Betrayal (Halik) Episode 30

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 30 Jacky sets a round table trap, who will it catch?  

“I am going to ensure that no matter the dish served infront of him, he will only eat my dish,”

Jade said she did not want to go back to the condo. She went to take her belongings and was accompanied by Marissa.

Jacky went to the condo to ask of Eric and the receptionist did not disclose any information to her since Eric was under investigation.

Marissa spotted Jacky and she covered Jade for  Jacky not to see her. Jacky then turned back to leave her card with the receptionist.

Jade wondered what Jacky was doing there. In Marissa’s opinion Jacky might know something.

Later, Lino who wanted to clarify his suspicions called Jacky to ask if Ace knew Jade and she said according  to Ace they met during Chari’s birthday party.

She gave Ace her card, adding that she was there too. Lino then recalled when he met Ace at Jade’s office. As they were arriving home, they met Lino at the gate.

“What are you doing here Lino?” Jade hissed.

“Jade why are you lying to me?”

Meanwhile, Helen scolded Paeng for sitting still and not doing anything to stop Jade and Ace’s affair.

She feared that Jacky might suspect something but Paeng stated that it was not his fault for Ace to be raised bad. He blamed Helen for Ace’s behaviour.

Jade kept on her lies, saying she had never met Ace and did not remember giving her card to him. She told Lino to leave and she went inside to tell Marissa that Lino had begun suspecting something.

She said she would call Ace to inform him. Ace in the clinic made up with Jacky, said sorry about his earlier action.

Lino told Barry about his suspicion, although Barry said he might be wrong but he kept on saying he wanted to clear his doubt since Jade was still his legal wife.

At the clinic, Helen came in and Jacky told her and Ace that she was going down to settle the bills.

She served Lino with food as she left, Helen pulled away the food and threw on him pictures about Jade and Lino.

She scolded Ace for having an affair with the wife of Mauro’s mortal enemy. He said he could explain but Helen said she had ensured his face in the CCTV footage was cleared and his name was no longer under the condo as the rightful owner of the place.

She warned him to quit that affair before Mauro find out and end it for him. She also cautioned him to ensure Jade remained silent about their affair.

“Mom don’t worry I have her under my control. Jade will not say anything.”

In the next morning at the house of Marissa, Jade looked stressful after Ace was not receiving his calls or replying his text.

He finally picked the call after seeking permission from his mother. Gio and Paeng arrived at the moment when Helen warned him to tell Jade that the relationship was over.

Lino gained a new contract, although the investor raised an issue of manpower but Lino said he had gotten a bigger warehouse where they would work once they start working on that contract.

He informed his workers about it. He said it was the biggest contract and told his workers that he would give them a treat to celebrate the news.

Meanwhile, Mauro was upset that Lino was able to close the deal. He scolded one of his goons that due to the person’s negligence Lino got away with the deal.

Lino suspected that someone was a spy for Mauro and he told Barry that they did not have to release more information to the workers.

Lino met his mother descending down the stairs. She said she was going to the tailor’s shop to get a gown but Lino offered to go for it.

He went to the tailor’s shop and saw his dad’s pictures when searching  for the gown.

“You don’t have to worry dad.

I am your son and just like you. I am going to fix it…. I am going to fix all my problems.”

Ace got home and lied to Jacky that he wanted to reply his emails and asked Jacky to pass his phone to him.

Ace rekindle his affair with Jade and after calling Jade “Baby” she was blown away.

Jacky who was in the kitchen called Lino and disclosed her idea of bringing Jade, Ace, her and him (Lino) together to settle their differences.

Lino said Jade might decline so Jacky called her. She thought it was Ace but was disappointed to hear it was Jacky.

She invited her over to her house for dinner and she accepted. Dolor came to meet Lino standing all alone lost in his thought.

He told Dolor that Jacky invited him and Jade over to dinner. Dolor was proud that he did not give up on Jade and believed Jacky did that just to make Lino and Jade reconcile.

Lino called Jacky to confirm whether Jade was coming and she said Jade had already confirmed.

Barry wanted to back Lino up should any fight erupt so he asked Lino to give him the address but Lino said it was a mere dinner.

With an evil mind, Jade visited the salon to transform her looks just to entice Ace.

“I am going to ensure that no matter the dish served Infront of him, he will only eat my dish,” Jade told Marissa how prepared she was for the challenge.

Meanwhile, Ace wondered the kind of surprise Jacky had installed for him.

Jade arrived and Jacky welcomed her with a smile, thanking her for the invite. She complemented Jade’s new hair.

Ace came down and was surprised to see Jade. He said she invited Jade over to celebrate the second chance of Ace.

Lino also arrived and Jacky was informed that his other guest had also arrived. Ace and Jade were unhappy to see Lino.

Jacky ushered Lino in while they especially Ace and Jade watched eachother in shock.


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