Betrayal (Halik) Episode 14

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 14 Jacky begins search for her biological father

“You know your dad is very charming and easy to talk to but, unfortunately, that is all I know about him. He suddenly disappeared.”

Paeng asked Ace what Lino said and he said Lino told the lawyers that he could not be bought but Ace asked Paeng not to worry since Lino did not have resources to engage in legal battle with them.

Paeng plotted evil against the Bartolomes, his goons broke into the Bartolomes mansion. The police petrol team chased them and they fled in their car.

The guards said sorry to the Bartolomes for their inability to catch the goons who tried to burn their house. Dolor was certain that the Montefalco was behind the attack.

After planning to meet with Paeng, Mauro fainted and was rushed to the hospital. He was told that his BP was low. He was advisedĀ  by the doctor to cut down his alcohol intake.

Jade asked Lino where he had been and he said he was speaking with a lawyer. Jade said he should end it there since there was no where he would be able to win the Montefalcos. She advised him to take the money and end the issue but Lino refused.

In Cebu, Jacky saw the picture of Robert, her biological father. She recalled when she asked Loida about Robert and she told her to forget about him since Mauro forgave her for what she did and took Jacky and raised her as a Montefalco.

At Dos Disanyos, Lino and Barry met a lawyer, Barry said the Montefalcos’ were intimidating Lino. The attorney indicated that with the resources of the Montefalcos they could win the case. Lino was enraged and left.

Jacky spoke with Chari about her intentions to find her biological father. Although Chari advised her not to as he could be worse than Mauro, Jacky said he was the only parent she was left with and if she did not find him she wouldn’t know his real nature.

Lino tailed Ace and crossed him. He punched Ace but Barry got down to seperate the fight. Lino warned Ace that if he kept sending his goons to his house he would beat him to make a cripple out of him.

Barry advised Lino not to allow his anger get the best of him. He asked him what if Ace file a case against him, he told him not to stress the issue further.

Paeng wondered why Ace would allow Lino to beat him up. Ace said he caught the blind side of him and promised to retaliate but Paeng advised him not to since Lino might be gathering evidence against them.

Lino said sorry to Barry for his action, Barry told him about a business which the meeting would be in Cebu. He said he could not leave his family at the moment.

Jade told him to leave for Cebu since the petrol men were all over the house. Jade kept nagging and Lino said it was all about the money he did not take.

Lino further stated that he wanted to find the case he could file against the Montefalcos, and also secure the lives of the family and wanted his wife to support him but Jade was doing otherwise.

Jade said after their vacation all that she has done was to support him. Jacky went to the old carpentry shop of the Montefalco in Cebu.

She found some old pictures and wondered if Mr Gustin knew her father.

Ace at the office gave orders to Ken to release a statement to react to the Bartolomes allegations.

At Dos Disanyos, the workers were working hard to meet a deadline.

Dolor called Lino for dinner. Lino informed Dolor that he would be gone to Cebu for a while but was worried that Dolor might miss her therapy and was also worried that the goons would also return to attack the family but Fer said she was there to ensure that Dolor did not skip her therapy and for the goons, there were petrol men all over the house.

As Jade was laying the bed Lino said sorry to her. They settled their differences and got intimate but Jacky ruined their moment by calling Lino at the night. Lino failed to pick, Jade got jealous and insisted that Link should pick but he did not.

Jacky felt sad and advised herself in order not to feel bad for Lino’s inability to receive her calls.

Chari was still worried about Jacky over her intentions to find her dad. Ken said he did not understand why Chari hated Robert. He asked what if the Robert guy was better than Mauro.

Mauro burnt his chairs, he told Paeng that through Gustin Loida met Robert and blamed Gustin for destroying his relationship with his wife. Paeng advised Mauro not to dwell in the past since Gustin and Robert were all gone.

Chari arrived in Cebu and met Jacky sleeping. Chari woke Jacky up and the later was surprised to see her. She showed her the pictures of Robert which she found in Gustin’s things. She believed Gustin knew Robert.

Chari interjected that but Gustin was dead. Jacky said she would search everywhere in Cebu to find Robert.

Lino was waiting for Barry and he finally arrived for them to leave for Cebu.

At Monte Corp, as they were thinking about means to deal with the scandalous article with Ace saying they would file a case against the online portal and Lino, Mauro arrived and brought a sketchbook, saying what the Bartolomes were having was fake and since they could not compete with the Monte Corp, they resulted in tarnishing their image.

“I am assuring you there isĀ  nothing to worry about I will personally take care of this,” he said.

“Now that is Mauro Montefalco,” Paeng congratulated him.

Jacky drove around Cebu to ask Loida’s friends. Lino’s car passed theirs and he saw Chari, Chari also saw him.

Jacky visited Loida’s friend and asked of Robert, she asked the surname but Jacky did not know so she showed her his picture.

The woman said she knew him and he was a friend to Gustin. She said he was a business man who was looking for a partner and Gustin introduced him to Mauro.

“You know your dad is very charming and easy to talk to but unfortunately that is all I know about him. He suddenly disappeared,” she added.

Jacky asked who else knew Robert and she said Dolor and Lino. After he arrived in Cebu, Lino called his workers and asked about things there, he asked if they needed something and they said “yes”, they needed snacks.

Barry said he was done with the presentation. He later escorted Lino to the cemetery for him to lay wreath on Gustin’s grave.

Barry had a call so Lino took the lead and he saw Jacky and Chari there at the cemetery next his father’s grave.


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