Betrayal (Halik) Episode 3 

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 3 Lino reveals a hidden truth to Jacky  

“You should be ashamed of yourself to elope with a man”

Lino took his bath and went to stand in the mirror to look at himself.

“Thanks to you Jade I look like a zombie!”

Jacky dressed up, she was looking for her shades in her bag, saying she still had the shades when she was at the airport.

Lino also dressed up, after zipping his trousers he took the shades and wore.
“It looks good!” Both locked their doors and took the opposite direction but Lino set his eyes on her. As he was looking at her a man asked him whether he was a delegate at the expo and he said yes. The man added that they were waiting for other delegates.

He got a bit closer to confirm his suspicion. “Jacky” he said and a lady mentioned his name Mr Bartolome to give him his ID and kits for the expo.

Jacky who was watching magazine turned quickly and saw Lino. They were surprised to see eachother. Lino put up his spectacles,
“Hey there what brings you here?” Jacky got close, they watched eachother.

A messenger interrupted them that things were set for the expo: “We are leaving in 13 minutes” Lino said okay.

“That looks familiar” Jacky said.
“Huh this?” he was surprised.
“Don’t tell me you are pick pocket” Jacky stated.

“Is this yours? I found it….”

“No need to explain,” Jacky interjected. She took her spectacles from his head and left, leaving him while Lino starred in amazement.

Lino went to wash his hands, strike his hand through his hair. Jacky was also in the washroom tonggling his hair and applying make up.

She was rushing in order for her not to be late so she pushed Lino by mistake and went to stand in the queue. Lino also stood at the other side of the queue and watched Jacky admirably.

In the expo room Jacky saw Lino’s picture erected on the wall and turned whether she could find him. She began to walk around while Lino walked in and saw some potential clients fascinating about his new designs.

He introduced himself to them and gave them his card, saying Dos Disanyo was the brain behind the Creation. After the chitchat with the potential buyers, he also walked around to look at other designers and their creation and came across Monte Corp designs. As he was looking at Mauro’s picture he remembered an incident that happened during a function.

Flashback: Loida was attending to some guests.
“Is this party for your birthday or what?” Jacky looked around anxiously and her friend asked what was wrong.

“What’s up with the long face is like a dark horse surrounding you!”

“Just that I feel like Lino is not going to come” her friends told her to wait a little longer since Lino was a student. Lino arrived and asked the motor rider which brought him to wait for him.

When he got to the function Lino called Jacky on phone, since Jacky’s friend saw him, he waved her and signaled her to keep quiet.

As she received the call Jacky said she knew he called to make excuses but he told her to stop being crumpy and asked her to turn her left when Jacky saw him at the function she was beaming with smiles. She happily went to hug him and said for a moment she thought he would not grace the event.

Lino said he promised to be there and he was a man of his word. He then told Jacky to hold on as he was going to pick something and come. Jacky said he just arrived and was leaving her again. He told her he would be back shortly. He went to the motor he came with for a gift he brought for Jacky.

He then spotted some couple ki$$ing so he watched them keenly. He also saw Loida crying as she watched those who were getting intimate there.

Cherry asked Jacky to cut her cake but Jacky said Lino was not yet there and wanted to wait for him till he returned for the cake cut.

“Wait wait….you cannot blow these candles without the presence of your mom,” Mauro interrupted.

“Yes dad,” Jacky said.

“Has anyone seen Loida?” Mauro asked.

Loida was also sitting somewhere holding a bottle crying that she has given up while Gabriel calmed her down. Lino descended down the stairs to get closer to know what was wrong but Mauro came from the other side to talk to Loida so Lino stood aloof.

Mauro arrived to tell her that she was missing the favourite aspect of her daughter’s birthday party stressing that they were waiting for her to blow the candles with Jacky.

” What are you doing here?”

“How dare you ask me what I am doing here! You are nothing but a jerk, I destroyed my life back then trying to take revenge on you and as a result Jacky is the one suffering because of the mistake I made.”

“Every single time you treated my daughter badly I didn’t say a word because I am more aware of what I did to you.”

Loida said she made it a commitment to make the family whole but Mauro did not see her effort and made a mockery of her as he kept cheating on her.

Gabriel expressed his disappointment in Mauro for his infidelity.

Loida in anguish poured kerosene on herself and lighted a lighter which was in her hand. She said Mauro had always wanted to get rid of her. Mauro pleaded with her to quit what she was about to do.

“Stop don’t come near me,” Loida threw the bottle and it broke, she said when Mauro drew closer she would set both of them on fire. She made the lighter ready to set herself on fire Lino was fast and came from the other side to take the lighter from her hand.

Mauro hugged her but she pushed him aside and when Jacky got to the scene she embraced Jacky. They sobbed.

Flashforward: Lino after remembering that went for his sketch book to compare the designs of Monte Corp with the designs of his father.

Flashback: Gustin was searching for his sketch book and could not find it. Lino told him that there were more in the house so he could forget about it but he said no since he had his latest designs on it and had to find it before Mauro keeps the design.

Gustin we to see Mauro to ask him for his sketch book he took and he said he had not returned it due to the fact that he forgot about and also added that the designs were outmoded and asked Gustin to go to the factory to check the chunk since he might have dropped it there together with other junk files.

Later at the factory Lino overheard a conversation between Mauro and Ace’s father about an intention of Mauro to set the factory on fire to claim an insurance policy. As they were talking Mauro expressed excitement that Gustin was leaving the company. He said Gustin and his family has caused them trouble and expressed joy about the new plan.

Fast forward, Lino embraced Jacky and she said she had made a decision to run away with him. Lino tried to advice her against the decision. He said he had a cousin who eloped with a girl but they eventually broke up and told Jacky that it was risky to elope with him since her family were there.

Jacky said she did not have a family since Gabriel was already dead and Loida was in the United States, thus urged him to run away with her. She stated that Mauro did not like her so she had lost her family.

They then took a walk that evening and saw a police car blowing its siren.

They heard a news that fire had gutted a factory so he ran to the factory together with Jacky.

He was told by one of the workers that his father was trapped inside. He asked what his father was going to do there, the man said he did not know but he saw Gustin going inside. Jacky told him that they should call for help but lino said he could not wait any longer.

He ran inside in search of his father, screaming his name. Gustin responded and Lino asked him what he was doing there. He said he was there to retrieve his sketch book which had his furniture designs that Mauro has kept.

Lino tried to help Gustin but could not as the fire was too much. Gustin advised him to go back and take good care of the family. He asked him to save himself. A debris broke and fell on Gustin.

No…..o…o…ooooo,” Lino shouted in pains as his father died in the fire.

Flashforward: At the expo was upset with how things turn. He knew the designs displayed were from his dad’s sketch book. He felt unease and removed his tag not knowing what to do.

Jacky was still looking at Lino’s picture and recalled a sad story from her past

Flashback: Jacky ran from home in order to meet Lino. She texted him as she saw Mauro she hid herself but Mauro eventually caught her and told her that Lino would never get back to her and advised her that they go home together.

“Don’t be st^pid Lino is not coming back for you,” Mauro spewed.

Jacky asked her father to leave her alone. She said she waited all those years for him to love her but he never did. She further stated that Lino was the only one who loved her and ok me day Mauro would realised she made a right decision to elope with Lino. He slapped her.

“You should be ashamed of yourself to elope with a man.”

Jacky fled from him and joined a bus. She wept bitterly.


Flashforward: Jacky after remembering all those hurtful memories felt pains from her heart and she collapsed.

As Lino was talking to potential clients about a sort of designs that they used bamboo to make it someone said Mrs Corpus has passed out and they needed to call for an ambulance. He suddenly mentioned Jacky.

The people at the expo helped Jacky and she regained consciousness. The person with Jacky asked her whether she should send her to hospital but she said she was okay. Lino rushed to see her. He was told by the person to send his friend to the hotel but Jacky said Lino was not her friend and could go to her hotel by herself.

Lino ran after her and she asked him to stay away from her. Lino said he wanted to take care of her but she confronted Lino for abandoning him while he promised to take care of her.

She left and join a cab. She alighted where they shop. Lino was also in that area but did not see eachother.

He recalled the wedding of Jacky with Ace and how she was happy while she threw her flower and waving as the car was leaving with her.

The two eventually cross part at a certain sea and tried to patch things up. Jacky said she was given him a final chance to explain why smhe abandoned her. Lino asked her whether she would still had been with him if he had killed her father.

Lino disclosed that Mauro killed Gustin and he reprimanded him but Mauro told him that no one would believe him. He further stated that he did not abandon her. He said he even decided to get to the place they planned to meet but Mauro was there.

He said he was also scared that Mauro would harm his mother and Magi. Jacky said it was bad of him to use Mauro’s actions against her since he already knew her and her family issues she then stated that it was nothing since they were victims of circumstance.

They embraced eachother and she saw her ring she let go of him. Lino told her that he sincerely and truly l^ved her.

At the furniture expo, lino and Jacky set their eyes on Indonesia’s premier Furniture maker, Mr Iwayan. As he was leaving Lino shouted his name.

“Mr Iwayan!”

“Sir” “Mr Iwayan” As some of the attendees tried to take pictures with Mr Iwayan,Lino was also trying to get close to him to talk about business.

Jacky was also trying to get close to the man she climbed on something in order for the man to hear her call but she fell and a sweet mistake happened. She eventually fell on Lino.Both stared eachother’s lips admirably.

A thought of grabbing eachother’s lips re-echoed in their head, could they help it? They continued looking at eachother as lino was lying on the floor and Jacky was lying on top of him. Their eyes emitted l^ve but did not know what to do.


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