Betrayal (Halik) Episode 31

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 31 Jade gets Lino beaten after he revealed her top secret 

“As the saying goes the Apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Lino was ushered in by Jacky and was given a seat. Jacky then went for the dish.

Bog brought a snack to Maggie at her work place and she told him to wait for her outside. Gio who was surprised to see Bog with Maggie asked one of Maggie’s colleagues why she was talking to the delivery boy.

The lady said Bog could be an admirer. Ace excused them and went to confront Jacky in the kitchen that he felt like she was setting him up and should have told him before hand.

“Setting you up?

For what Ace?”

Jade asked Lino why he came there or he wanted to annoy her. Lino interjected that the owner of the house invited him and he could not refuse.

“Jade all that Jacky want is for all of us to patch things up or you don’t want that?”

Ace asked Jacky if he wanted him to forget about the rivalry between them especially being competitors and Jacky said the dinner was far from work.

She said her reason was not about work but for them to burry their hatchet. They came to the dinning Hall to find Jade leaving.

Ace told her to stay and Jacky said sorry to her for not letting her know that she invited Lino. She asked Jade to stay for them to celebrate Ace’s recovery.

Barry told Pinky that Lino was at Ace’s place since he believed that Jade had something doing with Ace. They decided to go and get Lino since he might be in trouble.

Lino asked of Ace’s health and he said he was getting better. Lino asked about the development of the case and Jacky said the police already had a suspect and he was called Eric.

She said she went to his place and since he was under investigation the people did not disclose any information about him.

Lino said when he went to the police station he was told they did not have vital information yet so he went to the mall to watch the CCTV footage and before Ace would be attacked Jade was walking to his car.

Already he had seen Ace at Jade’s office before. Jacky was perplexed and she asked her husband she thought Ace and Jade did not know eachother.

“Jade, I did not want this to happen but my wife is asking.”

Fear gripped Jade’s face when Ace said they had to tell the truth. Ace indicated that Jade called him to meet him to talk about Lino and Jacky, since she thought they were having an affair.

Lino quizzed is it Jade and him (Ace) who were having an affair or he and Jacky. Lino further revealed that he had the footage so they could watch.

Ace got upset and ordered Lino to be out of his house. Jade pleaded with Lino to just stop she ran and cried while Lino followed her. Ace scolded Jacky, claiming she and Lino ganged up on him.

Jacky explained that she had already told Jade that there was nothing between Lino and her. She pleaded with Ace to trust her.

Ace said after what had happened he would never trust her.

As Jade was escaping with her car, Lino crossed Jade with his motto, forcing her to voice out the truth but Jade yelled that the truth is what Ace had said. Lino asked whether she thought he would buy that.

As he was compelling Jade to talk, Jade cried for help and some gang helped her by beating Lino. Jade fled, leaving Lino to be beaten by the gang.

Fortunately for Lino Barry and the workers came to meet him. When they went to his rescue the goons fled.

Lino after being rescued said he wanted to be alone and asked his friends not to follow him. He rode his motto and left.

Meanwhile, Ace packed his stuff ready to leave the house. When he was leaving, Jacky pleaded with him not to. Ken and Chari who were already there quietly watched them.

Helen then appeared in the scene to defend Ace. She blamed Jacky and claimed that Jacky was having an affair with Lino.

She decried that after all the sacrifices Ace has made to make her feel happy and also help Montecorp to develop Jacky had cheated on him.

Jacky said she would never do such a thing. Ace felt happy that Helen helped him out and he took the liberty to leave.

“I am going to make you regret for cheating on my son.” Chari and Ken comforted Jacky.

Lino arrived at Dos Disenyo and he recalled everything that went on at the dinner.

Jacky joined the pieces together and Ken said Ace just turned things around to cover up his affairs with Jade. Chari said she believed that Ace was hiding something.

Barry was sure that something happened at the dinner as he already warned Lino not to go. He believed that Jade and Ace were having an affair.

Pinky asked whether he remember she informed him the time that she came to Dos Disenyos that she saw Jade flirting with a certain man and they decided to keep it as secret.

Barry then said he would tell Lino about it but Pinky warned him against it.

Lino did not pick his calls so Dolor called Barry to ask about Lino and Barry lied that Lino was exhausted so he was sleeping.

Meanwhile, Paeng scolded Ace to go back to his house and fix things with his wife.

He said if he had zipping his pant the issue would not have escalated and warned Ace that should Mauro kicked them from Montecorp he would be blamed.

Helen who supported Ace said he learnt that from Paeng so he had no right to talk to Ace in that manner.

“As the saying goes the Apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Lino spoke with Dolor and said sorry for not attending to her massages. He explained that he was exhausted. When Dolor asked about the dinner he said it went well but did not get chance to talk to Jade.

Lino later scolded his workers for making a mistake. Barry intervened and asked him to have a day off but he said he did not want to.

At Montecorp, Jacky was warned by Mauro not to get involved with Lino and made her realised that he knew about the flopped dinner night she hosted.

Jacky went to her office to find Helen and she asked whether she was the one who told Mauro about the flopped dinner.

Helen advised Jacky to save her marriage. Helen then visited Marissa to tell her that she wanted to meet the trump who was only interested in money.

Marissa did not allow her to meet Jade, saying Jade was not there. Helen warned her to inform Jade that she should not meet her son again.

Meanwhile, Jade listened keenly to the scuffle that was going on outside between Helen and Marissa and became scared about her future with Ace.

Jade called Ace to inform him that they should tell everyone about their relationship so that Lino and Jacky could also be together but Ace refused and advised her to find another place and stay to avoid Helen.

Lino went to talk to Marissa at the work place, he asked her whether Jade and Ace were having an affair.


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