Betrayal (Halik) Episode 33 Lino arrested for beating Ace

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 33

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 33 Lino gets arrested after finding the truth

“I threw it away with our dreams and promises. I don’t need a snake in my life.”

Ace came out of his mansion to ask Jade whether she was out of her mind as they had already talked about it.

Jade said sorry and said ever since they had that flopped dinner she had been treated like a common criminal.
At dinner, Maggie was eating so fast and Fer told her that since she started working she had not been eating well.
Maggie explained that they had been having lots of customers of late so she was unable to eat in the afternoon that was why she had been hungry.
Lino arrived home and Maggie asked how he got the bruises and he said he had it from work. As he sat for dinner, Ace and Jade arrived at the club.
Lino had a call from the bar attendant and was told the person he had been looking for had arrived at the club with his boss’ friend.
Lino suddenly stood up and when he was leaving, Ed who came across him outside called him several times but he turned into a deaf ear.
Jade said she needed help due to the situation and Ace said his friend would help her. He asked Jade to trust him since he would never let her down.
Jacky came home to find out that Ace had left the house. Lino came to meet Ace k!$$ing his wife.
He silently went to sit to watch them, quizzing that “having fun besters?”
He hit Ace with several punches on his face and Ace fainted. Jade cried for Lino to stop but he never stopped, he beat Ace mercilessly and the guards at the club came to Ace’s rescue, they sent Lino out.
As he was going for his motto, Lino was almost run over. Jacky tried calling Ace but he did not pick the calls she then went to the club with her driver.
She asked Vince about Ace and he said Ace had not been there but Jacky eventually learnt about the scuffle from the police.
Ace at the hospital threatened to take Lino on. He gave Jade money to check in at a hotel  but Jade did not want to.
Ace explained that things had become messy and pleaded with Jade to understand. He also blamed Jade for what Lino did to him since he warned her to should stay away from him for a while but did not listen.
Vince then tried convincing Jacky that he did not want her to worry that was why he hid the truth but Jacky said Ace was her husband so he did not have right to tell her lies.
Meanwhile, the family of Lino tried calling him but he did not receive the calls. Barry and Baste arrived at Lino’s house and was told Lino was missing.
Barry tried reaching Jade but she blocked his number. Lino went to stand at a certain bridge. He removed the necklace Jade gave to him as present and also removed his ring.
After recalling some beautiful memories with Jade he threw away his ring and necklace into the river at the bridge.
Vince called Ace to inform him that Jacky and the police were on their way to the hospital and asked him to text him his statement so that their statement would be the same.
Lino arrived home and Dolor hugged him. He narrated the awful story that he met Jade and Ace k!$$!ng at the bar. He added that they made a f00l out of him.
Meanwhile, Ace twisted the story and told the police that Jade called to meet him at the bar and she said Lino had threatened to kill her.
In the middle of their conversation, Lino arrived there to cause a scene and when he asked him to leave he beat him up.
Jacky recalled what some certain guys said at the bar that the man came to meet his wife being k!$$ed by another man and wondered the one who was Sir Joel’s friend.
Barry told Lino that they had to narrate the issue to their lawyer since he believed Ace would twist the story.
Lino said twisting stories was what Ace was good at and he did not care anymore, all that he wanted was for Ace or Jade not to reveal their faces to him.
Jacky and the police wanted to know why Jade wanted to see him and he said he did not know since he was also wondering same when everything happened so fast.
“I am going to sue Lino. He shall be put into prison. He is a dangerous man I am sure the owner of the bar will provide you with all the evidence that you need. He is a friend of mine.”
“I am sure he does. Like what my husband told you. I am pretty sure he would say exactly what my husband said,” Jacky hissed in suspicion.
“Okay mom we will ask for a copy of the CCTV footage,” the police stated while Jacky added that it would help all of them to know what actually happened at the bar.
When the police left, Ace told Jacky that upon all that Lino did to him she was still suspicious of him and compelled Jacky to tell him what she wanted to say.
Jacky said she was not like him and she would only talk when she had the evidence but for the moment he deserved what Lino did to him. She took her bag and left.
Barry told Lino that the lawyer said they should meet the next day if Ace decided to file charges against him.
Baste wanted to tell Lino the truth but Barry distracted her. Dolor also realised same so she said Lino had to rest.
Once they left, Dolor asked Lino where he kept his ring.
“I threw it away with our dreams and promises. I don’t need a snake in my life.”
” You did not do anything wrong son, just let it out,” Dolor cried while embracing Lino but he asked her not to cry.
Lino did not sleep in his room saying sleeping there would remind him of the monster.
However, Jacky narrated the incident to Attorney Ken and he asked Jacky why she was sure Ace got beaten because he was involved with Jade.
Jacky explained that she knew Lino and was sure he was not a violent man. The next morning,  the police arrived at the Bartolomes’ mansion so Maggie was wondering what was going on.
Lino presented himself to the police and Jacky arrived. She followed the police with Dolor and Maggie.
Helen went to the hospital and wondered why Ace was still alone. She asked of Jacky and Ace stated that Jacky said she deserved that.
Helen threatened that Jacky would eat her words once Lino ended up behind bars for good. Ken decided to take up Lino’s issue since his lawyer was not there.
Paeng also arrived at the hospital and said Lino had already been arrested and asked Ace whether he would have gathered courage to handle the issue if he and his mother did not intervene.
Ace said he did not ask for their help. Vince visited Jade and advised her not to suffocate Ace. Jade asked whether Ace asked him to tell her that and he said sorry since he said it on his own.
Later, Jade went to the clinic to rekindle her l0ve with Ace. Both said they had missed eachother and they k!$$ed.
Lino asked Dolor and Jacky to leave the police station. Jacky pleaded with him to tell her the whole truth. He confessed that Jade and Ace were having an affair.

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