Betrayal (Halik) Episode 13

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 13 Mauro tries to buy Lino to drop his allegations

“Give that back to your boss, tell them that no amount could ever be enough for stealing my father’s dignity.”

At the funeral, People came to console Jacky, Attorney Ken and Chari hugged her and said sorry for her lost.

At the Bartolomes, the neighbours said they did not see anyone breaking in. Dolor said it was quite clear they were terrorising them.

Mauro told his friend that they would no longer burry Loida at Cebu but in Manila. Jacky overhead it and talked with Mauro. She said Loida wanted to be buried next to Gabriel and her grandparents.

Jacky then asked why was he in a hurry to burry Loida or he has something that he was not telling them.

Mauro got upset and said he did not want any autopsy done but Jacky demanded so he did and now this?

He left, Ace stopped Jacky and said not now. She told Ace to talk to Mauro for him to burry Loida in Cebu otherwise she might cause a scandal. Ace said he could not promise anything but would try to talk to Mauro.

Chari and Ken calmed her down, when Ace went, Chari told her that could it be that the Bartolomes said something in the letter that made her think Mauro was hiding something.

Jacky asked which letter, Chari explained that Lino presented a letter to her written by Dolor to express their condolences since their presence there could cause a scandal, she (Chari) delivered the letter and gave it to Nanny.

Ken said it might be intercepted and would not be good for Jacky if Ace read it but Chari said it would be nothing if Ace read it since they were only extending their sympathy.

Scene at Bartolome’s mansion

“Are you still thinking about what happened earlier. Next time Lino if you have some purest of intentions don’t send anything to them anymore because sometimes those good intentions can cause thorns of problems.”

“Just try and avoid them Lino, I know that you feel sorry for your ex girlfriend,” Jade said when lying in bed with Lino.


Jacky asked Ace if he had been able to talk to Mauro and he answered that Mauro’s mind was already made up and after cremation Loida would be buried in Manila.

Jacky did not accept it she ended up having misunderstanding with Ace.

At Dos Disanyo, Barry and Lino were talking, Jacky go there but she stood far. Paeng’s goons shot video of them.

Paeng then showed it to Mauro saying although Jacky did not get closer but she might be up to something since he did not understand why she would go to Dos Disanyo.

Mauro asked if he had already showed it to Ace and he said no but he would so that Ace could do something about it.

He then said what if it was nothing related to roman¢e.

“Don’t you think your step daughter is scheming to bring your business down,” Paeng added.

“Even though i did not receive the letter, but I feel you and mom Dolor’s sympathy,” Jacky said while turning back home.

“I just can’t believe I raised that traitor in my own house hold,” Mauro indicated.

“Change your approach with Jacky she had been stubborn ever since and more so now. Now that her mother is gone. She knows a lot about Monte Corp and she will use that against you, ” Paeng advised Mauro.

“So what are you suggesting?” Mauro interjected.

“Well, i suggest you play your cards very well. Play along for now. First it was the autopsy, next burial. Let Loida’s remains be buried in Cebu just to shut her up,” Paeng suggested.

At the Bartolome mansion, Jade was applying pomade after bathing and she heard a beep. Ace sent Jade a message that he had friends who would like to invest in condos so she should drop by tomorrow.

Lino returned from the bath house and said the heat was unbearable. He heard Jade’s phone beeping but Jade said he should go and dress up while she replied to the text since it was related to work.

The next day, Ace also received a text from Jade thanking him for the referral. Seeing Jade’s text, Ace excused himself and told Jacky that he received a text from work so he had to make some phone calls.

At that time Jacky was receiving the cremation information about Loida.

Ace called Jade and she said the meeting with the person went well. Ace said he knew other people who he could hook her up.

As they were talking someone came in and told Jade that she and Lino were having quality time on phone as Jade’s gestures said it all.

Jade was scared and asked her for how long she had been standing there and she said not for long but she witnessed how sweet she sounded while talking to Lino.

She said she brought something for Dolor but Jade took it and said she would deliver it by herself.

She then told the lady that her hair was looking more smoother and beautiful just to get her to go. The lady felt so happy and left, Jade said that was so close.

Jacky got her mother buried next to Gabriel, she cried and wished her farewell, saying she missed her. Ace came in to tell her that their flight would leave in an hour time.

Jacky asked to remain in Cebu for a while since she felt so good and had better memories there.

Ace said he would talk to Mauro so that they remained there but Jacky said he should go with them since they needed him at work due to the challenges Monte Corp was facing.

Ace told Paeng about Jacky’s intentions to remain in Cebu and he said it was better since that would help Ace to focus at work.

He added that he spoke to their lawyers and they said they received a letter from Philippines chamber of furniture manufacturers and according to them, if Lino did not drop his allegations they would remove Monte Corp from their list.

Ace said he would address it. They left for Manila. Lino planned a fan fair for the family and due to their recent attack he postponed the family outing to invest the money into CCTV. Lino already arranged with some people to guard his family to protect them but Dolor saw the act as too much.

The next morning he surprised his mother with some swimming pool fun he organised to entertain the family.

However, Dolor was still worried about Jacky and recalled the days they had similar outing together with Jacky at Cebu.

Lino received a text and met Ken. He pleaded with Lino to drop the allegations against Monte Corp. Lino told Ken that he needed justice and Ken gave him a cheque but Lino said he did not do that for money and returned the cheque of 6million.

“Give that back to your boss, tell them that no amount could ever be enough for stealing my father’s dignity,” Lino fumes.

“Lino may be your  emotions is getting the better of you,” Ken asked him to reconsider since the amount is huge, adding that if he did not need it his family would need it.

“Mauro Montefalco is good for nothing scam and so is Ace,” Barry found the act as an insult.

Lino said he would hold on to the cheque as an evidence of bribe.

Jade and Ace had a date and they discussed their marital problems. She said she needed privacy but she shared the place she was living with her husband’s family.

Ace indicated that she needed the best and if it was him he would have given her some privacy by getting her their own mansion since Jade deserved it.

Jade bemoaned that she wanted to give her husband a baby but she could not since they did not own their own house.

Lino texted Jade and Ace dropped her off. He showed her the cheque but Jade made him realise that they were wasting a chance for them to acquire their dream house.

Lino said by taking the money meant that he would  have to retract his words against Mauro which would make him look like a liar and eventually would ruin Dos Disanyo’s public image.

Jade said she knew that Lino would not accept the money but would support any decision he makes.

“Barry and I had a huge project and we will  make lots of money,” Lino said in order for Jade to trust the process.


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