Betrayal (Halik) Episode 41 Ace sacks Montecorp workers

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 41

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 41 Ace sacks Montecorp workers

At Dos Disenyos, Lino was working when Barry came in with Jacky. He asked Jacky what she was doing while he quickly wore his jeans shirt.

Jacky commended him and Barry for the new office, she also gave him a tip on how to go about with some designs as many clients preferred Orthodox designs and shapes.

“Hey I am not leaving without any of these things,” Jade still ramble her mouth in the mall.

Marissa tried several times in reaching Ace but he kept rejecting the calls.

“Let’s just leave, you have to settle your problem with Ace and then we just come back for the things. Pretty girls like you don’t deserve to be in prison,” she advises Jade.

“Marissa please do it I need you to call Ace,” Jade looks tensed.

“Okay, okay I will.”

Lino received a call from Marissa telling him that Jade needed his help. Barry asked what did Marissa need and he said Jade was accused of shop lifting.

“Unbelievable when she gets into trouble is you they decide to call.”

“Dude think about it if you keep helping her every time she gets into some sort of trouble she will just keep asking you for help.”

“Ms Flores you can go home now we are no longer going to press charges,” the guard said while Jade was beaming with smiles.

“I told you so Ace will not abandon me,” she took steps to get her shopping.

“Mom you can’t go with the things,” the guard stopped her.

“Why not, didn’t my boyfriend pay you so we could end this thing?” Jade became so full of herself, throwing tantrums.

“Please put those bags down Jade,” A voice came and she realised it was Tet.

“I am not going to pay for those.”

“What the heck are you doing here?” Jade quizzed Tet.

“Lino asked me to come and fix this,” Jade looked surprised.

“Lino…hold on how did Lino get to know about this,” Jade then turned to her bestie, she dropped the things.

“Hey Tet, I can’t believe you did it. What did you say for them not to press charges to get Jade?” Marissa wondered.

“I just explained to those people that the woman was going through a difficult time and it wasn’t hard to convince them.”

“I was telling the truth because they have seen that viral video and I also told them as a friend you are a bad influence,” Tet walked after ending her sentence.

“Wow you talk like a perfect. You have to throw me under the bus,” Marissa hummed for trouble.

“Hahahaha you want me to throw you from somewhere else?
Where do you want me to do that… From a bridge or a tall building? May be then, will make you come onto your senses,” Tet threw a shot.

“Huh me! do you think I’m the one to be blamed?”  Marissa Spewed.

“It is a painful truth! If you were good influence on her, Jade wouldn’t find herself neck deep into these problems that she is facing,” Tet turned.

“Excuse me Tet Jade is no longer an innocent child. She can think and decide for herself.”

“That doesn’t matter, you could have stopped your friend from committing those mistakes. You knew she was wrong but you urged her on”

“Wait a minute. What’s wrong Tet why are you so angry with me? I am taking side of Jade to support her because I am her friend and that is what friends are for” Marissa said.

“Marissa I really don’t have an idea the kind of environment you were exposed to while growing up because I do know a true friend is someone who is not going to take her friend’s side all the time, you must say no sometimes especially when it is for the other person’s welfare,” Tet barked back.

“Wow! You seem to be a perfect friend, tell me what I can buy for you for being a best friend in the whole wide world, congratulations,” Jade interjected during Tet and Marissa’s argument asking them if they were not done arguing.

Tet told Jade that she was advising Marissa and Jade kept on with her tantrums warning Tet to stop her lectures.

Tet told her that she hoped she would come to her senses after the shopping spree problem, asking her to thank Lino, if it was not him she would not be there to save her.

” And as for you Marissa, I don’t know whether you are a mistress as well because you keep pushing Jade for being one. If you are indeed a mistress i wish you stop recruiting. It is not a network business. You stand nothing to gain by being a mistress,” she then walked out on them.

At Montecorp, their delivery was returned as the client stated that the furniture did not meet his standard.

Mauro asked for Ace, Meanwhile Ace was clipped between the legs of another lady.

Jacky visited Dolor and she complemented her for her new looks. She asked why she was there and Jacky said she was planning to move to the US and wanted to say bye.

Dolor asked why she made such a decision, she explained that she was left heartbroken, adding that Lino was lucky to have his mother with him to guide and advise him.

Ken and Chari visited Lino to plead with him to convince Jacky to stay. Jacky however thanked Dolor for not stopping her like others who were making her feel guilty for leaving.

Jacky stated that although she felt bad that the legacy of Loida would be abandoned through her decision but Dolor stated that the only legacy of Loida was her so it was right for her to pursue things which would better her life.

Ace finally met Mauro and he voiced out his grievances: ever since Jacky left the company sales had dwindled, production was down and everything was in a mess, adding that for the first time a client has rejected their delivery.

Covering up of his inability, Ace cried that he was affected by what Jacky did to him. Mauro advised him to be a man and not allow a woman like Jacky to ruin his life. He said the issue was that he was not a man for the work but Ace promised to fix it.

Ace then threatened the workers just to make up for his mistakes.

At the Corpuz mansion, Helen told Gio that she felt use less in the house so she was traveling to the state.

She cried that none of her children listened to her. Gio apologised for his actions the previous day but Helen still felt that he has chosen Maggie over her.

Ace visited Jade and she said she was humiliated and almost ended up in jail so she did not want to talk to him.

He explained that his mother cancelled the credit card before travelling to the state. Jade threw him out but he said he needed her so much since he was going through tough time at work. She then gave him a shoulder to lean on.

Jacky received an invitation from Lino but she called him to tell him that she would not be able to make it, she had a flight to catch.

Lino told her to pass by if she changed her mind. She congratulated him.
The next day, the Ricaforts graced the grand launch of Dos Disenyos and they asked of Jacky.

During the launch Lino encouraged his workers to sow seeds of trust and love for their company to excel.

After the event, the Ricaforts promised to make Dos Disenyos be their supplier. Jacky attended the event and Jacky explained that she did not want to attend since Lino would change her mind to stay.

Lino said it was not only him who wanted her to remain in Manila, Ken and Chari dropped by to tell him to convince her to stay.

Lino indicated that irrespective of what had happened he had to stand on his feet. He had family who depended on him.

At the Bartolomes mansion, Lino decorated the place for Christmas. It was a tradition and some of the family members missed the presence of Jade.

Jade and Marissa also did shopping for the Christmas. Ace arrived home and did not give Jade a welcome k!$$.

Jade asked him about the problem and he said two other projects had been cancelled and believed the clients learnt about the first rejected delivery.

To Jade, the workers were sabotaging Ace since they were committed to Jacky.

Paeng saw Gio gathering some boxes and he asked him about the things. Gio said Jacky made someone brought them. The things were  the belongings of Ace which were left in her house.

Gio gave Paeng a letter which was attached to the things after reading it he crumpled it and threw it away.

Gio called Ace to inform him about it, adding that Paeng said he should go for them.

Ace arranged a meeting with the workers. At the meeting he fired all the workers for being incompetent. Jacky received a call from Ken informing her about the misdeeds of Ace.

Jacky hosted the workers and promised them a job after they cried out that they had a family who depended on them.

Jacky met with Lino to plead with him to absorb the workers. Per the resources of Dos Disenyos, Lino could not employ the workers who were laid off from Montecorp.

Chari suggested that Jacky could win him more contracts for him to employ the huge workforce.

Jacky was ready to postpone her trip to ensure the welfare of the workers before leaving.

Later, Lino thought about means to absorb the workers. Barry came with a plan for Lino to ask Jacky to join the Dos Disenyos team.

They spoke with Jacky and Lino requested that she joined the team for them to work together since she was efficient in supervising the workers to complement their efforts while winning new clients for them.


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