Betrayal (Halik) Episode 42

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 42

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 42 Jade’s s3× tape goes viral 

Ken told Jacky that she and Lino make a great team and advised her to consider the proposal of Lino. He said if she accepted she would no longer go to the US and they would all stay within Manila.

Chari added that Lino was right so Jacky should accept for them to join force and work together.

Jacky’s concern was that Ace might use that against her but Lino said they should do it for her workers.

Ken assured Jacky of his professional assistant and asked her to allow him to deal with the risk factors.

Looking at her face, Barry said Jacky was a great add on to the team. Jacky then accepted and promised to work really hard to help the company.

For the first time, Jacky felt good and free. Lino indicated that she deserved to be happy and should always remember that.

As the lost but found couple kept chatting, Barry was robbed out from the conversation. He felt his lips were dry so he reminded Jacky and Lino of his presence, asking them to involve him in the conversation.

Later, Jacky met with Mauro, Paeng and Ace to explain her reason she supported the laid off workers.

She spewed that they left her with no choice and told Mauro to blame himself for them not considering the fact that the workers had family to feed.

“I only did what I think was right for people I considered as family.”

“Next time you should use your head! Are you trying to say you will abandon your mom’s company. Do you want to see it go down? This company that we have worked hard for and for what..For that Lino?” Mauro yelled in frustration.

Jacky said Mauro did not have the company in heart, he did not also care about the workers, all that he cared about was money.

“The reason you run a company is to earn money and you better watch what you say.

From the way I run this company You have had good life because of the way I run this business. Don’t play innocent.”

“I never wanted that and now that I know very well how violent and evil you really are I have no right to stay here anymore,”Jacky took her bag.

“Jacky, Jacky let’s talk about this calmly. Mauro,” Paeng tried to release the tension in the room.

“I have made my decision, I am going to sell all my shares of this company. Montecorp is all yours,” Jacky left.

“What are you still doing here you should go after your wife,” Paeng ordered and Ace ran after Jacky to convince her that they were family.

Jacky shut the lips of Ace for lecturing her about family. He knew nothing about family, to her the only family she had was the workers. They were loyal, trustworthy and never cheated on her.

Ace was not ready to give in. He asked Jacky to leave, saying he would not stop her, adding that the company would be better off without her.

Lino introduced his new workers to the existence ones. Jacky thanked the Dos Disenyos boss for the warm reception.

She promised her and the new workers’ commitment to work hard to make Dos Disenyos excel.

Meanwhile, Jade and her bestie were shopping. Jacky was happy to see Lino and how he behaved towards his workers.

Mauro scolded Ace for sacking the workers. Paeng assured Mauro of Ace’s commitment in fixing the problem.

Marissa thought Ace had gotten Jade’s credit card replaced. Jade then decided to call Ace to give her money.

Unfortunately, Paeng received the call and predicted that she called to get her credit card restored.

He explained to Jade that his wife, Helen was doing everything to ensure Jade would never get a credit card from any bank.

Jade got upset and told Marissa that she had not been lucky with in-laws and it seemed Dolor was even better than Helen.

Marissa then asked her whether she was now appreciating her former in-law for treating her well but she said Dolor never treated her well.

Marissa’s phone beeped she took it and realised it was a $e× scandal. Jade was also watching same and she began to cry.

“Demn you Ace you animal!”

“Bestie let’s just go home.”

“No Ace needs to explain this to me. This can’t be happening to me,” She rushed to Montecorp to demand for the presence of Ace.

Paeng revealed his face.

“What do you want from him?” hE spewed.

“Bring your worthless son out here I want to talk to him,” Jade fumes.

She asked what she had done to the Corpuz family for her to deserve such punishment.

“Is it wrong for me to l*v* your son?” Paeng replied that all those mistresses Ace had been with said same.

“All you mistresses start reveal your true colours once the money is not there. That is exactly your case,” Jade kept demanding for Ace. Paeng threw her out.

Marissa called Jade to inform her that the tape had gone viral and the HR unit of their workplace wanted to talk to her since they were demanding for her resignation.

Ace tried to gain new clients but was turned down. The proposal did not meet the client’s standard.

Jade sent Lino message that she needed his help. As Ace was leaving, she overhead a voice from behind. He turned and realised Jacky was about to tend in proposal from Dos Disenyos to the same client.

His blood began to boil especially after seeing how warmly the client received Jacky.

Before he could leave, he received a text from Jade asking the person who leaked the tape. Ace got home and Jade voiced out her frustrations and left him behind.

As Lino was driving his motto, Barry told Lino that Jade was in a new viral video. A $e× viral video.

Ace went to see Joel. He punched him for leaking the tape. Ace felt betrayed but Joel threw him out of his bar.

“Get out of the car or I am going to drive you out,” Lino scolded Marissa for having a role in the collapse of his marriage.

He went for Jade and told her that the video was driving him crazy as he could not watch.

Jade apologised for her action and asked Lino to hold his hand. Lino said she disgusted him. Jade asked for another chance but Lino said they were done since Ace made her feel happy and gave her everything.

Lino could not sleep, Gio called Maggie and said he would come back later. Maggie realised her colleagues were gossiping about her.

Lino visited the grave of his lost son with Jade. Maggie went to sit somewhere and Bogs saw her, asking her why she was crying.

Bogs said they should go and eat. Meanwhile, Lino kept voicing out the misery that he felt and sobbed. He said he was consumed by anger and hatred while needed someone to talk to.

He said he wanted to build a family with Jade because he l*ved her unconditionally. He never wanted to do something that people could refer to him as a f00l.

Bogs came to serve Maggie with a food. He asked her why she still had teary eyes. He said he wanted her to feel happy.

Maggie said the problem she had was her job and he advised her to quit the job. He promised to find a new job for her. She said if he found her a good job she would give him a reward.

The next morning, Marissa prepared a food for Jade but she was not feeling well. She said she was not hungry.

Marissa cried out that she woke up early just to prepare food for her and she was not ready to eat?

Jade fainted, Marissa became scared blowing air on her. She woke up and Marissa asked if she should send her to hospital.

She said Marissa was overreacting, perhaps she was hungry and needed to eat.

Marissa sent her to the table and made her smell the fish. She threw up suddenly. Marissa asked her the last time she menstruated and she said she missed her period.

Marissa said she might be pregnant.


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