Betrayal (Halik) Episode 51

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 51

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 51 Lino brings Jade back to his house 

“Jacky it’s the truth. I am not the child’s father. Look! Jade’s been sleeping around and besides Jacky I have realised that I want you to be the mother of my kids if I have them.”

At Tet’s house, Jade begged Dolor for forgiveness over the havoc she caused in the Bartolomes family.

She embraced Dolor and explained to her why she ran to Lino for help, saying she had no one except him.

Dolor advised her to use her current situation as an opportunity to clean up all her mess. She also believed after what Jade has done her family would not forgive her so easily.

As she regretted her actions, pleading with Dolor to find it in her heart to forgive her Dolor got so emotional and broke away from Jade’s embrace.

Lino in church prayed to God for direction about Jade’s case and called on God to give him strength to handle the situation and to also forget the anguish in his heart to find the right means to handle the issue.

At Dos Disenyos, Lino met a client whose daughter bears the same name as his niece, Camille.

Marissa packed her things to stay with her cousin. She told Jade that she wanted to start afresh.

She said she was only a phone call away and promised to get a better job and keep money so that she could return to Manila for She and Jade to become room mates.

Marissa also said sorry for being a bad influence in Jade’s life. They then bid emotional good bye with Marissa saying Jade has become her real sister.

Tet called Jade to check up on her; whether she had drunk a medicine and told her that she would soon be home.

After the call, Jade experienced dizziness, she collapsed. Fortunately for her Lino, arrived to find her lying helplessly on the floor.

Lino rushed to her aid. Meanwhile, Jacky searched for him at Dos Disenyos. Barry told her that Lino left alone. He seemed to be affected by Jade’s visit.

However, Jade thanked Lino for arriving on time to save her. She then started her lectures about her pregnancy running on a high risk all to win the sympathy of Lino.

“The doctor told me I need a bed rest but I don’t think I can afford to do that because if I don’t work how I’m I supposed to support the child.

Lino I am so tired of hoping, Lino I don’t know what to do anymore,” Jade kept on crying till Lino turned to her.

She quickly embraced Lino and would not allow Lino to break out from the hug.

“Lino please don’t go away,” her soft adulterous voice chirped like a bird.

Chari and Attorney Ken arrived at the hospital to see Jacky and Ace coming out from Sir Mauro’s ward.

The two friends became upset that Ace took liberty in their absence to get closer to Jacky.

Chari went to show Ace his way before he missed it but Ace with his puppy eyes would not leave without bidding fair well to his ex wife.

The cunning womaniser called Jacky with his subtle jargons just to win Jacky.

“What are you saying L*v*?” Attorney Ken repeated Ace’s romantic jargon in fury, demanding for reason why he would address Jacky that way.

Both friends promised to ensure Ace did not win Jacky with his drama. Lino told Tet that he did not know she was living with Jade and she explained why she admitted her and Marissa.

Lino after careful thought decided to take the adulterous prodigal house wife back home.

The Bartolomes set table to think about the fate of the adulterous wife. Fe and Maggie were not in support of bringing the crook prodigal slut home.

Dolor tried to make Fe understand that Jade had already lost a child, causing abortion might affect the fatherless child she was carrying.

Ed tried to make Maggie understand but Maggie insisted that she would not be able to keep her feelings and anguish away from the prodigal sister in-law, who hunted for a man and was left hunted.

“Lino are you sure you want that woman to walk on us. Lino do you want her to take advantage of you?” Maggie cried over Lino’s decision.

Helen asked her cunning Casanova son how his drama went and he proudly told how he even swept Jacky on her feet to get close to Mauro.

He said his problem was the two friends of Jacky and Helen promised to take care of those pests.

Tet advised Jade concerning her behaviour as Lino came for her to send her to the house.

She tried to woo Lino but Lino resisted, saying he was doing that for the baby she was carrying.

“That isn’t my baby stop twisting the story. I know the truth so don’t twist the story and don’t get on the nerve of my family when we get to the house okay.. don’t take advantage of us.”

With her adulterous eyes she accepted the terms and conditions given to her and followed Lino home.

As they arrived with her shameful face, her eyes emitted fears seeing the Bartolome squad standing quietly.

She rolled her eyes around, she definitely needed an ally to make her stay in the house joyful, she picked her first target Dolor and ran to embrace her.

Ed welcomed her but as she turned to Fe the later showed the adulterous wife her rightful place. Fe is no no*sense  woman and not generous with her emotions like Dolor and Lino.

Maggie get stood once again by her rich boss, Gio. Bogs got into the picture to ask Maggie why she looked so tensed. He then hanged out with her.

Bogs always wished that things would end up that way for him to have his chance with her.

Lino left Jade on the bed but the woman who could not stay without a d**k tried to pull a fast one on him. He still abandoned her.

“The left over” still would not take no for an answer so she tried following Lino but Dolor got on the way to ask her where she was going.

“I wanted to follow Lino to check on what he will need,” Dolor’s eyes popped up wondering what her son would need at that night.

She stopped Jade and told her to rest and give Lino a break. He was going through tough time.

The adulterous wife in her trousers stood quietly perhaps thinking about how she could probably get Lino to water the child inside her.

Lino left the house, claiming it was hot in there. Fe understood that phrase so she told Ed to allow him to go out for fresh air since indeed the room was hot with the arrival of the heated crook adulterous.

Lino met Jacky at the place he was taking the fresh air. They welcomed eachother with a smile. Both seemed to have similar needs, he finally revealed to Jacky that her cunning womaniser husband had penetrated into his ch**p adulterous wife to get her pregnant.

Jacky sobbed, for a moment she thought Ace had changed his crooked ways but realised there was a fire on the Mountain that was why he was drawing closer to her.

Lino revealed that he took Jade back home to support her after she tried ending the life of the child she was carrying.

Jacky wondered what Ace did for Jade but realised he denied the pregnancy. She felt sorry for the innocent child since the child’s issue reflected her life story.

She sent Ace a message, he felt happy in the bar thinking he has conquered the heart of Jacky.

Meanwhile, the two friends of Jacky messed up with Ace’s car.

Ace cunningly sent Jacky to his room, man as you know he does not waste time. He gave Jacky a drink just to set a mood for his upcoming plans.

Jacky played along, she intelligently told Ace that she had something sweet to tell him.

As subtle as he was, he softly caressed the leg of Jacky urging her on. She sipped a portion of the drink to tease Ace on and threw the drink on his face once the opportunity arised.

“What’s your problem?”

“You such a p*g that is my problem,” she slapped him before Ace could open his mouth another slap went through his other cheek.

His eyes were heavy with tears. His plans were ruined.

“What is your problem?”

“I found out that you got Jade pregnant and you left her and the child like a garb*g*”

“So what?”

“You’re her lawyer now?

“You’re best friends now?”

“What did she tell you anyway, Jacky that woman is a liar. The child might not be mine.”

Jacky doubted Ace’s words.

“No one in her right mind will believe you.”

“Jacky it’s the truth. I am not the child’s father. Look! Jade’s been sleeping around and besides Jacky I have realised that I want you to be the mother of my kids if I have them.”

“Are you serious Ace? She drew closer
Really?” She gave another two shot of slaps on Ace’s face.

“You think what you said will flatter me arh! We are over and no one can stop our annulment. I will fight for it to push through so what you should do is to act like a man and take responsibility of Jade’s child or else there will be no one to put up with your disgusting ways.”

Jacky closed the door on his face and left.

“Fine” he destroyed things in his room and sober up sitting on his bed lost in his thoughts.


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