Betrayal (Halik) Episode 54

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 54

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 54 Jade begs Jacky for help

“You can keep it. You took my husband right, why do you shy taking my tissue?”

Lino and Jacky kept talking to free their spirit from their worries. Jacky wondered why Ace and Mauro could not l*ve her back.

Aliyah found Ace drinking and he invited her to join him. He said he was drowning himself from his worries.

Aliyah asked whether he was drowning himself of l*ve, Ace said the concept of l*v* did not exist.

Aliyah was of the view that great l*ve ends in tragedy. To her, what makes l*v* memorable was when it had tragic end.

Ace saw Shakespearean l*v* concept from Aliyah’s tone. Aliyah made it clear that  she always ensured men who hurt her feelings pay one way or the other.

Lino confirmed to Jacky that he was done with Jade and was tired of her. He swore not to allow her to use her child to blackmail her.

Gio went to see Maggie and demanded to talk to her in private but she said he could talk to her at the presence of Bogs otherwise he could leave. Gio obeyed the orders and left.

At Dos Disenyos, Samson, one of the new workers impressed Lino by making a baby’s scot.

Jacky went to the hospital to find her estranged husband visiting Mauro. He apologised to Jacky and pleaded for a second chance.
Mauro pretended to be sleeping but listened to their conversation.

Jade went to a restaurant in order to eat but when she checked her money it was not enough so she rather ordered for a water.

She set her eyes on Jacky, suddenly she puked. Jacky followed her to the washroom and offered her a tissue.

Paeng went to complain to Mauro that he was finding it hard to manage Montecorp after he was bed ridden and needed extra hand.

Jade was later served with food and said she did not order any food but Jacky indicated that she ordered for her since she realised she had not eaten.

Jade took a bite of the food and Jacky said it was poisoned. She quietly sat with her eyes emitting fear. Jacky smiled and said whether she believed that she would poison her in a public and also her baby. She told her not to worry because she had already settled the bill.

She stood and when she was leaving, Jade held her back with a sober voice asking her not to go for them to talk for a moment.

She begged Jacky to do it for her baby.Jacky sat to listen to her.

“Thank you Jacky,” Jade said

“Mrs Corpuz,” Jacky hissed.

“Well I am still Mrs Corpuz right?”

“Thank you Mrs Corpuz,” Jade reframed her statement.

“Thank you for this (referring to the tissue)” She returned Jacky’s tissue.

“You can keep it. You took my husband right, why do you shy taking my tissue?” Jacky questioned.

“If you only knew what I am going through right now! How much I am suffering, the pain Ace has cost me,” Jade cried.

“You wants him right?”

“You want my husband even if you had a husband of your own so if you’re telling me that you are suffering right now you deserve it.
It is not even enough for everything you did to us. What do you really want from me Jade, Mercy? You want me to show you mercy because you are carrying a child?

Well I can’t do that you had the nerve to deceive Lino for the second time. The only person who helped you after you destroyed him.”

Jade insisted that Ace drugged and raped her. She cried that she did not have anyone to help her give her child brighter future and needed Lino to help her unborn baby.

She cried that she did not want her child to grow up around the monster, Ace, the reason she needed Lino’s assistance.

“Lino is the only good person left in my life so please Jacky.”

Lino met with Dolor in a restaurant to talk to her about his decision to get his marriage annulled.

Jacky rejected Jade’s plea and said she would not avail herself for her to use her and Lino. Jade experienced some pains so Jacky rushed her to hospital and called Lino to inform him about it.

Lino and Dolor went to the hospital and Jacky told Lino to help Jade. Lino told her that Jade wanted to use her.

Jacky said when she rushed her to the hospital she saw Loida, her mom in Jade and her through the unborn child.

She pleaded with him not to allow his anger to overtake his decision. Jacky asked him to think of what he could do for the baby for temporary till Jade get up on her feet to support her own self.

Jacky asked him to think about it since Ace would not be any good influence to the child.

Jade thanked Lino for all his help and was indebted to him for choosing to stay. She said she did not want to be a burden to him and his family since she survived alone before.

Paeng convinced Mauro that Ace was needed in Montecorp since he came with an investor to support Montecorp for them to over throw the reign of Dos Disenyos on the market.

Tet convinced Lino that Jade has genuinely changed. Meanwhile, Paeng told Ace that he has worked for him to get Montecorp but should make sure to bring the investor.

Jade at the hospital recalled how she doubted Lino, she said the act had resulted in an innocent child suffering.

She cried for choosing a worthless guy like Ace over Lino. She called herself a terrible person and wished she could turn back the hand of time to recorrect her mistakes.


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