Betrayal (Halik) Episode 17

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 17 Jade deepens her relationship with Ace

“Come on Jade I don’t think you can resist me, don’t fight it.”

Maggie began working and her boss, Gio thought her how to make burger. He asked if the workers were in a relationship but none said yes.

He said the making of burger was like a relationship it did not have to be perfect as long as you are happy that should be it. As he was helping Maggie to do it she was fascinated by her boss.

At the hospital, Lino told Jade that he heard she slept at the office. Jade interjected that where else did she sleep, stressing that she did not want to remember since her back was still hurting and was glad that Marissa was with her.

Lino brought Dolor home and she told Lino to send his wife out. Jade did not want to go but Lino said it was just a date with his wife.

They went to a restaurant and Jade never felt like eating. Lino tried to entertain her, telling her the restaurant was the place they first met when it was raining but all that Jade was recalling was her previous outing with Ace in a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Ace told his friend about his $3×capes with Jade, how they had their first round on the bed, later on a sofa then the bathhouse and told his friend that all was on the drive.

He asked Ace why did he record and he said it was  a backup file.

“Who knows I might show it to Lino some day.”

Colleagues of Maggie began to tease her about how she was crushing on Gio. She said Gio was also interested in her since he chose her among the three of them to teach her how to make burger.

Later she was proven wrong as Gio experimented with another colleague of hers.

Jade at the restaurant said she was feeling hot and did not even touch her signature food.

She later complained of flies so Lino went to turn the fun towards Jade’s direction. Jade then brought the topic of Jacky and said Jacky forced herself to people and would not allow her to snatch Lino otherwise she would beat her, adding that what is hers is hers. Lino told her to drop the issue and Jade said they should go home.

Jacky returned from Cebu, Ace asked her whether she saw her dad and she said her efforts proved futile.

Ace then scolded Jacky for her action and indicated that he hoped now Jacky would stop that search.

In bed, Lino and Jade had a bed conversation as the emotions got intense she remembered her previous night with Ace. She called it off and told Lino that she was tired and was not in the mood.

The next day, Jade met Ted to update her on her night with Ace and she blamed Lino for it.

Jade said Lino was with his ex at a place they had history together so Ted asked if she was claiming Lino was cheating. She added that Jade had already told her that Lino was faithful but she said all men were the same.

Ted indicated that Jade was just making up excuses to cover up her guilt. Jade got upset that Ted was taking Lino’s side.

Meanwhile, Lino told Barry that Jade was really upset with him and it was all Barry’s fault.

Barry said sorry and told him Jade was his wife and he knew the right spot to hit that would turn away her furiousness.

However, Lino told him that this time around it would not be easy since he had not seen Jade behaving that way towards him before.

At work, Marisa came to tell Jade that a client was waiting for her. Once she saw Ace she said he was not a client and did not want to go but Ace got to her.

She then faked that he was a client and began showing him rooms.

“Come on Jade I don’t think you can resist me, don’t fight it.”

Ace made advances on Jade and a client, Pinky went to see it. Pinky could not stop watching them.

Ace told Jade to agree to meet him that night before leaving her work place and she accepted.

Lino had a meeting with his lawyer concerning the pending case with with Mauro. The lawyer told him that Mauro would do everything to buy people out to win the case but Lino said he would ensure he won the case since he was speaking the truth.

The lawyer also promised his support to him.

As she made plans to meet Ace, Lino came for Jade. She was surprised to see him.Marissa got there and Lino wanted to thank her for sleeping the office with Jade but Jade brushed it off and dragged him to the car.

In the restaurant Lino told her that he was able to close a deal at Cebu. Jade said so he would be going to work in Cebu and he said Barry would be in charge of that.

Jade gave him the go ahead but Lino said he knew she was still mad at him since after he returned Jade had not been able to have eye contact with him and asked her to tell him if something was bothering her.

Jade said nothing and told Lino that she had other things doing at the office and should drop her for her to continue her work.

Jacky met with Ken and Chari and told them that Ace was giving him a cold shoulder.

Ken told her that she was acting that way because she was feeling guilty since she met Lino.

Jacky said there was nothing between her and Lino, besides he was faithful to his wife and she would also never do that to her husband too.

She said she could tell Lino’s wife was jealous and wanted to talk to her and also be her friend but her friends interjected that she should erase that thought from her head.

Jacky decided to get home early to prepare dinner for Ace. Lino on the other hand kept texting Jade apologising and asking her not to get mad at him. Barry asked him to give Jade a space.

He believed that Jade herself would come around but Lino said married couple did not get upset with each other for long. Barry left Lino at the office.

However, Ace who had waited all night for Jade made his mind to leave but bumped into her on his way so they went back to sit. He gave her a wine and Jade said it was bitter.

Ace said that is what happened with a first taste but it is better after another sip.

“What if I don’t taste it ever again?”

“Then you are missing a lot,” Ace told Jade that he knew she was scared and he was also scared too.

“I have never felt this way before it is like I am going crazy ever since that night. All I could ever think about is you.”

Ken decided to drop Chari at the office and they asked Jacky if Ace would pick her up.

Jacky called Ace but his line did not go through. She then called Nicky and she said Ace left the office the moment Jacky left.

Ace and Jade had another $3×ual encounter that night.


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