Betrayal (Halik) Episode 16

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 16

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 16 Ace’s revenge on Lino begins 

“Jade I can’t, it is too special for me to forget, I can’t get you out of my mind. I can’t even say goodbye.”

Lino after seeing Jacky said she was safe now and promised never to leave her as she has gotten him by her side.

They ran and the rapists caught them, there a fight erupt. Meanwhile Jade left the office to pick up Lino at the airport but her car broke down.

After hearing a police sirens the rapists fled. Lino carried Jacky since she was hurt.

However, Dolor was worried since Maggie could not reach Lino. Jacky thanked Lino for taking that huge risk to save her.

She was certain that no matter what happened Ken and Chari would never leave her, for Ace she confirmed he was understanding husband but did not get her intentions. At times Ace was consumed with the belief that Mauro was enough for her while he knew Mauro never treated her as a daughter.

Jade was frustrated since it was raining and needed help to fix her car. She tried reaching Lino for several times but the call did not go through.

Not knowing what to do, she enlisted Ace’s help. Lino after everything tried reaching Jade but the call did not go through. He entreated the driver to drive faster.

Ace wanted to drop Jade in the house but she was upset and never wanted to be in the house. Ace said she definitely had to change since she might catch a code.

Ken thanked Barry for his help and said sorry to him for all the trouble. Barry indicated that his worry was about Lino. He explained that Lino was supposed to be in the house and his wife had been calling him several times.

Barry added that the incident would definitely create a problem between Lino and his wife and pleaded with Jacky to make that her last time to ask for Lino’s help.

At the airport, Lino could not get a flight to Manila. He pleaded for them to assist him in the means they could since he booked an earlier flight and could not make it.

The lady told him to wait if she could get any flight that would come up for him otherwise he might have to go to Manila the next day.

Lino tried several times to reach Jade but to no avail. Jade, however, arrived in a hotel with Ace and he told Jade to go in and change before she catch a code. He then decided to leave but Jade called him up that he should also come in and change since he could also catch a code.

Ace smiled, knowing Jade has finally fallen into his trap. In the room, he ordered for food and drinks while Jade was also changing herself.

Ace drugged the drink of Jade and when Jade returned they had dinner together. Ace had taken the drug from his friend as an assistant to get Jade to himself.

His friend said it was funny that Ace had stooped so low to get a woman with a drug. Ace said Jade was making it hard for him since she was a married woman.

The drug began to work. Jade felt dizzy and Ace sent her to bed. They got intimate and Ace had series of $3× with Jade.

After she came to her senses, she stood and ran away from the hotel while crying.

Once she left, Ace took a certain chip and said he had killed two birds with one stone. He said if Lino knew he was a step getting close to his wife he would have changed his tactics since that would be his revenge to bring Lino down.

He recalled all his encounter with Lino and how determined he was to avenge him by using his wife.

Jade got home and as she was sneaking in, Dolor saw her and asked of Lino but she lied that she slept at the office since she waited for him to get a text once he arrived at the airport from Cebu but he did not.

Ace inserted the chip in his laptop and it was revealed that he shot video of his affair with Jade and transported it unto a drive.

Jade cried all day and blamed Lino for what happened between Ace and her. Lino came home and explained, while he was about to k!$$ Jade she slapped him for standing her.

She told Lino that he did not know what she went through. Lino asked about what she went through but could not tell him and asked him to go back to his mistress.

Lino stated that he had no other lady than her and would always l^ve her.

Meanwhile, Ken thought after everything that had happened Jacky would leave to Manila but she was determined to remain in Cebu to find Robert, her biological father.

Ken spoke with her to make her see reason why she had to leave Cebu, saying she might lose her husband if she kept pursuing other agenda.

She then decided to leave Cebu. Jade told Dolor that she would send her to have a therapy. Lino also stated that he would join. Jade received a text from Ace that he would be at her house.

Jade then excused Dolor and Lino, saying she wanted to use the washroom. She called Ace and asked him why he was doing that. He said he was almost at her house but she said she was not in the house.

Ace told her that he wanted them to talk about what happened between them last night but Jade told him to brush it off.

“Jade I can’t, it is too special for me to forget, I can’t get you out of my mind. I can’t even say goodbye.”

“Ace whatever you are thinking and feeling right now will eventually go away.”

“No, it won’t, Jade it is more than that and you know it. How long will you lie to yourself,” Ace queried.

Lino knocked the door and asked if Jade was okay and she said she would be out in a bit. After the call ended Ace smiled. Jade came out and said she had a stomach ache.

Lino asked who she was talking to and she said it was a client. At the hospital Dolor noticed that Jade was troubled but Lino said he would find out what it was eating Jade up.

Dolor then asked of Jacky and Lino said she was unable to find her dad, even she ran into trouble in the process of finding her father.

Ace celebrated in the club together with his friend but was unhappy that Jacky would soon return. He believed what he was having with Jade just started and the appearance of Jacky would ruin his plans. His friend was stunned to hear that from Ace.


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