.

Mauro explained that there was no day he had claimed ownership of Jacky because she was something which is not his. Loida’s heart beat faster upon hearing that from Mauro.

At Dos Disanyo, Lino told the cops that he knew the person who vandalised his shop and he mentioned Mauro’s name.

Paeng called Mauro to inform him about how successful their plans went, saying now Lino would not be able to worry or expose them since he did not have any evidence.

Barry advised Lino not cross Mauro. He said Mauro destroyed everything they had worked hard for and should not provoke him further but Lino was determined to get back at Mauro.

Loida during lunch told Jacky that she was going to make everything right especially with the Bartolomes.

Dolor felt dizzy, her brother wanted to help her to get water but she said she could manage. As she was going for the water she fell. Loida came to her house and was standing outside with Fe but because Dolor fainted she could not talk. She helped them rush Dolor to the hospital in her car.

In the hospital, Dolor regained consciousness and Loida asked her for forgiveness. She said she was sorry for what they did against her family and she knew Gustin….Dolor interjected that she did not want them to talk about the past.

She said Mauro played part in Gustin’s death although he did not mean to kill Gustin.

Dolor further stated that Mauro’s harsh treatment crushed down their dream for their son, Lino as he stole the hardwork and claim ownership of works which belonged to Gustin. Loida said sorry and was about to leave but Dolor called her back.

“Wait Loida I know you are a good person but it is a waste since you chose to live in the shadow of that evil monster,” she said.

As Loida was leaving she recalled the words of Dolor.

Lino arrived and asked Maggie if Dolor was fine. Lino received a text from Loida that they should meet for an important discussion about Gustin.

Loida managed to get the sketch book from Mauro’s office. Although she was almost caught but she narrowly escaped.

She then met up with Lino. Lino said he would not have wanted to be with her but he was told that she saved Dolor.

Loida opened her bag and gave Lino the sketch book, saying she knew it would not bring Gustin back to life but hoped it would help in their condition.

Lino went to see his mother and told her that she met with Loida and she presented the sketchbook to him.

As she saw the book she was so happy and began to cry. She remembered Gustin. Lino said no matter what happened Mauro was unable to destroy the dreams of Gustin. His father still was held high.

He then told Dolor that he was sorry, stressing that he felt he could not do anything to help the family.

Dolor used the opportunity to end her feud with Lino. She embraced him and said he had always helped the family and the family was indebted to him so he should not say that again.

Ace went to Jade’s office and Jade was upset to see him. She told him that she had already warned him from getting close to her but Ace said sorry. He explained that he was there since someone needed a condo.

He introduced Joel to him and after Jade showed him everything he liked it.

Jacky was told that she was needed at the workshop as one of the machines broke down.

Joel said he wanted it, Jade became surprise and asked if he would not see it first but he said everything was perfect and he needed not to see it first.

As Jade went to facilitate the process for him to gain the place, Joel told Ace that he hoped he had money for the place since he would not help him with that one too. Ace asked him not to worry, he got it covered.

Lino finally got hold of the magazine which he had been waiting for all those time. He saw his publication and to his dismay he also saw Mauro in it with some designs of Gustin.

Lino said he had been suspecting that Mauro stole his father’s designs but he did not have prove but now he had one.

He went to ciss cross Mauro but his driver got in the way. He called Mauro a thief and said ruining their lives was not enough for him he also stole their designs.

Mauro indicated that he has heard enough of that so what was new, Lino took the sketch book and showed it to him that, that was new and he should consider that as warning.

Mauro was wondering how Lino got the sketch book and he recalled when he saw Loida at his office.

He rushed to the house and confronted Loida. Jacky saw Loida and Mauro in heated arguments so she intervened.

Jacky told Mauro that she was no longer scared of him. He strangled her and Loida got upset as she tried to seperate the two. She got upset that the two still could not get along.

She then ran to the washroom to cry. She said She did so many sacrifices in order to bring her family together but still her efforts was in vain. She crushed things and a glass broke. She then hurt herself by getting her palm cut with the glass.

As blood was oozing she then came to her senses and dropped the glass.

Lino gained an interview with an online media. He was earned the intended to answer questions on the ail treatment of Mauro towards his workers.

Jacky met Loida and saw her hand and she explained that she was cutting an apple and the knife slipped. Jacky told her to be careful next time.

Back to the interview, Lino answered a question on how Mauro treated Gustin and revealed that he stole design ideas of Gustin and never credited Gustin for the designs.

Lino showed his father’s sketchbook to the interviewer. After watching the sketch designs she said those designs were signature designs of Monte Corp.

Lino said yes but Gustin was the originator of those designs.

In that evening, Loida asked Jacky to be honest with her if she hated her for asking her to do everything that Mauro wanted.

Jacky indicated that she never hated her but was sorry that she became stubborn. Loida told her that from now onwards she wanted her to do everything she liked as everything she made Jacky do for Mauro did not satisfy him.

Loida said she was sick of it and did not want Jacky to end up like her. She asked Jacky to promise her not to live under the shadow of Mauro but should always act based on her own interest.

Paeng came in and told Mauro that he had a news that would make his headache worse.

He said the online reporter who wanted to scoop on him contacted Lino and published damage story about him (Mauro).

Paeng expressed worry that if they did not take care Monte Corp would collapse but Mauro said he would not allow that to happen and before that would happen they would have to kill him first. Paeng said that is the Mauro he knew.

Jacky visited Lino to say sorry for everything her family did against him. She said if she could turn back the hand of time she would make everything right to ensure he was happy.

Lino asked her not to blame herself for anything, saying it was not her fault. He also asked her for a favour that they would not ever meet again.

Loida wrote a letter, she kissed it and placed it on Mauro’s desk. She reached out for a gun in Mauro’s safe.

As he stood with the gun, a call came through and it was Jacky thanking her for making her see what was right from wrong and said she l^ved her so much and would not be able to live without her.

After the call, a gun shot was heard as the Montefalco’s mansion was shown.



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