Betrayal (Halik) Episode 23

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 23 Lino exposes Mauro’s deep secret 

“I know it is wrong but being with you is right. I can make you happy Jade, I can make you happy.”

The self acclaimed Robert pleaded with Mauro not to hurt him after the later with his goons captured him to torture him for escaping.

Mauro asked if Jacky returned and he said he was able to convince her for her not to return, stressing that she did not want to see her father again.

“What a liar, he thinks I don’t know what is going on,” Mauro spewed as he made the goons sent his victim inside the house.

As they arrived at the Bartolomes mansion, Jacky thanked Dolor for helping her. Dolor invited her over to eat upon hesitation she later agreed to join Dolor for dinner when she told her that Lino would stay longer at work.

To their dismay, Lino and Maggie arrived during dinner and Maggie ran to give Jacky a hug.

Jacky wanted to leave when she saw Lino but the family stopped her from going.

Lino asked if they were able to meet Robert. Dolor asked him how he got to know. She then added that it might have been Fe who had told him.

“You know Aunty Fe right, keeping her mouth shut will drive her crazy,” Lino smiled.

Meanwhile, Marissa gave a condo selling deal that Ace gave to her to Jade, saying Ace promised 50 per cent share if it was sold.

Jacky went home and told Ace that Helen came to the office the other time and sent her to a coffee restaurant owned by Paeng’s mistress which she paid her to leave Paeng.

In the next day, Marissa informed Ace that she gave the deal to Jade since she (Marissa) was busy with other clients. She told Ace that Jade wanted to see the condo so Ace called his secretary to reschedule or his meetings just to meet Jade.

Lino kept overworking to de-stress himself from Jade’s issue. Barry told Pinky that Lino was obsessed with work and advised him to give himself a rest.

Jade who said she did not have a good dress to wear to meet Ace finally went to the condo with Ace.

Jade asked him who the condo was for and so happy to see a beautiful condo. Ace told her that she bought it for someone dear to his heart but the person did not want to believe in him.

“Yes Jade I bought this place for you, because you are so special to me.”

Ace tried convincing Jade to get back to him but she said Ace lied to her. Ace apologised, saying she could call it a lie for not revealing the truth but he was scared to lose her.

“Jade I need you if you agree I will prove myself to you.”

Ace tried to get int!mate with her although she tried to resist him. She gave in as she was dying to steal k!$$es from Ace meanwhile Ace was melting to lick the lip of Jade.

Lino went to Robert’s apartment and the supposed Robert fled while he ran after him. The other accomplice also saw them and he ran after them.

Jade later resisted, she took her bag and attempted to run but Ace caught her and kept convincing her.

Jade indicated that what they were doing was wrong and he asked her why. He held her hand and fling her finger in the air and asked whether it was because of that ring that was why she was insisting what they were doing was wrong.

He further stated that he knew Jade was not happy the reason she agreed to meet him since he was the one who could make her happy.

“I know it is wrong but being with you is right. I can make you happy Jade, I can make you happy.” Jade then fled.

Meanwhile, Lino caught the supposed Robert Oliver and he pleaded with Lino to help him escape from his pursuers.

Lino promised to help him under a condition for him to reveal the truth and he accepted.

Mauro and Paeng kept on scheming against Lino and Jacky.

The Face behind the Disfigured Face

“I was instructed by someone to pretend to be Robert Oliver. I honestly did not want to do it but it was the only way for me to save my family so please tell Jacky to forget about Robert Oliver.”

“Who told you to do it? If you want me to help you then you have to talk,” Lino asked.

“Ben Seropon is my real name. I used to be the driver of the Montefalcos.”

“One day I was tempted to steal from Sir Mauro. I really thought I would die when he caught me. Mauro threatened to come for me after he told me to keep the money.”

And so… that day finally came, ‘Pay Back Time.’ I never thought that this will happen to me and my family. He took my family from me and disfigured my face so that Jacky will not recognise me.”

My mistake is… i made a deal with the devil,” the victim narrated.

“You are monster Mauro Montefalco. You are going to pay for all your crimes,” Lino breathed hard.

As Jacky was headingto a meeting, Lino called her and scheduled to meet her to talk to her about Robert.

Meanwhile, Helen paid someone to investigate more about Lino to know his intentions with her daughter in-law.

Jacky met Lino and he broke the news about Robert. He said the man was an imposter who was paid to do that.

He mentioned his name as Ben, adding that Mauro was behind it. He made Ben posed off as Robert to keep his family safe.

“Now he is asking for my help.”

On the other hand, Jade was regretting her actions but Marissa kept feeding her head with bunch of trash. She said she wanted Jade to come out as a happy person so that she would not be lonely as she (Marissa) was when her husband dumped her for his ex.

Jacky insisted on meeting the impostor. Later, Lino revealed to Dolor about the story behind Robert and Dolor got upset that Mauro could do such a thing.

In that evening, the family of the corpuz and Montefalcos had a get together. Jacky presence was needed outside so Ace went to the kitchen to call her.

She revealed to Ace that Mauro fed her head with lies.

“So you are choosing to believe in this Robert or Ben over your own dad even when you don’t have a proof. Come on Jacky what if he is just saying that against dad.”

“Ace you don’t know my dad better than I know. Dad is capable of doing it,” she cried.

Meanwhile Mauro was eavesdropping. After getting to know Jacky wanted to meet the impostor he left.

Ace left Jacky to have dinner with the family but she later joined them to serve them with the desert.

Jade on her bed began thinking about Ace. She thought of how he grabbed her lips and gasping to lick and suck her tongue.

With her finger on her lips she felt Ace’s presence and began to smile about what happened between them during their earlier encounter.


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