Betrayal (Halik) Episode 12

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 12 Mauro kills Loida  

Now let me ask you this, how can a man with no heart and soul mourn? A man with no remorse!”

The police were in the Montefalco’s mansion to take the bullets scattered on the floor. Loida was also lying helplessly on the floor with blood oozing from her while a gun was in her hand.

The police found a letter and they brought it to Mauro that they saw it on a table downstairs so he should read to confirm if it was Loida’s hand writing. He confirmed that it was Loida’s hand writing.

Dolor dreamt that Loida told her everything was going to be fine and she said thank you to her.

Jacky arrived and asked Ace what happened and he said he would not be the one to tell her.

She ran to see her mom’s corpse by unzipping it just to confirm. She cried and when she saw Mauro she blamed him for the death of Loida.

Ace held her and told her that Loida committed suicide and he saw a suicide note. Jacky indicated that Loida would never kill herself.

At the hospital, Lino and Maggie got there and Dolor who woke up asked if they came to meet Loida.

Lino and Maggie were shocked to hear that, they said no, she was not there. She said she might have been dreaming but it was real that Loida was there and she even thanked her for everything.

She later said Loida was a good person but that could not be said about Mauro.

The police sent Mauro to the station to question him about the death of Loida. He said when he got home, he went for a drink but realised the house maids were not around so he climbed up stairs in search of his wife and found her on the floor.

Mauro cried and Ace told the police that Mauro was going through a hard time and since their investigations showed that Loida committed suicide they should allow Mauro to go.

The police said they were just following protocols and eventually allowed him to go and said sorry for his lost.

Ace went to console Jacky, she kept saying Loida would never kill herself since she knew how she needed her.

Jacky said her mom was the only parent who l^ved her and was sure Mauro had something to do with her death. Ace consoled her and told her he was with her.

Lino while driving heard the news about Loida’s death and almost had an accident.

Jacky went to ask Mauro why he did not want to have an autopsy done. He explained that he wanted to end everything that was going on, including the media.

Jacky insisted that they should conduct the autopsy since she believed Loida did not commit suicide so Mauro asked the people to carry on with the autopsy.

Lino got home and Jade saw how sad he was. She asked what was wrong with him and he said the woman who helped Dolor, Jade said Loida Montefalco and asked what had happened.

Lino went on to say that she died and according to report she killed herself.

Jacky began to query the maids about Loida. She asked if they noticed something unusual about her and they said she sent them out. Nanny said she sent her to buy Mauro’s favourite Vegetables and thought they were going to have family dinner.

Mauro after recalling his wife’s words that he would not own her body again descended down the steps and asked Jacky why she was questioning the maids.

He asked if she also believed the helpers had hand in Loida’s death.

At Dos Disanyo, Barry told Lino that he understood how he was affected by the death of Loida but he should not get close to the Montefalco’s family.

Lino felt sorry for Jacky as first she lost Gabriel and now her mother and said no one was on her side. Barry asked what he meant by that, has he forgotten that she had a husband.

“Although Ace might be unfaithful but he would be by his wife’s side,” he added.

The autopsy report indicated that Loida hand tested gun powder and aside the bullet wound on her chest she did not have any wound on her body to suggest she was forcefully shot by anyone.

Jacky cried and ran to her room. She read the note Loida wrote for her, telling her she should feel happy in her life and should always remember that she l^ved her.

In the bathhouse, Mauro recalled how he met Loida in the room with his gun on the bed telling him that she wanted to end her life but decided not to since she would not be the one to suffer the misdeeds of Mauro.

She said she would go far away from Mauro, adding  that she did not l^ve Mauro again.

Mauro followed her with his gun when she said she was leaving. He ordered her to say she l^ved him but she said she did not and from now onwards she would not act upon his orders, since he did not own her body and heart again.

He got upset and shot her. He cried while having his bath. In the next morning, Ace was telling the workers to carry out a delivery order.

Paeng showed Ace the news about Lino’s interview and said Lino had told the media they stole his father’s designs. Ace said the news would not go anywhere since they had already proven their credibility.

Paeng asked then why their business partners were calling for a meeting concerning the bad publicity. He told Lino to talk to the legal team to get the issue fixed.

Barry came to show Lino about the news and said just now that the article was published it  had gained 500 shares. He said there were other media houses which wanted to interview Lino.

A call came in and he told Lino to pick. It was Ace who arranged for him to meet him. Lino went with Barry.

Ace introduced him to his legal team and Lino also introduced to them his business partner, Barry.

Ace told Lino that he had in his possession a stolen sketchbook and he said Loida presented to him.

Ace indicated that the sketchbook did not belong to Loida for her to present it to him so technically he had in his possession a stolen item and Mr Montefalco was pressing charges against him.

Barry asked if it was a kind of joke, he said since it was about a legal issue they would present their lawyer and asked Lino that they should leave.

Ace pleaded with them that they should solve it amicably. He called for a private talk. He told Lino that all that Mr Montefalco wanted was for him to retract his statement since he was going through a lot after the death of Loida.

Ace asked Lino to have some compassion but Lino said if he did not know Mr Montefalco he would have believed what Ace was saying.

“Now let me ask you this, how can a man with no heart and soul mourn? A man with no remorse!”

“I suggest you go back to your house right now, your wife needs you not out here fixing the problem of your company with me,” Lino added and left with Barry.

Mauro paid the man who carried out the autopsy. Dolor was finally discharged and was surprised that Loida settled their bills.

She said Lino should drop by the church with her for her to hold a mass for Loida. She asked of Jacky and Lino said he had not heard from her.

At home, Dolor spoke with Lino that she knew he was avoiding Jacky but she would not have peace if she did not extend her condolences. She gave Lino a letter for him to deliver it to Jacky.

Lino said Jacky would feel happy about it. Jade was coming and when she heard the conversation she hid to listen to them.

Dolor kept on, she said she knew the joy and happiness Jacky once brought to Lino’s life when she was part of the family. Lino promised to deliver the letter.

Later, Jade asked Lino why Dolor was crying and he said she was not crying. She asked about Jacky and he said Dolor wanted to extend her sympathy. Jade said she did not know Jacky was so close to Dolor.

Jade was feeling jealous and told her friend, Tet about it the next day. Her friend told her to let go since Jacky lost her mom.

Jade said she learnt that Jacky and Lino met at Bali and was scared that something happened between them.

She said she heard they had that perfect l^ve story like the ones in the fairy tale. Tet said fairy tale did not exist and Jacky was Lino’s past while Jade was his present and future. She also believed that Jacky might be married by now.

Lino went to see Chari and gave her the letter, she delivered it to a maid at Jacky’s place. The maid saw Jacky asleep so she placed the letter down.

Helen who saw Chari with the maid sneaked in to go for the letter. She presented the letter to Ace. Helen asked Ace to read the letter, stressing that after what Dolor did to Monte Corp she had the nerve to send Jacky a sympathy letter.

Paeng indicated that the issue with the Bartolomes was becoming personal and asked Ace that he had already told him to take care of them. Ace said he had been busy with the company and the funeral preparation of Loida so Paeng decided to take care of the Bartolomes by himself.

Jade asked Lino how Jacky was, and he said he did not meet her since he rather have the letter to Chari, a friend of Jacky to be delivered to her. He said the way his family was sad he would want to take them out on a vacation and asked Jade to bring Tet along if she wanted.

Paeng called his goons and they vandalised Tailor swift, a shop for Dolor.

Ed got down and the goons stoned him. He shouted for help so Lino and the rest of the family came out. Ed said the goons broke in.


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