Betrayal (Halik) Episode 32

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 32 Dolor confronts Jade over her infidelity
Huh! You are such a selfish woman and you don’t know how to love, you are worthless.”
Marissa denied that Jade was having an affair with Ace. Lino then asked if she did not know Ace and she stated that she had seen Ace couple of times at the office.
Marissa advised Lino to sort things out privately with Jade in the house and he said Jade was avoiding him that was why he came to their office. He charged Marissa to talk to Jade to face him otherwise there would be a scandal.
Dolor seemed worried  so Fer asked why she was sad. Dolor told Fer that Lino was keeping something from her so she was going to visit Lino at his office to ask him to tell her what he was keeping from her.
Pinky gathered courage and with an encouragement from Barry, Pinky tried telling him but Dolor came.
Dolor saw bruises on Lino’s face  and got upset that Barry did not tell her the truth. Lino forcefully sent her in.
Meanwhile, Jacky went to the Corpuz’s mansion to go for Ace but he kept blaming Jacky for their marital problems.
Jacky said everything between Lino and her was a coincident. Dolor was upset that Lino had doubts about Jade and failed to inform her.
Ace tried convincing Jacky that irrespective of what was going on he hid his fears to secure his marriage.
“Do you know what hurts the most than the bruises that I had, that is to protect you and harbour all these feelings inside.”
He hugged Jacky and Paeng came to meet it. Dolor said she was proud of Lino and advised him not to sacrifice his dignity but should fight back.
She then consoled Lino and embraced him. She asked Barry to take good care of Lino.
Pinky offered to drop her off. After Pinky left Lino came to ask Barry what he and Baste wanted to tell him.
Barry kept brushing it off. In the car, Dolor told Baste that Lino was deeply hurt. Barry indicated that they wanted to talk to him about hiring private investigator to find his hunches about Ace and Jade
As she said goodbye to Dolor, Baste called her again and revealed the truth about Jade and Ace’s affair.
Dolor could not believe and asked Baste not to make the situation worse but she said it was not an instigation as she was new to the company back then and did not want to ply into others issue.
Paeng expressed happiness that Jacky and Ace had settled their differences. Fer asked Dolor what happened but Dolor made excuses.
 Dolor went inside in search of something, she got the call book and called Tet. She asked for them to meet.
Tet met Dolor and she asked whether Jade was having an affair with Ace Corpuz. She pleaded with her to have a good heart and tell her the truth.
She said Lino was a very good man who made lots of sacrifices to ensure Jade was happy hence did not have to be betrayed like that.
Tet then said sorry for not revealing the truth early, she said she thought Jade would quit the affair and sort things out with Lino but she failed.
Dolor asked since when did Jade got involved with Ace and she said she was seeing Ace before she left the house, after that the two kept seeing eachother.
Tet then went to show Dolor Marissa’s place. When Jade saw Dolor and Tet at the gate she remained inside and said Tet has never been a good friend, adding that she hate her.
Jade called Marissa and she advised her to leave just like Ace had said. Jade said she was going to the office but Marissa interjected that she shouldn’t unless she wanted to bump into Lino.
She decried that those people were not ready to stop bothering her and did not know what to do.
Once she realised Dolor was gone, she packed her luggage to leave the house. Unfortunately for her, Dolor hid somewhere when she saw Jade coming out with her things she caught her off guard. She slapped Jade for being a trump. She beats her and said it was not enough compared to the pain her son was feeling.
“You know what Jade, you know what… my son did love you. He did everything for you. He sacrificed a lot for you. Lino works extra hard just to give you everything you want and this is how you repay him?
Huh! You are such a selfish woman and you don’t know how to love, you are worthless.”
“Mom, mom,” Jade cried.
“Don’t you dare call me mom ever again. I don’t want to hear you call me mom because now on I am not your mother. You are stranger to me you no longer my daughter in-law.”
“Come on Ms Dolor that is enough. Let go now ms Dolor come on,” Tet cried from behind.
Jade cried for her deeds. Maggie was also calling Dolor but she was not picking. She asked Fer where her mother said she was going and she said all that Dolor said was she was going to meet a client.
Maggie then said she would call Lino and Fer agreed with an intention that Dolor had gone to Dos Disenyos.
Barry asked Lino whether he had thought about hiring a private investigator but he said he wanted to find the truth by himself.
Jacky and Ace were leaving and Helen asked if she was not needed at work. Jacky said she took a day off.
Helen further said she did not know Jacky would do that since she and Ace were workaholic.That, she believed was the reason the couple fight over pertinent things.
“Don’t worry mom that is going to change because these days on I will keep close eyes on my husband.
I am going to make sure that I am always by his side.
Looking at Ace and caressing his face: “I am going to be the most dedicated, most attentive and most loyal wife to him.”
Paeng and Helen watched in amazement. Meanwhile, Jade arrived in her new place still crying over Dolor’s confrontation.
Tet brought Dolor to the house and Maggie was happy to see her mom. When Fer saw Tet’s presence, she asked her if she was not the friend of Jade and demanded to know what she did against Dolor for her to look pale but Dolor interjected that Tet had done her a huge favour.
 Dolor whispered into Tet’s ears that they should keep what happened earlier a secret and she told Dolor she could trust her.
Jacky sent Ace home and said she was going for things to dress his wound.  Ace said sorry for his recent action.
“Now I will eventually find out what you are hiding from me my dear husband,” Jacky said in her head.
Meanwhile, Jade called Ace since Jacky was there he could not answer. He tried distracting Jacky in order to pick Jade’s call but Jacky did not give in.
Fortunately for Ace, Mauro called Jacky for an urgent business deal so she left which gave Ace opportunity to do what he wanted.
Lino went to Joel’s club to ask a bar attendant about Jade. He showed him the picture of Jade, saying she was his relative and needed to find her.
The attendant said he knew her and she was always with his boss’ friend. When Lino asked about the name of that friend the guy said he might be in trouble for revealing the identity of the person so Lino gave him money and he mentioned Ace Corpuz’ name.
Mauro told Jacky that since she was  in charged of everything she should be able to close a business deal with Marvin enterprises company.
“Make sure their deal with Dos Disenyos doesn’t push through.”
Jacky got pissed off since the company was the client of Dos Disenyos and said she would not stoop so low to do that but she could get a bigger client for Montecorp.
Jade who was desperate was bugging Ace with lots of texts, saying she was outside the house and if he did not want trouble he should come out.
This compelled Ace to go out of the house to meet her.

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