Betrayal (Halik) Episode 5

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 5 Ace sabotaged Lino following the Indonesian deal 

“I never meant to embarrass you Ace, and I don’t intend to make our marital problem public but I can’t stand it.”

Lino was walking and came to meet Jacky coincidentally so he told Jacky that he did not follow her, he said the place he was, was noisy and decided to leave but Jacky asked him to stay.

She said it might be that they had to work together. He went to a washroom and as he was washing his hands he said to himself that he was a married man, hence he had to l^ve only Jade.

When he was returning to his seat, he met a certain pregnant woman who was speaking with her husband on phone saying she needed help immediately.

He recalled how Jade called her when she was facing similar problem while pregnant, unfortunately Jade lost the baby.

As he was standing thinking about those moments, Jacky asked whether everything was okay with him and he said yes just that the woman reminded him of his wife.

As their conversation was reaching its climax with Jade hold the hand of Lino to comfort him, Ace  who was passing saw them. Ace got upset and engaged in tussle with Lino.

He said they should not tell him that what was happening was just a mere coincidence.

Jacky told Ace that they were there to talk business and there was nothing going on between them. Lino said it was true and Ace should not be paranoid and trust his wife.

Ace pushed Lino and a fight started but people around came to separate them. Jacky was stunned by Ace’s action. She angrily said she would not act like him when her partner was around. She asked him to do her a favour and leave. Ace left.

“I never meant to embarrass you Ace, and I don’t intend to make our marital problem public but I can’t stand it,” Jacky confronted him when she met him privately.

Ace said the guy acted like he was closer to her, Jacky said between the two Ace was the one who cheated on her.

Later Mrs Iwayan called Jacky to inform her that she should meet them with her proposal. She felt so happy with it.

In Singapore, Jade bumped into someone and it turned out that the person was an acquaintance. They sat somewhere and she asked Jade why she left Lino since Lino was a promising guy but Jade said she wanted to be independent.

Lino presented his proposal to Mr Iwayan, Jacky also presented the Monte Corp proposal but Agung said they had rejected the proposal and thanked them for coming.

Jacky asked for reasons for the rejection and Agung said their labour cost was so expensive and for Lino, he lacked the manpower for the job. Lino said that was why he was partnering with Monte Corp to address that concern. Jacky indicated that, that was why they were there to close the deal.

Lino demanded to talk to Mr Iwayan but Agung said he did not know how they do business in the Philippines.

“But here you just don’t gatecrash at event and strike a deal by using your charms. I am not interested in what you are proposing and that is final.”

“Now the deal is off get out of here! Security take them away.” Agung left them.

Jacky got to the hotel. Ace who was waiting for her asked her how it went and she said it was horrible and disaster. She believed that the presentation was not enough and the Indonesian investors were not satisfied.

She said she was exhausted and did not know what to tell Mauro. She then excused Ace.

Meanwhile Lino spoke with his friend and said Agung was in a bad mood but if Mr Iwayan looked thoroughly into the proposal he might contact them due to the partnership with Jacky.

His friend began to tease him that the partnership with Jacky might be a means for Lino to rekindle their relationship but Lino said he was a married man, hence he should think of the partnership as means to expand their business.

“Just give me one chance, I really need one,” Lino went to see Mr Iwayan and said sorry for coming unannounced.

Mr Iwayan said sorry to him as his son had so much issues with the proposal. Lino said he wanted him to see his designs.

Jacky then received a call from Mrs Iwayan telling her that Mr Iwayan was given her second chance to close their deal and she said they would be in Manila in couple of weeks which she believed by then the Monte Corp team would be fully prepared. Jacky was so happy and accepted. She thanked him.

She said she should talk to Mr Bartolome and Jacky asked what was it about him. Mrs Iwayan said she wanted her to work with Mr Bartolome and she believed the three of them could form great partnership. Jacky then assured to relay the information to Lino.

However Ace went to see Iwayan’s son, Agung explained that he rejected the proposals since they lacked professionalism. He said they did not know the hustlers their company was dealing with.

Ace indicated that Monte Corp was a great organisation and they have better ethics. He apologised for what Jacky did and said their company had no relations with Lino.

Agung said he has accepted his apology and would rethink about the proposal only for Monte Corp.

Ace saw Lino and apologised to him for his action and Lino also said sorry to him. A call came through and Ace went to talk to the receptionist.

Jacky saw Lino with his bag and asked him whether he was leaving. He said yes and explained that it was the last day of his vacation. Jacky gave him her contact to get in touch with her.

Lino reached home and was welcomed by his people. His mother asked him whether he has been able to speak with Jade. He said she was not answering any of his calls but texted him.

His mother told him to fix his problems with his wife.

In Bali, Jacky was talking to Cherry and did not know whether to forgive Ace or not. She said what if the phone actually belonged to someone else as Ace was claiming  and said perhaps she was being too harsh on him.

She received another call and she told Cherry that she would talk to her later. It was a receptionist who informed her that something had happened to her husband at the pool.

Jacky immediately went to see the receptionist and the later said she was sending her to where the accident happened. When they reached she asked Jacky to wait there for Ace.

Ace surprised her with the video if their happy moments they shared during the early stage of their l^ve story. She watched it and smiled. The audio in the video praised Jacky as a l^ved one and aside her hardworking nature she always looked Beautiful.

She remembered when Ace saved her from some goons. Ace then appeared and she asked him what those things were for.

Ace said it was just something to make her feel happy as it had been long since they went out on a date. Jacky said she would be better of if he never cheated on her. Ace  assured her that he would never do that since he was nothing without her.

Her friends called her to ask how she was doing with Ace and she told them that her husband prepared a surprise for her. She said she had to go and Cherry said bye to her.

He and Ace made l^ve while in the shower. It was all butterflies for both and they really went into eachother’s body exploring it. With their lips locked, sm**ching and caressing their body. Ace splash the water while rocking her from behind, a doggy I meant. He swayed her waist to him, softly touching it. His hand in her palm. Jacky felt it deep, she could not help but to moan. She looked up as they changed the style, Ace fingers scrolling down her face. He pulled her neck to his chest. Round two….well  It was a make up s*x for a start of a new beginning after their misunderstanding.

In Manila, Lino received a text from Jade that she was coming home the next day. He asked her the flight number and the time she would arrive. His friend said he met a chick that showed him something that he would teach him for him to practice with Jade. He asked about the deal and Lino updated him.

Lino went for Jade at the airport. She said she wanted to visit their son first. They went to the grave. Jade said sorry to her son for not being able to visit.

Lino asked her never to give up on their love and promised to always take care of her as he earlier promised her.

They went to buy Jade’s favourite food and Lino sent her to a certain place where he showed her a vaccant lot (a land) and told her that they were the owners. He said she was his wife and he had made it a mandate to always make her feel happy.

Ace called the family over when they got to Manila and told Jacky that the Indonesians wanted to work with only them. Jacky was a bit surprise to hear that.

Lino told Jade that when his Indonesian deal push through they would build their dream house on the lot. Jade was beaming with smiles, now her dream of getting rich was actualising.

Ivory called Ace several times and Jacky said he should pick the call as it might be emergency.

He then excused them to receive the call. He told Ivory to stop bothering him as he had called it a quit. She insisted on seeing him she promised not to allow Ace to do that to her. She was in a bar and was drunk.

She later left the bar as the bar attendant said she had had enough drinks. Ivory in her car, kept calling Ace and he kept ignoring her.

Meanwhile, Lino said he was sending Jade to a restaurant. On their way a car geared off and they went to help the victim out.

When Lino got closer she called him Ace and she said she l^ved him. Lino told Jade to call an ambulance and asked Ivory not to close her eyes.

Jacky who was applying pomade after her night bath felt tempted to take Ace’s phone. She realised that Ivory had called several times and she called back.

Lino saw the victim’s phone was ringing, when he picked he realised it was Jacky. Jacky also mentioned Lino’s name.


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