Betrayal (Halik) Episode 34

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 34

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 34 Jacky begins her revenge against Ace and Jade 

“You better tell that friend of yours she can run but she cannot hide forever. One of these days our part will cross again and when that happens keep an ambulance on standby because I’m gonna make sure that she will be hospitalised.”

Lino narrated that someone tipped him and went to the bar to find Ace and Jade k!$$ing.

He said he suspected that they were Keeping something and saw with his own two eyes. Jacky cried uncontrollably and thanked Lino for confirming her suspicions about Ace. She said she had nothing more to give, she was done with Ace and knew for long that he had been cheating on her.

Jacky promised to make Ace pay and would not allow him to get away with it. Dolor consoled her and advised her to toughen up. She added that she knew Jacky and Lino would get through it.

She asked Jacky to take care of Maggie as she stayed behind at the police station. As Jacky left with Maggie, Dolor began sobbing and Helen arrived to cause trouble.

She said she knew Dolor, her son almost killed Ace. When Dolor realised that she was the mother of Ace she asked how was her son who liked stealing other people’s wives.

She said she now knew why Ace was like that since he did not get better training and Helen said it was not her fault for her son to be more successful and handsome than Lino who was a loser.

Dolor then said nice for meeting Mrs Corpuz for the first time with her stinking reputation. Helen got offended, asking whether Dolor was instigating that she was rotten?

She then left Dolor. Lino cried in the cell while thinking about what he saw Jade and Ace doing at the bar. Attorney Ken managed to gain a bail for Lino.

Helen arrived and was surprised to see Ken there. She queried him whether Jacky knew he was there and he said he learnt about what happened to his friend and came there to know if he could be of help to him.

Helen asked whether Ace was not his friend and he said he would rather remain quiet otherwise he might say something he would regret later.

She introduced herself to Lino and threatened that he messed with the wrong person. Lino said he believed her son had regained consciousness and could talk so she should engage her son to find out the real victim.

Lino asked Barry that they should leave but Helen said she was not through with him, but Barry indicated that for her information she came at the wrong time and they had already settled everything so they could leave at anytime they wanted.

Since Helen was unwilling to back off Dolor intervened and said she was rather messing with the wrong person.

There was a brouhaha at the police station as the two mothers face off. Helen tried twisting the story that Lino was involved with his ex who happened to be the wife of her son.

Lino interjected that since they were good in twisting stories then he would tell her that the real homewrecker was Ace not him and Jacky.

After the scuffle, Helen asked them to leave her sight but they questioned who she was for her to command them. She then took her shameless self and left them.

At home, Dolor asked Lino if she could re-decorate his room for it to look different for him not to even recognise that he once shared it with someone but LIno preferred sleeping the down room which he slept there the other night.

Lino revealed to Dolor that he wanted to make his separation legal so he would meet his lawyer to get the annulment. He added that he was done being st*p!d and since Jade had always said he had done nothing right so finally he would do something right for Jade to change her opinion about him.

As Marissa finished talking to Jade, Lino followed her. Marissa sent the stuff of Jade to her. Lino went to the restaurant to drag Jade out and warned Marissa from intruding.

Lino asked Jade why she did that against him. She said she did not plan that but Lino said she would  regret it since he gave her everything including money, house, time and attention.

He said she could continue with Ace and see the life she would get with him. Jade called him a jerk for touching her.

Later, Lino went to the work place and asked his workers to clean up the place and pack their equipment as they were moving to a new place to work on a new but bigger project.

At the hospital, Helen sensitised Ace to continue playing the victim. Later Ace said Paeng and Helen were being so nosy, claiming he would handle his problem with Paeng interjecting that “I am sure you will.”

Helen advised him to patch things with Jacky in order for Mauro to know he was doing his best for Jacky but she was not interested.

Ace was discharged from the hospital and came home with Helen to find out all his bags were packed out.

Helen asked the maids whether Jacky was packing out, Jacky interjected that the one packing out of the house was Ace.

Ace got upset, Helen held him back and told him that she would handle it. Helen tried to talk to Jacky that she should fix things with her husband instead of throwing him out but Jacky did not.

Helen slapped Jacky for misbehaving towards her and her son but Jacky turned to Ace:

“I turned a blind eye to everything you did. Wow! The great Ace Corpuz a homewrecker.”

Ken blew the news to Chari and Chari said Ace should not reveal his face to her although he was her boss. Mauro was eavesdropping and told them Jacky should not be skipping work and warned them to talk to Jacky.

At Dos Disenyos, Lino was electrocuted by a faulty appliance and blamed his workers for misusing the equipment. Barry intervened on behalf of the workers.

Chari and Ken met with Jacky and made her adopt a belief of getting back at Jade and Ace. Later, she was told to erase the idea from her head but she said she would not allow them to go scot free for making a f00l out of her. Jacky promised not to allow herself to be treated that way in her next relationship.

Maggie told Gio about her family problems and Gio said they should go out for coffee.

Elsewhere, Barry congratulated Lino and threw a keys for him, saying the owner gave to them at affordable price since he told him that his wife left him. They smiled.

Lino handed the keys to Barry, saying what was the use if he did not have a wife. Barry said he should not give up just because his wife left him.

Jacky and her friends went to the work place of Jade and got Marissa surrounded to query her about the whereabout of Jade. Marissa insulted Jacky for asking her that question.

Vince sent Jade to a new place and she spoke with Ace. Ace told her to be patient since Jacky got upset and kicked her out. He said he believed Jacky and Lino were plotting something against them and did not want her to get hurt.

Marissa asked Jacky and her friends how did they want her to know the whereabouts of Jade.

Ken asked Marissa whether she was a mistress and she got upset, ready to hit Ken but Jacky held her hands and asked her whether she had something against mistresses since she was a good friend to one.

“You better tell that friend of yours she can run but she cannot hide forever. One of these days our part will cross again and when that happens keep an ambulance on standby because I’m gonna make sure that she will be hospitalised,”  Jacky added.

Marissa was shocked and left. They stared eachother in an amusing way.



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