Betrayal (Halik) Episode 35 Jacky resigns from Montecorp

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 35

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 35 Jacky resigns from Montecorp 

Ken told Jacky that it felt refreshing when one pours out her anguish and Jacky asked how husbands who get cheated on by their spouses felt.

She was told to call Lino to check how he was feeling but he did not pick. Lino and Barry went to a bar.
Marissa visited Jade to inform her about what happened earlier and Jade said sorry to Marissa for involving her into her mess.
Jade then told Marissa that Ace said they should keep things down and Marissa wondered whether that decision might make Ace lose his affection for  Jade.
Jacky and her friends arrived home, Chari and Ken wanted to sleep over at Jacky’s place but she said she was okay.
Lino and Barry approached by a certain lady who happened to know Barry. She owned the bar and other bars. She introduced them to her other friends.
They proposed business to the lady and promised to give her a discount if they design new chairs for her bars.
Lino spotted a certain lady who looked like Jade and recalled his predicament.
Jacky redesigned her room. Lino later got approached by a certain lady and they went to the washroom. While making l”ve with the lady he remembered Jade and they could not continue.
Later the boyfriend of the lady arrived with a gun in order to shoot Lino but Barry came into the scene and settled the issue.
However, Ace tried sneaking out of the house and was caught by his parent. Paeng took his keys while Helen told him that his wounds were not healed yet so he should remain in the house.
At Dos Disenyos, the workers went for Baste for them to eat together. Baste realised that her phone was missing so she went back for the phone.
Behold she received a call from her boss, Mauro and asked about the biggest deal of Dos Disenyos. He wanted her to leak more information about Lino’s client.
As she was busy talking to Mauro, Lino suddenly showed up. She quickly hang up, Lino asked what she was doing there. Gio and his workers snapped pictures and advertised their burgers.
Gio offered to drop Maggie off in her house. Mauro arrived at the mansion of the Bartolomes and told Paeng and Helen that he  wanted to talk to Ace.
Gio brought Maggie home while Bogs arrived there with a flower. As he saw Maggie with Gio he felt sad and dropped down the flower in disappointment.
Dolor decorated Lino’s room and Maggie felt it was better. To her, Lino would feel happy seeing the room especially now that his chapter with Jade was over.
Ace thought Mauro would talk to him about his marriage with Jacky but Mauro said he understood him. He said what he wanted to know was how Ace would bring Lino down.
Mauro said he had plans of making Lino passed through hell but all that he wanted was for Ace to be committed and not to show signs of cowardice.
Ace said he was in. Maggie asked Dolor why Jade was not contented with everything Lino did for her. Dolor said some people get blind by material things and forget about who they were from the inside.
Lino who was eavesdropping revealed his face and replied to Maggie that it was the reason she had to be careful about people who showed that they care and ensure she did not get f00led by her suitors.
Maggie was surprised and said she did not have any suitor. Lino then asked about the person who dropped her home. She said it was nothing but the person was her boss.
Lino asked her to introduce him to her boss and she said her boss would be scared that he would beat him up.
At Montecorp, Jacky came across Mauro scheming with Ace to take away Lino’s biggest client.
She left quickly to meet Lino and Barry to inform them that Mauro and Ace were having a meeting with Mape Enterprise and she warned Lino not to allow them to take away his client.
Ace and Mauro had offered a proposal to the client to look through. Ace convinced the woman that Montecorp was bigger and had a better offer for them. As the woman was going through the proposal, Lino barged in and voiced out his frustrations.
“First my father’s own design, now our own client…is this the only game you know stealing?”
“You watch it Lino, what did Jacky tell you this time because you might be wrong since we are here for a future project with Mape Enterprise,” Mauro said.
Jacky chipped in that she overhead him and Ace plotting to take away Mape Enterprise from Lino.
Lino asked the woman whether he should be worried about her meeting with Montecorp since she had already closed the deal with Dos Disenyos.
Unfortunately for Mauro and Ace, the woman told Lino that she was about to reject the proposal before he barged in.
Mauro and Ace were surprised and the woman said she saw Lino’s designs as non-traditional. She then promised her loyalty to Lino.
“Well you have shown us your real colours Jacky, now we know where your loyalty lies,” Mauro hissed while Ace told him that they should go.
Lino apologised and the woman said she wanted her business clean so did she want her clients too.
Lino asked Jacky did it not occur to her that she might end up in trouble for what she did for him. Jacky assured him that she knew what she was doing and was prepared for it. Lino thanked her.
Jacky packed her things from Montecorp and told Chari that she was done being the poppet of Mauro. Chari said she would leave with her.
Some workers also approached that Jacky should leave with them. Jacky stated that she did not know where she was going and it would be difficult for them finding a new job so they should stay since Chari and Ken would remain to watch over them. They would be her eyes and ears in the company.
Ace came in and told the people that he now knew who their loyalty was with. The workers together with Chari left. Ace then told Jacky that he never knew she would resign and Jacky said it was the best decision she had made.
She said even if she had not resigned Ace would sack her so it would be better if she did it in her own terms.
At Dos Disenyos, Lino wondered who double crossed hIm. He asked Barry who was the mole in there. Baste was listening to the conversation from the other side.
She received a text and Barry took the phone, suddenly Baste got in there for her phone and Barry asked her who that “Boss” she received the message from was.
She said it was her former boss who wanted to win her over again. Lino told her to tell the rest of the workers he needed them.
Lino at the meeting with his workers said there was a snitch among them. He said he would not accept his workers leaking information to the Montecorp.
The workers said they had worked with Montecorp for several years that was why they saw Lino as their idol and due to that their loyalty was to him they would never betray him.
Lino asked Bogs and he said Lino was the only person who employed him, thus would not get the balls to betray him.
Barry tried to calm Lino down and asked the workers to go on a break. Baste stood quietly feeling all guilty.
Ace and Mauro were playing gulf and asked Mauro why he remained  silence even when their business deal was rejected and Jacky had resigned.
Mauro said business was like a game and when he played the cards right he shall win. Ace stated that the workers loyalty was for Jacky and if they joined Jacky then they would have more trouble.
Mauro said the workers were hungry so they would remain there. He also said Jacky was just doing that but would return to beg for her position.
At Montecorp, Jacky instructed the workers on what to do. Ken and Chari arrived and Ken asked what if he followed her and she said no.
He and Chari should remain in Montecorp to be her eyes. Barry scolded Lino for doubting his employees who he had worked with them right from the beginning.
Lino asked Barry whether he meant the people  could not betray them when given money and gifts.
Barry interjected that not everyone was like his wife Jade to betray him.
“So you are saying all this is about my wife. Is that it?” Lino asked.
“Lino just take a break,” Lino then took his bag in anger.

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