Betrayal (Halik) Episode 52 Ace in trouble over a rape incident

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 52

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 52 Ace in trouble over a rape incident

“Why Ed well i am really sorry Dolor I apologise. It is just that in my entire life this is my only time I have seen a rape victim who decided to have a relationship with her rapist. How amazing!”

Maggie came home from work and when Lino told her that they should talk for a while she said she was tired.

She went in and saw the presence of Jade and got upset. She scolded Lino for going ahead to bring his adulterous wife home while she disagreed with it. She locked her room door on the face of Lino when he was pleading with her to talk to her.

Jade then told Lino that she had medical check up the next day and wanted him to escort her.

She said she needed someone to accompany her since she could not rely on Fe and Maggie. Lino did not give her a definite answer.

The next morning, Fe and Ed woke Jade up so that they could accompany her but she went with Tet saying Lino’s family were judgemental.

Fe asked her to thank Lino for the help he had given her, adding that Lino had made it clear that after given birth he would not take care of her anymore.

Jade cried that her child would end up not having a father just like her. That idea, she said was freaking her out.

“Even on paper no one wants to say he is the child’s dad.”

“Stop that Jade have some pity on Lino. Don’t force him to take responsibility of a child which is not his.”

“I don’t want him to take the responsibility all I want is for him to be the child’s father on paper.”

Tet told Jade to forget about her ridiculous plans and not make another lasting mistake again.

Jade later met with Marissa in a restaurant and said she had no one to talk to since Lino’s family were irritated about her action and Lino also kept ignoring her.

Marissa advised her to get along with the family. She also revealed that she had gotten some small house and when everything about the house was done she would come for Jade for them to become roommate again.

Tet met with Lino to inform him that Jade was planning to convince him to accept the baby as his and write his name as the dad of the child on the birth cert.

Jade told Marissa that she was filing a case against Ace for drugging her and also taking advantage of her.

Marissa got upset that Ace raped Jade. Later in the house with the kids, Jade received a call from Ace questioning her on why she informed his wife that she was pregnant.

Jade told him that she did not say anything and did not care about Jacky.

“Thanks to you she is fast tracking our legal separation.” Jade got upset that Ace was not acknowledging her unborn child.

“How do you want me to acknowledge that baby when you are acting like a lunatic.”

“A lunatic? Now when I think about it what can I expect from a rapist.”

“Shut up!”

“Don’t you call me that,” Ace denied being a rapist.

One of the kids toys they were throwing fell close to Jade’s room door. Dos decided to go for the toy and he heard Jade arguing with someone so he stood behind the door to eavesdrop.

Jade told Ace that once she recovers she would inform Lino about what he did against her for him to beat him up.

Fe came to catch Dos eavesdropping and advised him not to do that. Jade ended her call with Ace when she realised that Fe was talking to Dos.

Dos said he heard Aunt Jade arguing with someone that was why he stood there and Fe said wicked people always engaged in argument.

Jade stated that it was bad for her to talk ail against her (Jade) Infront of kids. Fe said sorry and left with Dos to clean him up.

Marissa saw Ace while selling a unit. Ace got upset that Marissa was stalking him.

She scolded Ace for drugging Jade but he said he did no such thing. Marissa warned him to brace himself up because they would file a case against him.

The workers of Dos Disenyos had a round table eating spree. Jacky promised to send them to Cebu and pay for their room as well as they eat from the hotel there. The workers became very happy.

Ace went to find his car messed up and wondered the person who did that. He made someone wash the write ups on it.

Jacky said bye to the workers and Lino went to open her car door for her. After seeing Jacky’s driver, he told Barry that some day they would also become masculine like him.

Barry said he could not wait for that day and the day he and Jacky get back together.

Marissa went to meet Lino and she apologised for fueling his marriage break up and also showed gratitude for taking care of Jade despite deceiving them, if not Jade would have gone crazy.

She told him that Ace took advantage of Jade by drugging her and raped her.

“I hope Jade finds the courage to eventually tell you what happened to her.”

Lino got home and saw Jade reading.

“Did he rape you?”

“What did that guy do to you”


“I meant Ace!”

“Hang on there who told you about that, Tet?”

“Marissa told me that Ace raped you.”

“Yes, I did not remember what he did but I remember being dizzy.”

Lino asked where Ace was living, Jade said she did not know. He hit his helmet on the table which attracted the attention of his family. He called Ken and he showed him Ace’s new condo.

His family tried stopping him but he did not heed. Jade later revealed to Lino’s family the event that led to her first night with Ace and Fe asked why she decided to spill out the truth now.

She said she did not know anything back then and could not remember anything that night until the time Joel told her.

“So when you got raped by him, you did enjoy it that’s why you had an affair with him. That’s rich.”

“Fe,” Ed tried stopping her.

“Why Ed well i am really sorry Dolor I apologise. It is just that in my entire life this is my only time I have seen a rape victim who decided to have a relationship with her rapist. How amazing!”

“Fe can you forget about the past,” Dolor advised turning to her adulterous daughter in-law.

Jade insisted that she was telling the truth. Lino got to Ace’s condo, once he saw him standing, he ran and pounced on Ace  like a wild beast tearing up its prey. He called him a monster.

“You’re a monster you raped my wife.”

Paeng who was in the car came from behind to hit the neck of Lino with a gun. Ace in the house boasted of beating Lino leaving him helplessly on the floor.

Paeng said all thanks to him otherwise Lino would have torned him apart.

Lino who was saved by his friends including Jacky told them that Ace raped Jade by drugging her.

Jacky wondered since everything that went on was consensual. She voiced out that perhaps Jade was making that up to get back at Ace using Lino after Ace dumped her.

“You know that woman is fully aware of how badly you want to get back at Ace right? Lino I know Ace is a jerk but he couldn’t be a rapist.”

“What! You think he can’t do that?” Lino screamed.
“He can’t possibly be a rapist,” Jacky hissed.
Ken told Barry to send Lino home since he was emotional. Lino threatened to get Ace behind bars.

Meanwhile, Jade could not sleep and thought about the incident. She cried.

Ace told his parent the truth and he resort to traveling.
“Running away is a sign of guilt,” Paeng warned.

His parents decided to help him after hearing that Joel was behind that.

Lino went home and cried. He threw away his helmet. He questioned God and started destroying things.

Dolor got down to calm him. Lino cried over trying to do what was right. He questioned why there were so many challenges in his life.

“Remember tomorrow will bring a new day and brings new things for us but for now dry your tears.”

Jacky stated that she knew Ace was a playboy but least did she know he could turn out as rapist.

On the other hand she thought about what Joel said concerning him giving Ace the drug he used to victimise Jade.

Jacky said although she despised Jade but she did not deserve to be a victim of rape, hence Ace had to learn the hard way by paying for his crime.


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