Betrayal (Halik) Episode 19

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 19

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 19 20,000 million lawsuit: Jacky throws her support for Lino 

“I don’t want to share my things with others. I once thought l^ve can take me from sadness and poverty but what did it bring me?”

Ace followed Jade and said sorry but she said she was done. Ace requested for one more chance.

When Jade’s car arrived she ordered the car to leave. Jade was jealous that Ace had to be with his wife before getting to her.
“And I am here with you because you are so special,” Ace tried convincing Jade but she indicated that she was fighting with her conscience and did not want to go any further.
She stopped another car and left. She came to meet Lino home sleeping. She came to sit next to him and promised to stay away from Ace.
As she was about to k!$$ him, Lino’s phone beeped and she took the phone and read the message.
“Can I talk to you?” After realising the message was from Jacky, she imagined that Lino was cheating on her.
Jade then went to meet Ace to continue from where they left, I mean they had $3×. After which Ace dropped her closer to her house.
“Montecorp is demanding from us 20,000 million for all the clients they lost from the article,” Lino sounded astonished after she was told by his law about the legal action Mauro had taken against him.
Barry said they did not have such an amount so they had to calculate their steps otherwise they might lose everything they had worked for.
Lino asked him to calm down, as he would do everything to ensure they won the case against Mauro.
As they were talking, Lino was told that he had a visitor. Lo and behold, it was Jacky and she told Lino that:
“Ken told me about the damages that Montecorp was demanding from Dos Disanyo and I am ready to support you in this lawsuit.”
She explained to Lino that the suit was far from the article. Lino did not understand so she went further to state that the suit was a personal attack simply because Mauro thought Robert was introduced to Loida by Gustin and wanted to vent his anger on them.
Maggie seek permission from Gio to leave after working overtime. Gio asked how would she get home and she said she would take jeepney.
Gio offered to drive her home since it was late but she chose to go alone.
Elsewhere, Bob’s friend needed money and he wanted to give him half of what Lino gave him but he said it was not enough so he wanted to steal to make the money.
They saw Maggie and planned to steal her phone. Bob decided to get the phone for his friend but Maggie caught him and hit him. She later took a jeepney and left.
Lino talked to Dolor about Robert and she finally revealed the truth to Lino. She said sorry for keeping the truth from him, adding that she knew Robert but later he disappeared from the thin air.
Even his family were clueless about his disappearance so Gustin believed Mauro had something to do with his sudden disappearance.
Lino asked her why she kept the truth and she said she was scared and said sorry but Lino said they should rather apologise to Jacky, adding that Jacky had the right to know the truth. Fe’s friend cried that her brother’s wife cheated on him.
Lino came to meet the scene, he then asked Fe about Jade and she said Jade left early.
The next day at work, Maggie told her friends about her last night experience. Gio learnt about what happened to Maggie and said his workers’ safety was paramount to him so none would work overnight.
Lino and Dolor went to a restaurant. He went out to wait for Jacky, as he was standing, Marisa saw him and called Jade to ask her where her husband was and she said he might probably be at his office but Marisa said her intuition served her right because Lino was not at the office but Infront of a certain restaurant.
Jade asked whether he was there with someone and Marisa said as at the moment no one yet but she was sure he was waiting for someone since that was how her husband behaved when he started cheating on her.
“Confirmed Jade, confirmed your husband is cheating on you with another woman.”
Jade then asked her to send her the location of where they were.
Lino told Jacky and Dolor that he would wait outside to give them privacy. Jacky thought Lino was upset but Dolor explained to her that she requested to talk to her alone, that was why Lino excused them.
Ace was told that Jacky got all her meetings cancelled and left the office without telling them where she was going.
Dolor said Robert was a good person but his only crime was to fall in love with a married woman.
Jacky asked whether it was true that he abandoned Loida when she was pregnant and she said it was not true.
Dolor explained that on the contrary Robert was glad to hear that Loida and him were expecting a child so he decided to meet a cousin, Arturo Santamaria, to search for a place to elope with Loida but he suddenly disappeared and believed Mauro had a hand in it.
She apologised for not telling Jacky the truth since her family shut her mouth but Jacky stated that she should rather say sorry since she had to keep a secret to keep their family.
They later went out from the restaurant and Dolor asked Lino to escort Jacky to her car to ensure her safety.
As they did, Jacky said she really appreciate what Dolor did for her. Jade and Marisa appeared and when Jacky was given Lino a goodbye peck, Jade called Lino and grabbed Jacky by her hair.
She attacked Jacky as Jacky tried to defend herself, Lino held Jade to stop her but she would not she pushed Jacky and she fell on the ground.
“This is a married man and you chose to be with him?” Jade spewed. Lino went to help Jacky up and Jade slapped him for choosing Jacky over her and threatened to pack out.
Jacky when dropped, thought about the incident and realised she had seen that face before. She recalled that Jade was the lady who approached Ace at the club to inform him that she gave out condos and gave Ace her card.
She told Chari about it and Chari wondered how that flirt would hurt Jacky. Learning that she was the flirt who approached Ace at the club she said:
“I now understand what my grandmother said a thief hates her fellow thief.”
Jacky blamed herself but Chari told her to let it go since it was not her fault.
“I don’t want to share my things with others. I once thought l^ve can take me from sadness and poverty but what did it bring me?”
Jade cried as she went into the Bartolomes mansion for her belongings.
Marisa tried talking to Jade for her to rescind on her decision but She told Marisa to get the car ready.
Fe tried stopping Jade from leaving, she pushed Fe and she broke her leg.
As the car was moving, Lino came to stop Jade but Jade kept insisting that Lino was cheating and she believed he would not have married her if she was not pregnant.
She admitted of being ambitious, jealous and unsecured, adding, that should not have given Lino the right to get back to his ex girlfriend when he went to Bali and Cebu.
Lino asked why she believed he cheated since he did not give him any reason to think that.
He said all his life what he had done was for her and his family since he made a promise to his father that he would secure the life of his mother and Maggie.
Lino said if Jade did not appreciate his efforts and still believed he cheated then she could go ahead and leave.
Jade went back into the car and asked Marisa to drive her away.

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