Betrayal (Halik) Episode 49

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 49

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 49 Jade seduces Lino to accept her pregnancy 

“Barry take her out. She is pregnant with Ace’s kid and she wants me to support her. What a crazy moron don’t you ever come back here.”

Marissa got down the stairs to find her bestie already eating breakfast. Jade thanked Marissa for supporting her since day one.

Marissa finally voiced out the truth behind her relationship with Francois. She said Francois married her and did not tell her he had a wife. According to her, she felt sad when the moment arrived that she learnt Francois had a wife and she was nothing but a mistress.

She said Francois’ wife gave him an ultimatum and he chose his wife. She advised Jade to continue fighting for what she wanted.

Lino arrived at work and gave the workers food to eat.
Elsewhere Gio received a text from Maggie that they should meet for lunch for her to introduce him to Lino.

Paeng ordered Gio to be in the car, Helen said she would join them in order to present souvenirs she got to Mauro.

Jade watched some articles of Lino online. reading Lino’s success stories, Jade paid a surprise visit Lino to congratulate him for his new shop with a motive to entrap him to accept her into his life again.

“Didn’t I tell you that Dos Disenyos will be big? Do you still have the coins I gave to you?”

Jade looking so full of herself, acting as if her effort contributed to Lino’s success but Lino made her see that her effort was a mere trash.

“I threw it away!”

Lino asked whether that was the reason she was there and she said she was pregnant.

“So what do you want from me now, an annulment?”

“Ace told me he doesn’t want the baby.”

“So what? Hahahaha what do you want me to do?”

“I need you Lino, I don’t have anyone to tend to. I need you.”

Jade forced herself on Lino and embraced him. Lino pushed her away.

“Now wait a minute he won’t support you so you decided to come to me? You really are so full of yourself huh! I’m gonna take the responsibility for all the mistakes you made?
Get out of here, you should leave, get out of here.”

“Lino please, please don’t do this,” Jade forcefully embraced Lino trying to win Lino’s affection.

“Please don’t do this…”

“Get out of here,” Lino tried pushing her away but she kept trapping him to brace him.

“I don’t know who else could help me” she sobbed.

“You think you can just run to me?
I can’t believe how shameless you are. I don’t care about you get away from me.”

“Lino, Lino,” She ran back just to seduce Lino by embracing him, Lino tried hard to resist while dragging her out.

She turned back again trying to hug Lino:

“Lino don’t do this please let’s talk”

“Barry take her out. She is pregnant with Ace’s kid and she wants me to support her. What a crazy moron don’t you ever come back here.”

Jade ran away. Ace slept while his phone beeped several times. He woke up. Helen brought that souvenir to Mauro and was happy to have it.

Helen demanded that Mauro gives back Ace’s position to him. Fascinated by Lino’s success, Jade got to the house and told Marissa that she could not believe that Lino could achieve so much within the blink of an eye.

She said the achievement of Lino was all that they were hoping for and he has now become successful person.

Marissa asked her why she went there to inform Lino about her pregnancy while she had to slow down on herself.

“I feel like I have no one to tend to. Lino is all that I have now, he is the only one who could help me bestie. He is my last hope.”

Marissa told her that she should not have gone back to Lino. As she was wondering how to entangle Lino to her due to his new success, Jade said she was eleven weeks pregnant and and thought the baby could be Lino’s child.

Back to Montecorp, Helen said that would be the last favour she would ever ask.

Mauro lamented that the company lost lots of money all because of Ace and said sorry to her for his inability to help Ace.

Helen threatened to expose Mauro for murdering Robert Oliver and Ben Seropon. She said she would secure the future of her children even if Mauro and Paeng would have to go to prison because of that.

Thinking about Jade and how she was taking Lino for a f00l, Lino vent his anger on one of his works and destroyed it.

This made the workers wondered what was going through the head of Sir Idol.

Barry told Lino that Jade was desperate and wanted to use his feelings against her. He advised Lino not to entertain her.

Lino indicated that Jade knew he wouldn’t hurt a woman that was why she turned to him. He said he was affected since he and Jade had been through a lot and Barry asked if he would help her.

He said out of self respect he wouldn’t dare because he would become a moron if he did.

Marissa advised Jade against her plan of making Lino assume the responsibility of the child but she insisted that it could be possible that Lino was the father of the child.

“Yeah you’re right. You are becoming so desperate and your brain is trying to believe all the crazy lies you are feeding it.”

Marissa advised Jade to be a single mom without seeking Ace or Lino’s help.

Mauro got upset and went to Paeng to ask him not to act like he knew nothing.

“Is your wife and you ganging up on me?
Is your wife…. threatening me to reinstate Ace.”

In his defence, Paeng said he sacked Ace and would not connive with Helen. He made Mauro believe that he was on his side.

Mauro fainted and Jacky was informed that Sir Mauro had been rushed to the hospital.

Bogs felt happy that Maggie told him that she needed a job, he said he found a job for Maggie.

Jacky got to the hospital to find out that Mauro had a stroke and was in a coma.

Bogs found a way to meet Maggie to send her to the company where the job vacancy was.

Ace and Aliyah had a lunch and complemented Aliyah for being a great cook.

“Aliyah I really feel bad for what happened to you the other night. I want to make up for what happened may be we can go out on a vacation just the two of us.”

“I’m okay I’m over it. You are not the first womaniser I’ve met ,” Ace said he was not a womaniser but was fortunate when it comes to l*ve.

Ace explained that his marriage was hit with lots of problems so he became miserable when Jacky left him. That was when, he said Jade showed up but assured Aliyah that the chapter was closed for he and Jade.

Aliyah indicated that she did not care if he was dating thousands girls at the same time since she could also act in similar fashion but she did not like it when a man comes into her house to describe her as slut.

They agreed on being together. They climaxed their new relationship with $e×. Jacky called Lino to inform him that Mauro had been hospitalised.

Chari told Jacky that upon how Mauro treated her she still helped Mauro. Changing the subject, Jacky said her friends and investors were so impressed with the designs of Dos Disenyos and some said Lino could be an international designer.

As the Bartolomes were eating, Lino bit his lip and Ed said the traditional explanation to that was someone was talking about him.

Fe said it could be Jacky thinking about Lino. Lino asked whether she was sure it was Jacky and she said she would think million times that it was Jacky over Jade.

Lino did not feel like eating again. Helen visited Ace and advised him to shape up so that he could be given a second chance at Montecorp.

He said the reason he appeared as loser was because of Helen meddling in his affairs.

Ace insisted that he did not need anyone’s help and promised to get back on his feet for Mauro to run after him to reinstate him at Montecorp.

Paeng scolded Gio for not focusing. He said they had to prove to Mauro that they could run the company even with the absence of Jacky.

Ace got to Aliyah’s apartment to give to her a breakfast but she said she does not eat breakfast but thanked him for his effort and used the opportunity to plan with Ace about her entry into Montecorp.

Ace received a call from Helen informing him that Mauro had been admitted, he left to visit Mauro.

Barry informed Lino that someone was there to see him, Jade revealed her face.

“What if I tell you that you’re my baby’s father.”


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