Betrayal (Halik) Episode 26

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 26 Ace calls of his trip with Jacky just to spend time with Jade 

Jacky, Ken and Chari were in their favourite restaurant having breakfast. Jacky felt that Ace was cheating on her and found it hard to voice it out to him.

Chari advised her to ask Ace about it. Jade broke the bad news to Marissa that Ace failed to show up during their first night.

“Ace doesn’t have a right to treat you this way. Try to remind Ace that he should prioritise you than his pathetic boring wife,” Marissa advised.

“Bestie how I’m I supposed to do that?”

“Tempt the fuel,” Marissa hissed.

“How will I tempt him?”

“Use your tools.”

“$educe him,” Marissa came up with a brilliant idea to get Ace glued to Jade.

They went to a mall, fortunately or unfortunately Jacky together with Ken and Chari were also in that same place. Ken said Jacky needed a lingerie that could make Ace melt.

“All I am saying is let’s get you a dress that Ace will see and go wild.”

After Jacky tried a night wear, Ken snapped her and sent to Ace although Jacky tried stopping him, saying the nightwear looked too transparent and $e×y.

She tried reaching Ace but the call did not go through. Ace was on his phone talking to Jade to make it up for missing their first night together at the condo.

He asked Jade the kind of food he should order for her but Jade gave an attitude.

Marissa got one inner wear and told her it was great for the plan.

Jacky went to search for another nightwear, unfortunately Jade was also holding same inner wear. Realising it was Jacky Jade asked if she wanted to wear to $educe Lino. Jacky left the dress for Jade.

Jacky said she was sick and tired of telling her countless times that she and Lino had nothing to do.

Jade described Jacky as desperate and said she would need that lingerie to $educe her ex husband.

A war erupted and the shop attendant came to warn them that it was a reputable business and they would not tolerate that.

Jacky asked Jade if she was that unsecured to abandon her husband and search for lingries, adding that she would not need those lingeries to get her husband stick to her since he l^ved her.

“You are so sure of this l*ve huh! Let’s see if your husband will still remember you if I am done, with him” Jade said in resentment.

Lino received a complement and a new business deal from someone he repaired his broken chairs. Fer broke the news to Lino and he also told his workers about it.

He said the work was outside so they would travel the next day to do it.

Maggie asked for leave from Gio. Gio said he did not remember the last time he had dinner with his family and accepted that she spend vacation with her family.

Lino designed a new furniture piece and Barry looked not enthused since it was a Montecorp signatory design.

Lino said it was his father’s design which the Montecorp stole so there was no call for alarm.

Barry said the issue was already in court and they had not solved that problem yet. Lino indicated that Mauro and his legal team were delaying the hearing since they knew they would lose the case.

Lino added that he was confident and they were the rightful owners of the design. Jacky arrived at work and Ace showed her some resorts for their upcoming vacation.

As Jacky was looking at the resorts on the laptop. Jade had a video chat with Ace, wearing the lingerie while licking an ice cream.

Ace felt so tempted as he admired Jade’s $3×y moves with Jacky thinking he was happy that she was saying the resorts were nice.

Ace then told Jacky that Vince who was in the united States had arrived and wanted him and other friends to go out.

Jacky allowed him to go and asked him to inform Vince that he should come over to the house for dinner.

Ace got to the club and went for Vince car keys. Joel told Vince that Ace had fallen for Jade.

Meanwhile, Paeng told Mauro that he had an information that Dos Disanyo’s reputation was improving in the market but Mauro asked him not to worry, adding that Paeng should allow Dos Disanyo to enjoy the glory for now since their reputation would be ruined in no time.

Ace arrived at the condo and he had a $3×ual encounter with Jade. However, Lino who was left brokenhearted disrupted himself with lots of work.

Ace had a call from Jacky but Jade took opportunity in the fact that Ace was sleeping after their wonderful time together and kept his phone beneath the bed.

When Ace woke up the next day he could not find his phone. He was late and pleaded with Jade to search for his phone while he had a shower.

Jacky called Vin and asked of Ace. He told Jacky lies to cover up his friend’s infidel act.

The team of Dos Disanyo arrived at the resort. The workers were happy to the extent that they wanted to live there forever.

They had a fantasy with Bob fantasising of having a great time together with Maggie.

Ace came from the shower and Jade denied of seeing the phone. Ace searched everywhere for it while Jade sat on the bed eating apple and laughing.

Meanwhile, Lino reminisced his funtime with Jade when they went on vacation. Ace returned, saying that his phone was not downstairs he later found the phone under the bed.

Ace called Jacky to say sorry to her for being late. He said he got wasted last night and almost called off his trip with Jacky but Jacky said with or without him she would go to the trip.

Eric rang the bell of Jade and brought her a breakfast. Ace felt jealous but Jade said Eric was the one who helped her when the alarm was faulty.

Ace advised Jade to stay away from Eric and she promised to keep her distance. Ken and Chari offered to go with Jacky to the trip.

Jade asked Marissa to escort her for shopping. She said she wanted new fancy dresses.

Marissa asked whether she wanted to compete with Jacky and she said no she just wanted new clothes.

As Lino and his team were working, Bob was crushing on Maggie. Jacky at the resort snap videos and sent to Ace.

Ace only said she should have fun. Jade returned from shopping and told Marissa that every money she spent would be paid by Ace.

At the pool, when Chari was taking pictures of them she spotted Lino and Dolor at the resort.

Dolor also spotted Jacky and she rushed to say hi to her together with Lino. She asked of Ace and speaking of the wizard he called.

Ace gave another excuse that he had another meeting and would definitely join Jacky during the night but Jacky said she did not want him to have an accident since he was tired so he should just relax.


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