Betrayal (Halik) Episode 4

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 4 Ace fights over Lino for his wife

“I always have deep respect for the brave. I believe that those who have courage are the ones who triumph.”

Jacky broke her leg so she received treatment. Lino said she has not changed but Jacky got upset.

“Reality check Lino you don’t know anything about me.”

She told the person treating her leg that she was fine and went to talk to Iwayan assistant about a meeting with Mr Iwayan but she said Mr Iwayan already had a meeting with an exhibitor earlier so she could schedule a meeting with him next week.

Later, Jacky heard some ladies saying that Mr Iwayan was throwing a party in the night. Lino’s friend told him same and Lino said he could not go since he was not invited.

He called his friend and he told Lino that there would be lots of women at the party besides he was not wearing his ring which is an opportunity for him to mingle.

Lino told him that he was there for a business meeting and wanted to keep everything he was doing in Bali as professional.

Lino freshened up and asked the hotel receptionist about the car he requested for and he was told they were fully booked because of the EFE, thus he would not get a driver.

“If you don’t mind could you wait a bit?”

“Okay as long as there is a car,” Lino replied

“Can I leave my keys with you?” Lino told the receptionist and she took the keys.

Lino spotted Jacky in a black gown with a flowery design as she descended from the stairs with her heels.

She walked passed him and he continued to stare her when Jacky was talking to the receptionists for her car.

“Where is my car?”

“I am sorry for the delay mom the car is underway,” the receptionist replied.

“Thank you!”

“You welcome.”

He then approached her and asked her what she was up to whether she had similar plans as his.

Jacky said she knew what she was doing and he should not meddle in her affairs as she did not meddle in his.

He said he did not want her to get into trouble but she interjected that she could take care of herself.

They reached the party and since she and Lino were not invited they were not allowed in. Jacky caught the attention of a certain man whose name was on the invitation list.

He asked Jacky whether she could be her date since Jacky wanted to meet Iwayan at all cost she agreed and went inside.

Lino told the people to cross check his name as his name has to be there since he was at the expo. He turned and saw Jacky was not there he ran after her and called out her name.

He realised that Jacky had used the man to make her way through he also managed to make his way into the party.

Jacky’s date told her that the party was boring so if they could get  a pool or somewhere to have fun it would help but Jacky said she wanted to use the washroom before.

The man waited for long and was wondering why Jacky had kept long. She bumped into Mr Iwayan and his wife. She said sorry and later realised it was Mr Iwayan as she was saying sorry. Mr Iwayan’s wife said she knew her and she was at the expo and she said it was true.

She realised Jacky was not invited and Mr Iwayan told her that they had to allow Jacky in there since there was no point in sacking her. Jacky then said thank you.

Lino also turned himself as a waiter in the party. He saw Iwayan’s wife sobbing he asked her what was wrong with her and she said it was her anniversary celebration but Iwayan was not even having time for her. He was always busy.

Lino then offered to dance with her and she accepted. They danced together and Agung, the son of Iwayan said Lino was a gatecrasher and demanded him to be out of the place.

Iwayan’s wife said no Lino could not be thrown out. Jacky told them to wait and Argo said so she was with him.He caused a scandal and thrown them out.

Iwayan’s wife pleaded with her husband not to throw them out since they did not look like people who would cause trouble.

At Manila, Ace and Ivory were together but Ace was not getting intimate with Ivory so she began to bad mouth Jacky.

Ace said it did not matter how Mauro treated her, she was still his wife and would not allow Ivory to talk ail of Jacky.

At the party Iwayan said Lino and Jacky were smart enough to get in so they could stay. His wife said they could sit with them.

Ace sacked Ivory but she began to seduce him. He resisted her but Mauro got in and asked what was happening. He asked Ace if he was not supposed to be in Bali with his wife.

Ivory pretended to be talking with Ace about official duties and left. Mauro asked him whether he was cheating on his daughter. He denied, saying Mauro knew him and he could not do such a thing.

Mauro then asked why he did not go with Jacky and he said he warned Jacky against going to Bali since she assumed the wrong thing.

Ace told Mauro that he would go to Bali right away to get his wife. He said he waited because he was given Jacky an ample time to think about the issue and also did not want them to fight over the little misunderstanding they had.

Mauro asked him whether he was going to fix his issue with his wife and he said yes.

Mrs Iwayan told Lino and Jacky that her family was impressed about their courage.

Jacky said they were more than desperate to meet Mr Iwayan and personally admired the works of Mr Iwayan so she was looking for an opportunity to schedule a meeting with him but she was denied that opportunity.

Lino said that was why they had to do what they did.

“I always have deep respect for the brave. I believe that those who have courage are the ones who triumph,” Me Iwayan said.

Mrs Iwayan asked her husband to give them opportunity to have their business meeting with him.

Her son got upset but Mr Iwayan told them the place to meet him for the meeting to present their proposals.

On their way home, Jacky told Lino that he should have waited since she had the opportunity to get in and Lino said the idea of attending the party with no invitation was his so technically he was the one who supposed to go in.

Jacky said he used Iwayan’s wife to get in and he said no she dragged him inside. Jacky asked him whether his wife knew what he was doing in Bali and he said yes and he already has the trust of his wife.

He then asked her what about her and she said her husband knew what she was up to but he did not have to even know because she knew what she was doing was right.

Ivory went to Ace’s house after she heard Ace was leaving to Bali. Ace asked her to leave since she already knew he had a wife.

She insisted that Ace should be with her since she was the one who satisfied him.

In Bali, Jacky called for a truce just for them to win the contract with Iwayan. Lino accepted.

Jade reached Singapore and went to Rubi, her friend’s house. She was not happy to see Jade. She said her husband was not a Philippine and was not used to living with families and others in the house.

Ace reached Bali and when he asked of Jacky’s detail the receptionist indicated that Jacky had told them not to reveal anything about her to anyone.

Ace said he was the husband but the receptionist said she could not give any info.

During the schedule meeting ,Jacky was told by Mrs Iwayan that Iwayan had two wives and Jacky said as a Christian she did not know what she would have done if her husband marries another woman.

Lino was told by Iwayan that Jacky was not happy in her marriage so he could rekindle his past relationship.

In the car Lino asked why Ace was not with her. She said he should be bothered by his wife.

Jade recalled how she met Lino and how they became couple.

Reaching the hotel, Ace asked Jacky what she was doing. She said she was not doing anything bad. She asked him to meet Lino and told Lino to meet Ace her husband.

Magi told her mother that Lino had done well to put up with Jade as she did not out any effort in doing something. Always Lino was doing everything she wanted.

Lino called Jade and said sorry to her and asked her to return home for them to fix their issue. Jade only wept but did not say a word.

Jacky confronted Ace for running after her in Bali. She slapped him for being a liar. Ace tried to calm her but she would not have any of that.

In the next morning, Lino saw Jacky sitting and he asked her whether he was alone and she said Ace was asleep so she was alone. Lino asked if he could sit with her and she said she did not mind.

She requested to see his proposal and he showed it to her as they were talking Ace came there and told Lino that he did not like the way he looked at his wife.

Jacky got upset with the words that Ace was saying out from his chest. She left them and he followed her. Jacky said Lino was a married man and she did not understand why he would disgrace Lino.

She said not all married men behaved like how he did. Ace insisted that he knew what he was talking about and that Lino was interested in her.  Jacky said he was beginning to bore her.

Ruby’s husband advised her to send Jade packing as she has overstayed in the house. So Rubi told Jade that she wished she understood what her husband said. Jade wept.

Lino recalled when Jade got pregnant and he introduced her to his family. The family became happy and he later got married to Jade.


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