Betrayal (Halik) Episode 56 Jade searches for a home to lay a head

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 56

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 56 Jade searches for a home to lay a head

At the hospital, Ace got in and Jade said she would pay him for her bill that he settled once she was able to raise the money. Ace convinced her to stay in a place he has gotten for her but she refused.

Gio and Maggie had a hearty conversation and he told Maggie about the problems he had in his family.

He said his brother and his wife separated and his dad has giddy him with lots work.

Maggie also said it was not only Gio who was going through problems concerning a messed up family, she was also going through same.

Jade told Ace that everything coming out of his mouth was a trash to her and would not fall for his charm. Ace explained that he denied the pregnancy as he was panicked at first but he has changed.

Later, Tet congratulated Jade for standing on her grounds but was worried where Jade would stay especially now that her family including her mom were in her house. She could not house Jade anymore even if she wanted.

Marissa came with a joyful news that her aunt would admit Jade into her house. Jacky felt sad that asking Lino for help for Jade had made Lino disappear.

Marissa finally sent Jade to Myrna. Myrna got walked up when Jade told her that she had a problem with her husband.

Unfortunately, customers who were at Myrna’s eatery recognised Jade as the mistress who became famous through a scandal video and warned Myrna against her before she crippled her business with her bad luck.

Myrna scolded Marissa for bringing a home wrecker into her house. She said she would have thrown Jade and Marissa out if it was not late.

“Don’t you know that women like her are more than a thief, they will leave you with nothing at your back.”

Myrna was abandoned by her husband eight years ago after her husband was involved with a mistress. She despised mistresses due to her personal experience.

Dolor’s customer was satisfied with her work. She wished life was just like a material that one could cut to any form he or she wanted and could wash if it was dirty.

Fe said neighbours were upset that Lino helped Jade out. Dolor said she would have said same and other awful words but it was not right.

Dolor explained that Lino had a good heart and did not allow his emotions to make decisions for him but he followed his conscience, adding that she was proud of him.

Jade woke up and Myrna said sorry to her for waking her up with her loud voice. She described Jade as beautiful and wicked since she had her own husband but ran after someone else’s own.

Dolor was not happy for Lino not replying to her messages. At the presence of customers, Myrna made mockery of Jade, describing her as waste and trump. This got the customers laughing, Jade accidentally dropped one of Myrna’s plate and she scolded her.

At Dos Disenyos, Jacky was worried that Lino had not call or replied to anyone’s message.

Meanwhile, Lino rode on his motto, he got to a certain mountain and he climbed, as he was walking he slipped and fell.

His hand got hold of a certain rock and was happy that he did not fall deep down the mountain.

Jacky had bad feelings about Lino’s disappearance, Dolor also felt same in the house but Fe tried to distract her.

Jacky called Dolor and none had an update. Dolor was so scared and said she would not be happy with herself if something bad happened to Lino.

Jacky advised her not to entertain bad feelings and negative thoughts but should have faith that Lino was okay wherever he was and would soon return. Dolor got emotional and shed tears.

Myrna scolded Jade once again for not helping her, saying the place was not a hotel for mistresses for them to attend to her needs.

Jade tried explaining that she was pregnant and her pregnancy was a delicate one. Myrna did not show sympathy instead she claimed that Jade got herself pregnant on purpose to ensnare the husband of that poor wife.

She said Jade was worse than a prostitute and had the audacity to say she was stressed out, adding that the only person who was stressed out was Jade’s poor husband.

Jade had enough and confronted Myrna, saying she had passed through hell and would not allow her to wrongly judge her. She asked Myrna if she never did a mistake in her life before.

Jade believed Myrna’s action made her husband dumped her for another woman. Myrna slapped her and asked her whether Jade considered the pain Lino and Jacky went through when she became a home wrecker.

She drove her out from the house and called Marissa to inform her that she was tired of Jade.

Jade went out with her things. Marrisa called Jade to ask her what was going on in Myrna’s house.

Marissa tried to convince Jade to get along with Myrna but Jade said she tried but couldn’t do it after so many punches of horrifying adjectives Myrna used in qualifying her.

Jade went to her aunt, Alma to call for help and she scolded Jade, calling her an embarrassment. Jade pleaded with her to even lend her money but she said if she helped her Jade would never learn she shut her door on her.

Jade went to a friend called Claire, she completed high school with her. Jade stated that they promised themselves never to part ways but she said that was very long time and now she is married and have kids.

Jade asked her if she believed she would snatch her husband. Claire said she could think that simply because Jade had a history with her former boyfriend, Gerry.

The lady gave her money instead and the lady said she had a good husband but she blew her chance so she had to learn.

Another guy, Jade visited gave her money and advised her to go back and beg Lino. Jade told herself that she had no choice than to beg Lino since she was already shameless.

She went to Dos Disenyos, and she asked Jacky whether Lino was there.


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