Betrayal (Halik) Episode 50

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 50

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 50 Jade, Marissa become homeless 

“My conscience will not forgive me if I allow her to abort that child.”

At Dos Disenyos, Lino asked Jade if she was that desperate. Lino asked her if she took him for a f00l for compelling him to accept a baby which was not his.

Lino drove her away and told her not to cause a scene. Maggie gained the job which she applied and she celebrated with Bogs.

She thanked Bogs for recommending her. Bogs said he got her back. Maggie decided to send him for a treat but Bogs didn’t accept. He had to get back to work as early as possible since  Lino was in a bad mood.

Maggie asked what the matter was and he told her about the incident of Jade and asked Maggie no to reveal it to anyone.

Ace got to the clinic to check on Sir Mauro but Jacky and her friends drove him away.

As he got to his car, he told Helen that Jacky drove him away and promised her to win Jacky over. Helen warned him not to waste that opportunity to get back with her since she needed someone to lean on especially now that her father was bedridden. Ace then said he would ensure to tame her.

Chari got upset that Lino had a nerve to call Mauro dad. She added that he was pretending to care for her and was taking advantage of Jacky’s vulnerability.

Attorney Ken advised Jacky not to allow him to get close to her. Jacky indicated that Ace was closer to her dad.

She said Mauro had always seen Ace as his son and Ace believed Mauro treated him better than Paeng.

Lino got home late and Dolor asked him if he was avoiding them. She told him that the last time he acted that way he was hiding something.

Marissa sent Jade to hospital and they saw that the baby was okay and the doctor advised Jade not to stress herself.

Jade after seeing she had run out of money decided to call Ace but she convinced herself not to.

In the bar, Vince wondered why Ace did not care about Jade and her pregnancy but he said Vince asked too much questions as if he was his mother.

Dolor got to Lino’s room to find him “breaking bottles.” Dolor stated that he should not hide the issue from her since Maggie had already told her that Jade was bothering him.

She asked him what Jade wanted and he said Jade was pregnant and was claiming he was the father.

Dolor interjected that Jade was so desperate to f00l Lino again.

“You know what Lino, let’s be real here! No body is perfect right? And everyone makes a mistake. Mom Loida made the same mistake; she had an affair with Robert Oliver and then she got pregnant with his child.

And then when she found out that she was pregnant with Jacky she told Mauro about it. She owned up to her mistake and asked for forgiveness for what she did. I admired her honesty but Jade is different. What is happening to her? It is just sad that she thinks she is right.”

“The nerve of that woman, she has the guards to do all that things to me,” Lino said in fury.

Jacky remembered all the hurtful words Mauro said against her. Jacky told herself that she would care for Mauro due to the l*ve that she had for Loida so that when someday they met she would gladly tell her mom that she did the right thing. She promised never to give up on Mauro.

Back to the Bartolomes, Dolor advised Lino not to allow Jade to affect him. Dolor then revealed to Lino that after knowing what Jade did, she went to her and scolded her.

She said she told Jade that she was not part of the family but cared about her and still included her in her prayers.

Jade as she was looking for a job bumped into Tet and told her that she needed a job urgently.

Tet asked if that man of hers had failed to cater for her, suddenly Jade started feeling dizzy.

She fainted and Tet sent her to clinic. Jade had a crisis and started hitting her stomach to get rid of the baby. She said she was worthless and did not deserve the baby.

Tet said she would be worthless if she pushed through with her abortion plan. Tet sent Jade home to find Marissa ejected from her house.

She narrated that Francois’ wife took the house and the car and was left with nothing. Jade tried to console her.

Marissa said sorry for dragging her into her mess and promised they would find a new place to stay.

As they were crying behind the gate, thinking of their next step Tet offered to give them a ace to lay their head. She ordered the two mistresses to follow her quickly before she changes her mind.

Jacky went to the clinic to find Ace with Mauro. She accepted his presence and told him to stay.

Tet arrived home with the two mistresses and Marissa begged her for their last encounter at the mall.

Ace cried and hoped that nothing happened to Mauro. He lamented that he and Mauro had a misunderstanding and wanted him to regain consciousness for him to apologise.

Tet rushed to Dolor’s house and told her about Jade’s decision to abort the baby.

“My conscience will not forgive me if I allow her to abort that child.”

Dolor said they were happy without Jade and was upset that Tet was seeking their help for Jade after all that she did against her family. Lino came home to hear that Jade wanted to abort her baby.

He said Jade was getting insane and decided to call her but Dolor took the phone just to stop him from reprimanding her.

Dolor later talked to Lino to accept and support the baby. She said he should do it for the child not for Jade.

Lino told Dolor that Ace had to do that not him and was tired of doing the right thing.

“But then even if we do the right thing we will end up as victims.”

Dolor said it would be right at the end if he chose to save a life. Lino vent his anger on a table. He kicked and hit it on a wall.

The next day, Dolor visited Tet and saw Jade instead. She asked her if she lost her morals after being a mistress.

Dolor told her that after Jade narrated her childhood experience for sleeping on one street to another she opened her heart for her and that was why she made Lino marry her.

She said after all that she did against her family she prayed for her everyday and night “because that is what mothers do.”

Even if their child makes mistakes they support her and do not cut off their support. She then wondered why Jade wouldn’t do the same for her child while she had already lost one.

Jade cried that she did a mistake and was losing her mind. Dolor advised her to pull herself together and not abort the innocent child as she would regret it some day.

SHe then requested a favour from Jade.

“Please have mercy on my son, stop manipulating him, have mercy on us.”


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