Betrayal (Halik) Episode 55 Lino drops charges against Jade and Ace

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 55

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 55 Lino drops charges against Jade and Ace

“He acted like a knight in shinning armour but in the end who got f00led and lost no one else but me.”

At the hospital, Tet brought Jade some food to eat explaining that she might not like the one being sold at the health facility.

Jade thanked her and Tet told her that she was rushing to the office and had already called Marissa to take care of her.

At Aliyah’s place, Ace gave her a contract to sign, however, Paeng and Helen were worried that Ace was still not at the work place.

Paeng was almost showing signs of regret for making Ace gain a place at Montecorp.

As their emotions were running up, Ace got hold of himself, telling Aliyah that he did not want to miss business with pleasure.

Ace then received a call from the hospital, informing him that Jade was rushed there. He went there and Jade kicked him out.

Jade cried that he raped her and twisted her story but Ace showed no signs of remorse, instead convinced Jade to see the need for her child’s father not to be in the police grips.

Jade was perplexed to hear him acknowledging the baby as his child. He threw things at him. Ace tried convincing Jade to accept him. He knelt before Jade, saying when he heard Jade and his child were in danger he could not stand it that was the reason he rushed to the hospital.

He pleaded to be given another chance for him to take care of her and the child since they were his responsibility.

Jade warned him not to try to make it up to her again and threw him out. Paeng called Ace and he said he should meet him at the hospital.

He said the contract had been signed. Mauro had a therapy to help him walk again. He did not follow instructions and he fell.

Jacky got there and tried to help Mauro on his feet. He warned Jacky not to touch him and threw her out, saying she should go back to her new family.

Jacky got a new condo, she told her friends that Jade was stressing her pregnancy and Chari asked when Jade’s issue become her problem.

Ken said Jade’s issue was Lino’s problem so technically it was Jacky’s problem as well.

Jacky smiled to the tease and said it was not like that. They asked her about her feelings for Lino but she told them she was in a hurry to go to work.

Chari interjected that she should stop running away from her feelings. Helen told Paeng he wished the investment would push through for Ace to get back to Jacky.

Paeng stated that Jacky would not ever accept to go back to Ace and asked Helen to get that idea from her head. Helen said she knew he was right but Jacky could still rescind on her decision to get her marriage annulled.

Ace got there with the contract. At Dos Disenyos, Lino who seemed bothered was approached by Jacky to ask him what was weighing his mind.

He told Jacky that Jade cried and asked for forgiveness and for the first time he saw her apology as genuine but he did not want people to describe him with unpleasant adjectives if he accepted her apology. Jacky asked when he started considering people’s opinion.

He later met with his lawyer and the lawyer said he had a strong case and when he gave him the go signal he would proceed with the issue but Lino changed his mind and withdrew the case.

He explained to the lawyer that he discovered that Jade was pregnant for another man. The lawyer said the pregnancy was a strong evidence which they could use against her in court.

The pregnancy, Lino explained was not an easy one, hence she had a medical advice not to stress herself so he wanted to withhold the case.

Ace, Paeng and Helen went to the hospital to carry out the deal for Ace to be reinstated in Montecorp. Mauro accepted the contract and Ace’s return, he welcomed him to Montecorp.

Lino returned and told Jacky that he did not push through with the charges. Ace went to his favourite bar and told Vince that he has been reinstated in to Montecorp.

Vince asked why he still looked down even though he had a piece of good news but he said since Jade threw him out he lost his happiness.

He explained that Jade was different and he kept running back to her, something he had not done for any woman not even Jacky.

He promised not to give up on Jade but would fight for her. Ken was upset that Lino had to drop the charges. Jacky told her friends about her sentiments concerning the unborn child.

She said she sensed the pains of the baby since she passed through same. Lino called Dolor and Jacky about his decision to stay alone to think about things. He told Jacky that he would not go to work.

In the next day, Barry started looking for Lino and later received a message from him that he should take charge as he has gone on a leave.

The workers were shocked to hear Lino taking a leave, that, they said was unusual of him.

Ace convinced Marissa to help him get to Jade to support his family even if they would not know he was the one supporting Jade.

Marissa went to check on Jade to give her something to eat. Jade was worried about her bills so Marissa advised her to seek support from Ace since she had run out of money and Tet has already spent a lot on her mother’s medical expenses.

“Isn’t that how everything started? Whenever I needed something he was always there to help me. He acted like a knight in shinning armour but in the end who got f00led and lost no one else but me.”

Marissa admitted that Ace was a jerk but asked her to be practical by letting him off the hook to take responsibility of the baby.

Maggie’s boss went to meet her sleeping and asked her if she was not feeling well. He gave her a break.

AS she went, taking off her working costume, Gio got there and mentioned her name.

The doctor discharged Jade and she discovered that someone had settled her bills although she planned on taking a loan to do it.

For a moment she thought Tet settled it but Tet got in and told her she did not know if she would feel happy or bad about the person who settled her bill.

As her eyes rolled she saw Ace coming through the door to her ward.


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