Betrayal (Halik) Episode 47

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 47

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 47 Jade confirms her pregnancy comes out of rape incident 

“You are a selfish girl. That’s the reason you manipulated me. You manipulated me to be just like you. Now I feel like an id**t for listening to your advice.”

At Dos Disenyos, Lino told the workers to go home. He said he checked the delivery and everything was perfect, the rest of the materials would also be in the following week so he dismissed them early for them to enjoy their festive celebration.

Jacky came to meet the workers happy, she seeks Lino’s permission to meet Chari.

Elsewhere, Jade went for a job interview as she was telling the boss about her good track record, he held Jade’s hand and asked her to relax.

“Actually Sir, I am very hardworking and very determined and sir if I see clients who are interested in a unit I go after them to ensure they purchase the unit.”

The boss stretched; “So you will go all out.”

“I am sorry Sir!”

“You will go all out for your client? So what position do you like?”

“What?” Jade wondered.

“I ask what’s your favourite position?”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Can I take a video of you?” The boss took his phone and started taking video of Jade.

“You’re a pervert! How dare you act like this!” Jade attacked the boss.

“You’re working for a reputable company and this is how you treat me?
I will get you fired, you’re a pervert”

“Haha what did I do?” As Jade was leaving fast the interviewer kept laughing.

“What did I do?”

Jade was upset and she went to stand next to a wall at the company to catch her breath. She received a text from her second interview she was about to go.

“Ms Flores unfortunately we have to cancel your interview today we decided you are not good fit in our family-based company.”

“What family-based company all of you are being judgemental,” Jade cried.

Mauro asked Paeng what was he celebrating with his favourite brandy. He added that there was the need to celebrate since everything was falling into place at Montecorp.

He made Paeng assured him that Montecorp was in a safe hand with him around.

Jade told Ace that she was disrespected during her job interview due to her leaked tape. She said her second job was also cancelled with an excuse that she was not fit for the job.

Ace asked her to ignore them.

“How can I ignore them. I almost get $e×ually harassed. Aren’t you listening to me?”

“Jade I am listening to you.” Jade was upset that Ace was not looking at her. Ace said if she had a bad day he also had same.

He said he needed Jacky to listen to him to close a deal with a client but she did not lend him her ears.

The moment she heard Jacky’s name she ran mad and told Ace that Jacky wanted to use that opportunity for him to run after her.

Ace told her to dress up for them to eat outside. Lino went out with his nephews and niece. He received a call from Fe who was worried that Lino could not handle the kids since they were many but Lino assured her that he could take care of them.

Lino and the kids bumped into Jacky who came at the mall to buy some items. Lino explained to Jacky that going out with the kids was part of their tradition and every year they send the kids out.

The kids said they were hungry. Jacky offered to give them a treat. She sent them to an expensive restaurant, there the kids saw Jade and ran to her.

Jade realised Lino came with the kids, Lino told Dos and Camille that the place was for adult and they could not be there.

Camille asked if Aunt Jade would go with them and Lino replied that she was entertaining a client (referring to Ace).

In order to pick up a fight, Jade stopped the kids to give them goodbye ki$$, saying she was busy and was unfortunate for her not to join them.

Lino held the kids, Jade then told Jacky that she was playing aunty to the kids while she was away, the role she said  still did not make Jacky part of the Bartolomes family. .

“Actually it does. Not once did they make me feel like I don’t belong and you… I am sure you are enjoying the purse of being the new green in Ace’s life.

But how certain are you Jade that he is not seeing other girls.”

“Ace just say hi to your friend for me.” She eyes Ace.

“Jacky let’s go we are interrupting their private time.”

Lino went with Jacky. Jade got upset and asked Ace what that was about. Ace said Jacky wanted to pick up a fight.

In a different restaurant the kids asked Lino questions about Jade. Camile asked if Jade was a bad person since grandma Fe said so.

Another person asked the name of the man Jade was with, another also said a neighbour told them that their aunt Jade was going out with another man and asked whether the man they saw with her was that man she was seeing.

Lino became speechless but they forced Lino to talk. Lino said not everything that neighbours say were right and asked them to forget about it.

Jade kept demanding answers from Ace but he turned the tables around, asking Jade why she wanted to get close to the kids.

Ace told Jade that he had to see an important client, Jade offered to go with him but Ace said after what happened at Ricaforts’ party he would never go anywhere with Jade.

Lino wondered what he should do concerning the kids questions. Jacky advised him to spill out the truth since the kids were smart rather than knowing the truth from neighbours.

Lino saw the kids as young but Jacky said the truth could not be hidden forever.

Jade and Marissa were in a shopping mall. They were eating ice cream but Jade said her own tasted wired like rubber and wanted to get a different flavour.

Marissa saw Francois, her ex guy and his wife so she tried stopping Jade from going. Jade Also spotted Francois and decided to confront him.

Emma, the wife of Francois scolded Marissa and threatened to beat that ugly face of hers.

Jade called Emma disgusting for being a mistress. Emma told Jade that she was at the wrong side because her friend tried stealing her husband.

“I am the real wife, that woman you are trying to protect is the mistress of my husband.”

Francois tried stopping her and promised her that he was no longer with Marissa so she should stop fighting.

After the commotion, Marissa tried escaping but Jade caught her and forced her to talk about the incident.

Meanwhile, Vince tried talking to Ace for them to go to a different bar and said Joel had warned him not to allow Ace into the bar anymore.

Ace said Joel was jealous since he did not have balls. He called Joel a j*rk. Jade got upset that Marissa kept her secret from her.

She told Marissa that she had told her all her dark secrets but Marissa had failed to reveal hers to her.

“Bestie this is so unfair, you have been keeping secrets from me.”

“Please bestie to tell you the truth I have been wanting to tell you my real situation but then bestie I felt so ashamed.”

“I was embarrassed to tell you and I felt so ashamed to myself because I allowed this to happen to me. That’s why I was unable to tell you the whole truth.”

“Because you are only thinking about yourself. You are a selfish girl. That’s the reason you manipulated me. You manipulated me to be just like you. Now I feel like an id**t for listening to your advice”

“Bestie I didn’t plan any of these at all, I am so sorry I didn’t lie to you bestie.”

“So what was your plan? For me and Ace to breakup so I will end up miserable like you is that it.
That is not what real friends do Marissa.”

“Bestie I am so sorry.” Jade walked out.

Meanwhile, Lino sat quietly thinking. Dolor asked him why he was bothered even though he went out with the kids.

He let out his sentiments that he bumped into Jade and the kids were demanding for reasons why Jade was with Ace.

He explained that Jacky advised him to tell the kids the real situation.

Jade fell while walking and Marissa rushed her to the hospital. There the doctor revealed that Jade was pregnant.

She congratulated Ace but Jade told the doctor that just the following week she had her menstruation so she could be wrong.

“V*g*na bleeding is possible during your first trimester. There is no mistake you are eleven weeks pregnant.”

The wind of coldness blew. As they got home Ace asked whether the baby was his.

Jade explained that she stopped sleeping with Lino when she started her bedroom encounter with Ace.

Ace said it was worse time for her to get pregnant so she should keep mute about it.

He told Jade to leave the country while he stayed behind but Jade did not want to go, fearing that she would end up alone.

“Don’t you know baby is an evidence that we were having an affair behind our marriage. Jacky can use it against us.”

“Okay but don’t abandon me please”

“Yes of course I promise.”

“Where are you going Ace?”

“I need to make an arrangement for you to leave as soon as possible before your pregnancy starts showing.”

Ace rushed to the casino to play his game. Jade called him several times but he did not answer.

Aliyah got to the casino and stood next to Ace, he  then won the game. Ace called her his lucky charm and planned to buy her a drink but she said they should play some to verify whether she was indeed his lucky charm.

The Ricaforts thanked Lino, Celine gave Lino a gift and pleaded with him to take care of Jacky since she has lost her mom and husband.

Lino promised to take good care of her even if she had not asked. Jacky gave her nanny day off to be with her kid to celebrate his birthday.

Jade saw Joel and he introduced her to his girlfriend Kendis. As they were talking Joel had a call so he left both ladies and Kendis asked if Jade was still after Ace and she said yes.

Kendis described Ace as a lucky man for having loyal women by his side. She prayed that Ace would change his ways. She then revealed to Jade that Ace drugged her to have $e× with her.

Lino received lots of presents and gave the security man a ticket to a hotel for him to enjoy with his wife.

Jade got affected after finding out that Ace drugged him, she tried asking Joel but he said she did not have to know besides he knew Ace regretted.

Jade got home to find Ace sleeping and she poured a glass of water on him. Ace suddenly woke up and asked Jade about her problem.

“You are my problem Ace after I met you my entire life got ruined.”

“What the hell is wrong with you Jade?”

“Tell me the truth right now!

Did you drug me the first time we slept together?”

“You are a monster I hate you.”

“Jade is not true, who told you?

Is it Joel , Jade he is mad at me that’s why he wants to destroy our relationship.”

Jade described Ace as a liar as she shed tears.

“Jade how many times do I have to defend myself for you to stop doubting me?

Jade I proposed to you, didn’t I?

Isn’t that enough for you?”

“You raped me Ace!”

“Jade I didn’t rape you. You wanted what happened that night . You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.
So don’t you dare go and accuse me of anything any time you have that doubt in your head.”

“How dare you?” Ace tried holding her but Jade pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Fine, Alright I have had enough,” Ace walked out and took his bag along as Jade sat and cry.

“Bastard how can he do this to me, I hate him.”


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